The Summer I Turned Pretty Jenny Han

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Series Book Review

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read a certain amount of books this year for two reasons, to explore books other than Nicholas Sparks and the Twilight series and to make me a better writer. As soon as I finished the spring semester I got started reading more books than I did during […]

“The Giver” – Book Review: Is Living in a Perfect World, Perfect?

How would you feel if everything was chosen for you? The age you will learn how to bike? The clothes you wear? The age when you get your very first jacket? Your job? The parents and sibling you will have? The words you say? A world where no feelings exist, no illness, no pain, no […]

“The Fault in Our Stars” Book Review

y Before the Novel… I jumped the bandwagon for this novel and I’m SO glad I did (maybe not for other novels like, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. I couldn’t finish it. Maybe I wasn’t mature enough for it at the time, but I just…I just couldn’t. It’s collecting dust somewhere in my bookshelf)! I […]

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Movie vs Novel

Before the Movie… About two summers ago, I was introduced to the novels. My friends and my sister were all talking about this “amazing” trilogy: The Hunger Games. I didn’t see what the big deal was, at first. So naturally, I didn’t pick it up. Then I saw the first movie, The Hunger Games, and […]

“Eleanor and Park” Book Review – This is the kind of book we need right now

When I was in elementary school I began reading chapter book much earlier than my fellow students. The school librarian would let me check out chapter books and would offer up her suggestions, too. I devoured them. I didn’t really do anything else except read as a kid. Can you think about the first book […]

The First Book I Ever Read: The Last Book in the Universe

The Question Being an English teacher, one question that always pops up during the first few days of school (and throughout the year) is, “what is the first book you’ve ever read?” Aside from Dr. Suess, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the Giving Tree (don’t judge), the first actual book I ever read on my […]

The Laura Line by Crystal Allen

It isn’t easy being 7th grade Laura Eboni Dyson, especially when you’re overweight, have an embarrassing nickname like Fat Larda, your best friend is known as Sumo Sage, Troy Bailey, the cutest boy roaming the school, doesn’t even know you exist, and your grandmother has a slave shack on her property and is honored to […]

“Eve and Adam” by Grant and Applegate Review

  Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate Evening, Eve for short (though she hates it), heals incredulously fast in her mother’s billion dollar research facility where her leg has been severely decapitated and reattached due to a car accident. Just when boredom seems to take a seat next to Eve’s bed, her […]

Monsters, Mystery, & the Magic of Time Travel: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Written by Tana Guerra Ransom Riggs is a clever storyteller. He subtly weaves birds into symbols, mystery into discovery, and time travel into magic. He unites readers both young and old, transcending the boundaries of age, in this wonderful story about monsters (metaphorical and real), peculiar children, and the meaning of family. His book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar […]

The Gore of Grimm: Adam Gidwitz’s A Tale Dark & Grimm

Written by Tana I enjoy a good gory story, especially anything written by the Grimm brothers. Their tales are dark, bloody, and also thought provoking. So when I learned that there was a young adult novel with the retelling of Hansel and Gretel, I could not resist purchasing it….for my son. I decided we would […]