Awkward. Recap: “Home Again, Home Again”

It hadn’t live tweeted an episode of Awkward. in a long time and I thought I’d do it with last week’s episode to change things up a little with the recap. As most of you know, you can only tweet 140 characters at a time and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to […]

MTV Awkward.

Awkward. Recap: What’s up with the girls?

As much as I love talking about Jenna and Matty, I think it’s time we take a step back and focus on the other characters on the show. With the most recent episodes, everyone else’s storyline is slowly progressing and it’s time I talk about it. Tamara has been using her credit card like a […]

MTV Awkward Finals Matty McKibben Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. Recap: Can Jenna and Matty be ‘just friends’?

Episode 17: “Fireworks” Jake offers Jenna and Tamara a job at the country club to earn some money, which means having to work with Matty and his girlfriend, Sully. Working together causes a bit of a friction between the exes at first, but when Matty sees a man yelling at Jenna over a burnt hot […]

Awkward. Best Friends For Never Tamara

Awkward. Recap: “Best Friends For Never”

When Idea Bin was looking for someone to help in advertising, Jenna helped Tamara get the internship in hoping to save what’s left of their friendship. Except, it didn’t save their friendship. Instead, it made it worst. Jenna was still trying to fit in at work with her co-workers and has been trying so hard […]

MTV Awkward. WTF Happened Last Year? Matty McKibben Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. Recap: WTF Happened Last Year?

The episode started with Luke asking Jenna the question everyone has been dying to ask: what happened between her and Matty? As Jenna explains not only what happened between her and Matty, but she also explains how Tamara and Sadie became best friends, and how Jake and Lissa got back together. Personally, I’m not a […]

Awkward. I’m The Kind Of Girl Who Found Her Voice In College Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. Recap: I’m The Kind Of Girl Who Found Her Voice In College

Change is something most people do not like. We like what we’re familiar and comfortable with. When things and people change, it makes us harder to adjust and accept those changes. Awkward. returned from its mid-season break with Jenna facing with a lot of changes, and she’s not happy about it. The show jumps forward […]

Awkward. Prank Amateurs Matty McKibben

Awkward. “Prank Amateurs” Recap: Awkward is back!

Awkward. is back and it came back in it’s total Awkward. fashion way, creating and executing the perfect senior prank. Matty (who is Prank Captain) is in charge of performing and accomplishing the perfect senior prank that’ll go down in school history. The first prank is streaking butt naked during school hours in the middle […]

Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Brian Jenna Hamilton

Awkward Season Finale Recap: Sprang Break, Part 2

Awkward Season Finale tend to be big. In season one, Jenna finds out who wrote her the meanest letter she ever received and it hurt. After being in a messy love triangle in season two, Jenna picks Matty and decides to go to camp with him instead of traveling Europe. Jenna hits her lowest throughout season […]

Awkward Sprang Break Matty McKibben

Awkward. Recap: Sprang Break, Part 1

There’s nothing like Spring Break in Mexico with your closest friends, your mom, your alcoholic aunt, and your school guidance counselor. Okay, so maybe the last three people wouldn’t normally be invited or tagging along during your Spring Break vacation but in Jenna’s case, the adults are very much involved. Here’s what happened in Mexico: Jenna gets […]

Awkward Over the Hump Lacey Hamilton

Awkward. “Over the Hump” Recap: Sometimes You Need A Little Push

They say it’s never to late to go back to college. Whoever said that, is right and Lacey Hamilton is proof. Jenna couldn’t understand why her mother applied to college until she finally said what was really on her mind during a heated argument with Lacey. Jenna believes Lacey is trying to be better than […]