Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Brian Jenna Hamilton

Awkward Season Finale Recap: Sprang Break, Part 2

Awkward Season Finale tend to be big. In season one, Jenna finds out who wrote her the meanest letter she ever received and it hurt. After being in a messy love triangle in season two, Jenna picks Matty and decides to go to camp with him instead of traveling Europe. Jenna hits her lowest throughout season […]

Awkward Sprang Break Matty McKibben

Awkward. Recap: Sprang Break, Part 1

There’s nothing like Spring Break in Mexico with your closest friends, your mom, your alcoholic aunt, and your school guidance counselor. Okay, so maybe the last three people wouldn’t normally be invited or tagging along during your Spring Break vacation but in Jenna’s case, the adults are very much involved. Here’s what happened in Mexico: Jenna gets […]

Awkward Over the Hump Lacey Hamilton

Awkward. “Over the Hump” Recap: Sometimes You Need A Little Push

They say it’s never to late to go back to college. Whoever said that, is right and Lacey Hamilton is proof. Jenna couldn’t understand why her mother applied to college until she finally said what was really on her mind during a heated argument with Lacey. Jenna believes Lacey is trying to be better than […]

Awkward Girl Rules Matty McKibben Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. “Girl Rules” Recap: Jetty Kissed!!!!!

I’m going to go straight to what happened in the end because I’ve been waiting for this moment ALL. SEASON. LONG. and maybe, just maybe I’ll talk about what else happened throughout the episode. MATTY KISSED JENNA!!!! JENNA KISSED HIM BACK!!!! JETTY KISSED!!! FINALLY!!! I can’t contain my excitement, even though I ended up being extremely […]

Awkward. Bonfire of the Vanities Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. “Bonfire of the Vanities” Recap: Insecurities are loud

Truthfully, I was not expecting this episode to turn out the way it did. The Awkward promo completely mislead me. Jenna and Tamara learn from Sadie the jocks have rated every girl they’ve slept with and put the results in a hidden phonebook. With the help of Jake and Val’s clues, Tamara finds the book […]