Stranger Things Season 1 Review: The best and the worst

Hey everyone, thank’s for stopping by! Today I’m going to review the Stranger Things Season 1. There are only 8 episodes, which is unfortunate because it was so good! If you haven’t yet, please hop on over to my pilot review to catch up on episode 1 if you like!

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The plot follows the disappearance of a young boy, and a telekinetic girl who helps his friends in their search, while the boy’s older brother, mother, and the town police chief start their own investigations.




The show starts off with a young boy named Will who mysteriously disappears. The monster who is named Demogorgon follows him back to his house and although you do not see what has taken him at first, you hear a creepy clicking sound and the electricity going funny before Will is taken. Demogorgon takes him to a place called The Upside Down, where everything looks the same but it’s much darker and creepy. You know when he is coming as the lights will flicker on and off, this is also how Will communicates with his mum. Demogorgon is tall, pale, and has no face.  Instead, his face opens up and he looks almost like a flower, a very creepy, disturbing flower with multiple sharp rows of teeth that I can’t imagine one would want a bouquet of!



  • Eleven (or El for short) is the young girl with telekinetic powers and can travel to the upside down. She is my favourite character! She is so badass and she loves food, so we have that in common, hah! She can also throw and move things with her mind, though it weakens her for a little while depending on how much strength she uses. She helps Will’s mum and friends locate Will and get him back from Demogorgan. In the final episode she alone defeats him but loses her life in the process. I cried bad and was hoping that she would magically appear and be okay but unfortunately not 🙁
  • Police Chief Jim Hopper, he is the first one to believe Joy (Will’s mum) that Will is not dead and  that he has been taken by a creature.  Everyone else thinks she’s crazy. Jim has a heartbreaking backstory where he lost his daughter very young to cancer, and  has been trying to deal with this loss and the break up of his marriage. He helps Joy and Will’s friends locate him and get Will back.
  • Dustin Henderson, one of Will’s friends. His cleidocranial dysplasia causes him to lisp. I have never heard such language come from a child. The amount of times he says s*&$ throughout the show is too funny! He always made me laugh.
  • I loved the Demogorgon. I loved how creepy he was and how he appeared triggering the lights and often coming through walls. You would not want a visit from him that’s for sure.
  • The show had a very cool soundtrack, filled with a lot of 80’s music.
  • Joy surprising her son Will with movie tickets to Poltergeist, a classic 80’s movie.
  • The upside down looked incredible, was very well done. Great special effects.
Lucas, Mike, El and Dustin (Source: Netflix)


Eleven (Credit: Netflix)


  • The annoying cool kids, who in fact were not cool at all.
  • The demogorgon was a little too CGI’d for my liking.
  • Barb is Nancy’s best friend, she goes missing after Nancy leaves her to go spend time with her boyfriend. Barb is sitting by a pool when her finger bleeds, the demogorgon is attracted to blood and he comes and takes Barb. The reason this is a dislike is because I liked Barb. Nancy was determined to find her and bring her back but Barb died in the upside down. I would have loved for her to be a bigger part in the show and not have died so soon 🙁

And that’s all the dislikes I have. It’s hard for me to fault the show as I really enjoyed it!

Overall, as I said, I really enjoyed this show. I loved the characters they were all so interesting to watch, and although they may not have all got a long or would have normally never spent time together, they all came together to save Will.  I am a huge fan of 80’s music and this is what you hear most throughout the show. So definitely a good soundtrack. The Story is amazing, it’s easy to follow and doesn’t get confusing while managing to keep you on the edge of your seat. The acting is great; Winona Ryder killed it. She was so believable, my heart broke for her. The children are just as excellent. I am so excited for the next season, I have read that is not a continuation of the story as this one ended in episode 8, but it is more of a sequel. I hope that it is as good as this one was.

Stranger Things is available to watch now on Netflix, and I really hope you check it out!




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