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Photo Credit: SpiderManMovie Facebook
Photo Credit: SpiderManMovie Facebook

“You know what the world doesn’t need: another Spider-Man movie.” That was my first thought when I found out about Spider-Man: Homecoming. Granted, this is coming from someone who loves Batman and how many different Batman movies have there been? I loved the first Spider-Man (2002) trilogy. Toby Maguire will always be my Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) was too soon after the original. Nonetheless, I thought Andrew Garfield did a good job with what he was given. I’ve always loved Emma Stone since Easy A, but I’m more of a Mary Jane girl than a Gwen Stacy one. Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man was pretty good. There was supposed to be a 3rd movie, but that eventually got canceled. In 2015, it was announced that Spider-Man would become a part of the Marvel Universe which gave us Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Photo Credit: Tom Holland's Instagram (@TomHolland2013)
Photo Credit: Tom Holland’s Instagram (@TomHolland2013)

There are multiple differences in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming than in past films. Possibly the biggest difference is the age. Holland plays a 15 year old Peter Parker. During the whole movie, I constantly keep thinking how young he looked. He was like a little puppy I wanted to protect. In real life, Holland is 19. Not necessarily a baby, but still young enough to play a believable high schooler. That’s a breath of fresh air compared to the other movies, where actors in their late 20s play teenagers. In the previous films, Peter was older. Maguire’s Peter was a senior. I’m assuming Garfield’s Peter was a senior as well, since he graduated high school in the sequel. Holland’s portrayal seemed more like what I would think a teenage boy would be like if he got superpowers. High energy. Poor judgment. A little naive. Excited about everything. The older Spider-Men seemed to have gotten the hang of their powers quicker. Holland’s Peter is younger. He’s not only trying to figure out his powers, but himself as well. I loved watching the character grow throughout the movie. He learns what he should and shouldn’t do throughout the film and makes lots of mistakes along the way.

Another huge difference is Spider-Man’s backstory isn’t explained. We aren’t shown Peter getting bit by the spider or discovering he’s got powers. The movie picks up from where Captain America: Civil War leaves off. Peter just returned from helping Iron Man fight Captain America. He’s freed up all his time to be an Avenger, but Tony Stark hasn’t called the new superhero for any missions. Peter has just been helping in New York City being the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.” I’m glad the writers took this route. When you’re the 2nd Spider-Man film reboot and the 3rd Spider-Man in the last 15 years, you don’t need to retell the same backstory again. We also don’t need to see Uncle Ben die again (R.I.P.). My only issue with this is that the movie doesn’t stand alone. I’ve never seen Captain America: Civil War, so I felt like I was missing something. For the most part, I understood what was happening. I knew why the Avengers were fighting in the previous film. It would just be nice if the beginning of the movie didn’t feel like the “to be continued” from Captain America: Civil War.

This film definitely made one aspect of the Spider-Man movies make more sense. Iron Man gave Peter his spider suit. I’m not saying Peter Parker can’t be an amazing seamstress. I’ve taken sewing classes in school and I wish I could sew half as well as Peter. Now, everyone knows Iron Man’s suit has the best gadgets and the latest technology, so you know Spider-Man’s suit has to have some special abilities too. The web shooter lets Peter shoot a variation of different webs from taser web to rapid fire. My main issue with this Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man, is that he requires web shooters. I liked that the original Spider-Man could shoot webs regardless if he was in his suit or not. I know this is different than what the original comics say, but I like for him to still have his spidey powers without the suit as well.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The man reason I choose to watch this movie in theaters rather than wait until it was out on DVD is Zendaya. Just a heads up: she isn’t in the movie much. But don’t fret. Zendaya gives some of the best one liners and makes her character one you’ll remember.

The villain, Vulture, was a great nemesis for Spider-Man. He had a believable backstory. He wasn’t just evil for the sake of it. Vulture wasn’t too big for Spider-Man to take on. I can see this young Peter Parker, who is still learning what he’s capable of, defeating Vulture without help from Iron Man.

Comparing Spider-Man: Homecoming to its predecessors, I would put it in 2nd place. The original Spider-Man will always be my favorite. Maguire’s will always be hard to beat. My overall score for this film is 8 ½. Tom Holland did a fantastic job taking on such a huge and beloved role. He truly made his version of Peter Parker stand out from the others before him.

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