Scandal Recap: “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” and “Boom Goes the Dynamite”

The third season of Scandal premieres on October 3rd. In case you’re just jumping on the bandwagon for ABC’s hottest political thriller, we thought we would recap every single episode of the show to prepare you for the upcoming season!


Whisky Tango Foxtrot

“Whisky Tango Foxtrot” picks up ten months from when Fitz was clued in about Defiance and from when he murdered Verna Thorton in cold blood. To cope with these tragedies, he relies upon one of his best friends to get him through this trying time: scotch. The episode begins with Mellie bringing Fitz a glass of the brown water while he’s taking a shower in the early AM. Before leaving Fitz to his misery, his wife decides to pop in the shower with him to ah….er….help take care of his manly needs….They’re interrupted by Cyrus, who barges into the bathroom to tell him that four American CIA spies have been kidnapped by terrorists abroad.

drinking fitz2drinking fitz

Fitz’s morning is pretty bad, but David’s got it worse. The poor guy was dropped from his position as a U.S. Attorney, his attempts at starting his own private firm failed, and he’s forced to teach American history to a bunch of uninterested high school students. To make matters even worse, he awakes one morning to find a bloody knife in his hand and a dead woman in his bed. If that’s not bad enough, the police are also banging on his front door. His immediate reaction is to call the only person on this planet that could possibly help him: Olivia Pope.


Olivia starts her morning off a little better than the other two. While getting a cup of coffee, she bumps into a very charming fella, who flirts with her mercilessly. When he leaves, Olivia gets word about the pressing David Rosen incident. She and the gladiators head to David’s apartment to help him out. After confessing to sleeping with Wendy (the dead woman) the night before, Huck notices that David was rufied. Huck and Quinn then take Wendy’s body back to her own apartment, where Huck has his new apprentice stab the dead girl to make it appear as if she were killed at home. Surprisingly, Quinn is a natural.

The gladiators discover what Wendy was doing in David’s bed. The woman had a reputation for sleeping with men in order to dig up information, and then sell their secrets. Wendy was into David because she wanted to know more about Defiance.

Olivia meets with Cyrus to ask him if he was the one who framed David Rosen. She explains that she believes Fitz knows about Defiance, which is why he’s shutting out his Chief of Staff, Olivia, and Mellie. Following his meeting with Olivia, Cyrus goes to Mellie to fill her in on the latest Defiance details, including plans for his daughter’s christening and that he and James named Olivia and Fitz as Ella’s godparents.

Well, that’s not awkward or anything…

Over at OPA, Huck finds out that Wendy has been receiving calls from someone in the Pentagon. They’re from a man named Captain Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), better known as flirty coffee shop guy, or Henry from Grey’s Anatomy. Jake works in Intel for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and explains to Olivia that Wendy came to him with information. When Olivia asks for more details, he explains things are classified. When Jake asks Olivia for information, she tells him that her information is classified as well. With both unable to talk about this issue any more, Jake asks Olivia on a date. Though he’s quite the charmer, Olivia declines.

Fitz is still dealing with the hostage crisis. He orders a SEAL rescue mission, but Cyrus persuades him to hold off until it’s absolutely necessary. That night Fitz chillaxes with his BFFAE, the brown water, as Olivia literally swims out her own frustrations.

The morning of Ella’s christening, Mellie tries to talk to Fitz about Defiance. She tells him not to trust Cyrus because he was the mastermind behind the election rigging (false) and was the one who influenced her, Verna, and Olivia to jump aboard with the plan (kind of false). However, he can still trust her (definitely FALSE). Though any rational human being would continue to distrust Mellie, Fitz decides to confide in his manipulative wife about his plans to for the SEAL rescue mission. She tells him to follow his gut and when the couple arrives to the christening, Fitz tells Cyrus the SEAL mission is a go.


Throughout the christening, Olivia and Fitz have angry eye sex with one another, which does not go unnoticed by Mellie & Co. The angry eye sex continues after the ceremony while James makes a speech love, parenthood, puppies, unicorns and whatnot (I wasn’t really paying attention to James. Tony Goldwyn’s angry glare was distracting in the best way possible). Following the speech Olivia flees; Fitz downs his scotch, and chases after her.

Before she can Pope strut away, Fitz drags Olivia into an electrical closet and kisses her. The angry eye sex evolves into actual angry sex, and the two go at one another in one of the hottest scenes I have ever witnessed on network television. Phew.

After #closetgate, Olivia and Fitz both admit it was a mistake.  The president assures her it will never happen again. Olivia explains she was actually talking about Defiance. “That wasn’t a mistake,” he tells her. “That was betrayal”. We feel for you on that one, Fitz.

“I may not be able to control my erections around you,” Fitz adds, “but that does not mean I want you. We are done.”

Okay Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, now you’re crossing the line. Not cool.


He then storms off with Cyrus to watch the SEAL team rescue mission as it’s happening in real time. The leader yells, “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot – it’s empty. No hostages.” They then abort the mission. When Fitz asks what just happened, he’s informed that there’s a mole in the administration that tipped off the bad guys.

That night, David finds a flash drive in his apartment that belongs to Wendy. He brings it to Olivia and explains there’s a file called “Albatross” on it. The file contains over 350 pages of classified, high-level military intelligence inside, which David could use to keep himself out of prison.

Back at the Oval Office, Fitz and Mellie are in the shower again. He drinks as she tries to pick up on where they err….left off in the beginning of the episode. He says no and broods while holding onto her. Sad Fitz is very sad.

When Olivia returns home she finally decides to give Jake a call and she agrees to a date. What she doesn’t realize though, is that the captain has hidden cameras set up in her apartment and was watching her as they were speaking.



Boom Goes The Dynamite

Olivia meets Jake at a fancy French restaurant on their not-a-date-date.  He decides to hightail it out of there with Liv and instead, takes her to one of the monuments for their not-a-date-date. Immediately Olivia skips the cutesy small talk and drills Jake about Albatross. Though he can’t talk about much, he explains it is the term the government use to describe a mole in the Intel community, but has never actually been proven to be real.  The not-a-date-date is cut short when Olivia receives a phone call from a terrified David, who believes that someone is following him.

boom goes the dynamite

The gladiators believe that Albatross is real. Computer hacker Huck takes on the mission to try and break into the encrypted files. He also starts shadowing David to make sure nobody can hurt him. When Huck leaves to get to work, the other gladiators notice that Huck reeks and hasn’t showered in days.

It’s been eight days since the failed rescue mission, eight days of Fitz’s approval ratings plummeting to the ground, and eight days of Fitz drinking heavily. Mellie tries to talk to her husband about the crisis, explaining he’s doing everything he can while attempting to boost his morale. When she exits the Oval, Fitz has a guest come to visit late into the evening: Jake Ballard.


The two are old military pals. After catching up with one another, Jake asks Fitz why he hired him to watch Olivia. Fitz says Olivia is not the woman she seems, and orders his old friend to continue watching her.

Creepy to the tenth power, yo.

That same night Senator Peter Caldwell goes to OPA asking for Olivia’s help. His brother Will is running for governor of North Carolina, and is in dire need of Olivia’s fixing capabilities. Peter’s wife, Marion, is working on the campaign, but she’s not enough to help Will, who is single, rumored to be gay, and is running in a red state. Olivia tells Will she can work with gay and put a gay governor office, but he’s adamant that he is straight, even though he hasn’t dated anyone in over a decade. They decide the best option would be to find Will a woman to fix his image. The gladiators are sent on a mission to find Will a wife.

The next morning Fitz receives video footage from the kidnappers of the hostages that was taken on the same day. In the clip, the terrorists brutally murder one of the Americans, making this already pressing issue that much more terrifying and serious. Meanwhile Jake is hanging out at home watching Olivia on his “Best Buy Wall” of TVs. He sees that she’s sad and calls her, hoping to cheer her up, but alas, it doesn’t work. At least he turned the TV off as she was getting undressed. SO considerate of him! What a gentleman!

After lots of interviews and observations, the gladiators match Will up with a woman who is deemed good wife material. Before the woman signs on the dotted line, Abby dissuades her from agreeing to a political marriage because of her own dark past. It turns out Abby’s relationship with her abusive ex-husband was an arranged political marriage, and she’s afraid this girl will face the same tragedy.


While on David Rosen Watch 2013, it starts to storm outside and Huck is experiences severe PTSD. Unable to protect the DA, Huck just sits trapped in his car as the rain pours down and he remembers the time he was water boarded. Meanwhile, inside the school, David knows he’s being followed. Like a stealthy ninja, David corners the culprit and discovers the stalker is Wendy’s best friend Molly, who explains she knows he was framed. The two go to OPA, where Molly explains she saw a man threatening Wendy a few days before her murder, and thinks this guy might be the killer. She asks Olivia & Co. for protection because she fears the guy will want her dead next.

That same night, Olivia finds out that Fitz will be the keynote speaker at Will’s gala, so they’re forced to find him a lady immediately. Fortunately, their number two lady on their list of potential suitors is a knock out. The only issue is that one of the other women on the list leaked details of the political matchmaking to a local gossip site, but as per usual, Harrison shuts it down before the information is released to the public.


At the gala, Will and his lady friend charm the pants off of everyone in the room. Things get even better for the governor elect when Fitz gives him a glowing endorsement in front of everyone in the room. Only issue is that the president’s eyes seem to be glued on Olivia most of the time (not surprising). As the POTUS is mingling with the D.C. elite, he watches Olivia take a phone call from someone who makes her smile and giggle like a schoolgirl. What he doesn’t realize is that the person on the other end of her call is Jake, and he’s asking her out on a second date.

After hanging up with Jake, Olivia goes outside and catches Will kissing a woman that isn’t his new lady friend: it’s Marion. The fixer advises that Will ends the affair immediately. She then lectures him, saying he’s living for stolen moments in hotel hallways and coat closets, paralleling her own tragic love story.  “Stolen moments aren’t a life, so you have nothing, she tells him (and herself). “You have no one.

Oh Olivia…


Back at OPA, Quinn finally tells Huck that he smells, but understands the torture he’s currently enduring. Huck reassures her that he’s okay and once the rain stops, he won’t smell anymore. When they come to peace with the situation, Huck’s computer dings, alerting the pair that he finally broke into Wendy’s encrypted files.

While in her office, Olivia calls Jake and finally says yes to a second date.  He is then sent to the Oval Office to meet with Fitz, who is angry and back drinking the brown water. Though Jake tries to be charming and cordial, the POTUS is done playing games. He asks the captain who Olivia’s “guy” is. Uh oh… In order to cover his behind, Jake lies and explains to Fitz that Olivia is not seeing anybody.

This is not going to end well.

At OPA,  Peter Caldwell comes in to thank Olivia for her help on the campaign and reveals that he knew about the affair between his wife and brother. As soon as Peter exits, the gladiators barge into Olivia’s office with the encrypted files on hand. They discover that the man who killed Wendy is also the one who leaked the identities of the spies taken hostage overseas. As Abby and Harrison try to discover Albatross by go through security footage with Molly, the young girl sees the real Albatross on the television. It’s the Director of the CIA.


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