Riverdale 2×11 “Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler” Recap

Cheryl Blossom
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It’s almost Pickens Day in Riverdale and everyone has plans. Cheryl’s doing her annual attempt to get the day renamed for her great-great-great-grandpappy, Colonel Barnabas B. Blossom. Meanwhile, the Lodge family want to make Pickens Day a celebration to distract from the closing of Southside High.

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The Lodges, Fred Andrews, and Sheriff Keller are all meeting with Mayor McCoy at Fred’s house to discuss the drama at Riverdale High. Veronica wanted to be a part of her parents’ deals, but she seemed a little out of place with the other adults. Southside High may not have been a Five-Star school, but Veronica knows her parents want the property under the school for their development project. I think most people would agree that a school is more important than the Lodges’ SoDale project that includes a movie theater and shopping center. Mayor McCoy is worried that the Pickens Day event could go wrong with all the Southside drama happening. The Serpents would be hired for security to help solve any potential issues. Archie comes in interrupting the meeting and asks to join, but everyone ends up leaving.


Archie Andrews, Hiram Lodge
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After football season, Archie normally prepares for basketball season, but things are different this year.  FBI Agent Adams wants Archie to get closer to Hiram. In order to do that, Archie decides to try out for the wrestling team after Veronica tells him how Hiram was the captain of Riverdale High’s wrestling team. Things get physical between Hiram and Archie when Hiram challenges Archie during practice. This scene is very awkward, but it seems like Archie is the only one who thinks so. Hiram is a grown man challenging a high school boy, who’s dating his daughter. Sadly for Archie, the red head loses, getting slammed to the mat by Hiram. Later, Archie ends up winning the match against Chuck, who is in a higher weight class (which isn’t supposed to be allowed by the way) during tryouts. Archie even tries to make intimidating and awkward eye contact with Hiram while he’s pinning Chuck.

Veronica wants to make sure Pickens Day goes off without a hitch. Jughead said he wouldn’t be in attendance because the Serpents weren’t invited. I’m not sure why the Serpents need to be specifically invited to a public town event, but Jughead thinks they were only invited as security. Juggie later finds out that Pickens Day celebrates a man who massacred the Uktena who owned the land that is now Riverdale. General Pickens raided the land and killed the Uktena tribe. The Serpents were created to keep the Uktena family together.

Toni Tapaz, Southside Serpents
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To protest Pickens Day, the Serpents show up in the middle of Veronica and The Pussycats’ performance. Hiram intervenes as Toni speaks to the crowd applauding her and the Serpents for speaking up. Things calm down after he speaks, but I’m surprised it was that easy. No one knows he donated to Mayor McCoy’s re-election fund to get Southside High closed, so maybe that’s why they let it go so quickly. Hiram was only pretending to be on their side just to keep the peace while the SoDale project is still in the works.


Betty’s focus in this episode was on her brother, Chic. Kevin realizes that Chic is a “webcam boy.” Although I don’t think its any of Betty’s business, she wonders whether or not she should approach Chic about this new information. Later, Chic gets angry about all his belongs at the Hostel being thrown out. Betty ends up giving him her old laptop to make up for it without getting a thank you in return (rude). Of course, Chic is skeptical about Betty’s actions. He asks her about why she went looking for him. Betty confides in Chic about a darkness that lives inside of her that she doesn’t understand. In finding her older brother, Betty hoped she could make sense of the darkness if he had it, too. Just like Betty, Chic has the same scars on his palms from balling up his fist too hard. I always presumed the scars were from Betty holding back. She’s always been the nice girl next door. Balling up her fists seemed like a way for her to contain her anger instead of exploding at everyone. If you remember from season one when we first saw Dark Betty trying to take down Chuck, something in Betty snapped and she couldn’t control it. Maybe Betty needs to seek professional help instead of inviting someone she doesn’t know into her home.

Betty Cooper
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I know the Hiram SoDale project is the big storyline right now, but I’m just waiting for the Black Hood to come back. I’m still convinced the janitor was working with someone, or he was just a copycat of the Black Hood. There’s only a matter of time before he gets tired of all the continued sinning in Riverdale and attempts to kill again. Otherwise, why would the writers have Archie mention the Black Hood to Agent Adams in the last episode if he wasn’t still alive?


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