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I’m finally back! With finishing cosmetology school, getting a new job, getting engaged (I KNOW!! I’M SO EXCITED!!), and wedding planning, my day’s have been INSANELY occupied. However, my fiance and I still make time to get away from reality and go to the movies frequently. This past Friday, we went to go see Wonder Woman. This was a film neither one of us wanted to pass up.


Initial Thoughts:

Prior to seeing this film, I had honestly lost hope for all future DC films. NONE had met my expectations other than the Dark Knight Trilogy. I found myself doubting this film but hoping it wouldn’t be disappointing like films before. Green Lantern, seriously? Suicide Squad, eh. BvS, pure shit. Man of Steel, I did enjoy, but felt the destruction was overstated. We get it. I recall telling Omar, “If Wonder Woman isn’t good, I’ll never watch another DC movie. Ever.” And I meant that. I was tired of being disappointed over, and over, and over again. Could this movie alter my thoughts on DC movies to come? Who knew. Despite feeling this way, knowing that a Wonder Woman movie was underway, knowing that a strong, charismatic, empathetic female lead would take over the screen, was exhilarating. Have we seen other films with a strong female lead? Yeah. But none like this. As you can read, I had mixed emotions. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much for a movie TBH. I hoped to see a woman that my future little girl (or even boy for that matter) could look up to and say, “I wanna be like her!” I hoped to see someone I would look up to! Once a date was released, the countdown began, and my anxiety began to rise.

Wonder Woman

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Rating: PG-13
Duration: 2h 21m
Director: Patty Jenkins
Production Companies: DC Entertainment Inc, Atlas Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films, Tencent Pictures, Wanda Media
Screenplay: Geoff Johns, Allen Heinburg
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics


Diana Prince … Gal Gadot
Steve Trevor … Chris Pine
Antiope … Robin Wright
Ares … David Thewlis
General Ludendorff … Danny Huston
Doctor Poison … Elena Anaya
Hippolyta … Connie Nielsen


Synopsis: Diana Prince, daughter of Hippolyta, brought to life by Zeus, princess of the Amazons, spends her life training with the fiercest Amazonian warriors for their biggest foe, Ares, God of War, who brought destruction on the people of Earth centuries ago. Since then, Zeus has protected them from the world by creating their own paradise, shielded by an invisible dome from those all around where no one, not even Ares can find them. However, that protection shield is broken one day during training when Diana accesses a deeper power from within her she didn’t know existed. Now, that they are no longer concealed, Diana discovers the horrors of the outside world, and the war destroying all that is good. The only one capable of ending this tragedy, is Wonder Woman but is she truly ready to fight these unknown enemies? Does she have what it takes to be a hero? Can she be Wonder Woman?

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics



  • The Character Development: This was a coming-of-age movie where we see her origin. Yas! I loved seeing her grow and learn as she sets herself on this journey. It wasn’t like other superhero characters where they’re just INCREDIBLE from the get-go. She continues to learn about herself, her powers, the life outside, culture, etc. She’s extremely naive and has to learn about this new society.She isn’t perfect. Great! Because neither are we!!

  • Fighting Sequences: The fighting choreography was SPOT ON!! She makes everything look flawless and doesn’t even break a sweat! Girl, I’m dying after walking a mile.

  • The chemistry: I felt the chemistry between Diana and Steve was genuine. It didn’t feel awkward. You could feel and see they truly cared for each other. I mean, could you blame them? It’s Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Pfft. I’d fall for them. I also liked the chemistry between the crew Diana goes and fights with. They seemed to get along quite nicely!

  • Cinematography: The scenes in this film were stunning. Director Patty Jenkins clearly had a vision and executed it with perfection.

  • Costumes & Set Pieces: This was probably my favorite part. The costumes were great, Wonder Woman looked like a BOSS, and the sets were phenomenal! Lots of thought was put into this film. Thank you!

  • The Beginning & Ending Loop: This was something I was concerned about. I wondered how they were going to give the audience her backstory. Were they just going to start from her beginning? From the war? When Zeus gave her life? But no, the whole movie is a flashback to a picture Bruce Wayne sends her. This was clever. Good job.

  • The Colors: This might not be something one looks at, but I totally do. The use of colors in this film was fantastic! There’s a scene in the movie, as well as the trailer, where she’s wearing a bold, blue dress in a sea of uniformed men (with other woman in dresses) but I found this particular scene to be phenomenal because blue represents serenity, calmness, loyalty, faith, and trust She’s trying to calm the situation of the war, stay loyal to her people, have faith in herself, and to trust those aiding her. SUCH A PERFECT SCENE! OMG! The use of colors in this film was great.

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics


  • Most of the villains in the superhero cinematic universe haven’t been AMAZING. Most of them I must reiterate. This is the case in this film. There is more than one villain in the movie and none of them are good representations of what a villain should be. Nonetheless, she does have several foes.

  • That’s pretty much it. OH! And the fact that there was no extra credit scene. WTF.

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics


Final Thoughts:

I’m glad to say Wonder Woman completely surpasses my initial thoughts. I would watch this movie over and over again. I want my future kids to look up to her. I believe she’s a great role model for everyone and NOW I’m looking forward to the Justice League. There’s a lot to learn from Diana Prince; to believe in yourself, work as a team, fight what you believe in, etc. Can we just have Patty Jenkins director EVERY DC movie from now on? K Thanks!

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics



My Rating:


Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics



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