“Partners” Review: 2 Broke Guys

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After a few weeks off the air, I’m so glad Partners is back on my TV! YAY!

The show started off with a great Superman reference when Louis bought a new pair of glasses and wanted his boyfriend Wyatt (Brandon Routh) to try them on. Wyatt doesn’t like glasses because he thinks glasses change his looks. After Louis tells him in a sarcastic tone, “You are completely unrecognizable,” Wyatt responds, “Told you, Lois. Uh, Louis.” I never saw any of the Superman movies or CW’s show Smallville, but I love it when a show does a small reference of an actor’s previous work and it worked out for Routh very well in this episode. I have to say it was my favorite part of the episode. It was brilliant and well crafted.

On Monday night’s episode we learned Joe and Louis’ previous work history, about Louis and his brother we didn’t even know about, and Joe’s comfortableness about Ali kissing Wyatt.

Once Ali explains she read an article about a guy named Henry who is looking for architects for his next big project, we learn its Louis brother who doesn’t approve of Louis’ “lifestyle” leading Louis to not knowledge him as his brother. Later in the show Joe explains when Louis came out of the closet to his brother, Henry told Louis he was better if we went back in. That’s very harsh coming from someone who’s related to you. I’m not gay myself, but I would think when someone is coming out of the closet, you would want support, especially from family. So no, I do not blame Louis for pretending his brother doesn’t exist in his life.

Joe and Louis run into some former co-workers who are now the big shots at their former firm. Louis thinks they should go and ask for their jobs back. Joe completely disagrees. When Louis goes back to the old firm behind Joe’s back to get their jobs back, he finds out Joe quit because the old firm offered him a five year deal without Louis who was about to be fired. To make it right, Louis goes to his brother’s house to ask him for a job. When Joe beats him to knocking on the door, the truth comes out. Joe said he wouldn’t work without Louis, no matter how big the offer or pay was. (What a great friend!) In the end, Joe and Louis work things out and landed a new project to redecorate and redesign five sub sandwiches shops!

By the way, I loved Urie’s acting when Louis was practicing an introduction in front of Henry’s door step. It was hilarious, and could not stop laughing. I’ve also noticed as each episode goes by, Urie is not over acting on Louis’ “gayness” and I’m glad he’s dialed it down a bit. I was afraid he was going to continue with that acting technique and lead to me not liking his character. As of right now, I am lovin’ Louis!

This episode demonstrates just because you’re not related by blood, doesn’t mean you’re not family. Joe and Louis may be best friend for years, but it’s clear they are more like brothers, who support and love each other more than anyone else. Yes, sometimes even more than Ali and Wyatt.

On a lighter note, Joe catches Ali kissing Wyatt on his lips after helping her around in her store. Ali says it’s just a friendly kiss and doesn’t mean anything because Wyatt is gay. Joe is completely not okay with the friendly gesture, and could care less if Wyatt is gay, because in reality Ali is kissing a guy “who looks like he’s a model for a magazine” as Louis says, and that’s what bugs Joe. I would agree with Ali, if it’s just friendly and there’s no feelings behind it, by all means kiss your gay friend, but if there’s remotely any kind of feelings, one should not do it. Ali then decides to prove to Joe there are no feelings when she kisses Wyatt, and back fires in her face after kissing him three times. At the end of the episode when Ali leaves the coffee shop for work, she kisses Joe, Louis on the cheek and pounds Wyatt’s fist. That was hilarious!

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It had its funny moments, and serious topics as well. The acting and interaction between the actors are getting better each week, leading me to enjoy the show more than when it first started.

Tune in next week on CBS for an all new episode of Partners at 8:30/7:30c.


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