Parenthood : “The Waiting Room”

Zeek went into heart surgery in “The Waiting Room,” which means not a dry eye in Parenthood viewers’ living rooms tonight. Jordan and Sarita certainly felt the Braverman family’s fears acutely.  They watched and live blogged the episode together, and share their thoughts below.

zeek waiting room

Jordan Hickman:  HERE WE GO!

Sarita Muley : Yay!

Jordan Hickman: I like that the set decorators used zeek and camille’s old furniture for the new house instead of getting all new furniture

Sarita Muley: I didn’t even notice it. Good eye. I am still not used to seeing the new place. Love that the siblings cam together

Jordan Hickman:  It looks smaller. i can already tell i’m going to be crying soon

Sarita Muley: Love the family’s reaction for Amber’s news. Did you think that Crosby and Julia looked very similar in the one shot ?

Jordan Hickman: i’ve always thought the looked similar. great casting

Sarita Muley: Okay, glad I wasn’t the only one.

Jordan Hickman: zeek is already crying which means i’m crying

Sarita Muley: The house in the background looks fake ha ha

Jordan Hickman: jordan: 0, parenthood: !

Sarita Muley: Amber’s crying usually starts me

Jordan Hickman: 1 not !

Sarita Muley: both 1 and ! work 🙂

Jordan Hickman 🙂

“I wish you were my doctor” ughhhhh the feels. these two are so good together.

Sarita Muley : I like that Amber is giving Zeek consolation. such a difference from the first season.

Jordan Hickman:I’ve always loved Zeek and Amber’s relationship. Especiialy that time he took her to wrecker yard and told her she was his dream and they are just perfect together

Sarita Muley: That was a great scene! One of the best Zeek scenes. That and the Zeek/Joel scene last year in S5. Zeek knows how to lay the truth in a relatable manner.

Jordan Hickman:he’s so calm usually and that really helps. plus, he’s just a guy you can talk to and relate to. love that nelson’s getting a lot to do this season

Sarita Muley:Craig T deserves more scenes. He plays well off everyone

Aww Drew was the last one to know

Jordan Hickman :welcome back!

Drew’s face when he realized he was the last one to know

Sarita Muley: Thanks ha ha. my computer couldn’t handle my Parenthood love 🙂

Jordan Hickman: that’s a heck of a drive to wyoming

sarah hank parenthood

Sarita Muley: Yeah – it would be easier to fly. did they recast Hank’s daughter? she looks a lot older

Jordan Hickman: lol i love him

Sarita Muley: Hank is the best. ugh I hate this douchy boyfriend of Julia.

Jordan Hickman: he’s literally the worst.

that beard…only joel can rock that.

Sarita Muley: Where have I seen the actor? He looks familiar

Jordan Hickman: those goofy suspenders

Sarita Muley: Ha ha ha they are ridiculous. I really don’t see what Julia sees in him

Jordan Hickman: does joel knows she’s dating?

Sarita Muley: other than he pays attention to her more. I don’t think he knows yet. I’m liking this storyline with Sarah and Hank’s daugther

Jordan Hickman: me too, i hope she can help her shape up and be less of a brat

say something sarah!


Sarita Muley: I know – why did sarah just not do anything?!. I’m watching Gilmore Girls in parallel now and can’ help but say that Lorelai would have said something. Bad Sarah, bad!

Jordan Hickman: i adore zeek

Sarita Muley: I’m surprised Adam isn’t in the room right now. He is such a micromanaging but loving song


Jordan Hickman: he’s so scared

Sarita Muley: The emotions are showing really well on his face. Great acting

Jordan Hickman: Craig T Nelson is really super great this season

Sarita Muley: This is “his” season, like Season 4 was for Kristina. I wonder if people recognize his acting as much as they should. He seems underrated in my opinion

Jordan Hickman: He’s been around for years, but i don’t know if he’s done much dramatic work.

Sarita Muley: Road trip!!!

Jordan Hickman: Oh, i forgot Zeek gave Drew the Pontiac

Sarita Muley: That was a sweet gesture

Jordan Hickman: I love road trip episodes!

Sarita Muley: Parenthood has done a great job in having so many types of them. The only one we need to see is a Adam and Crosby one. that would be hilarious

Jordan Hickman: haha, true!

Sarita Muley: The show uses silences really well

Jordan Hickman: lol hank is so awkward

Sarita Muley: ha ha that’s why he is the best.

Jordan Hickman: i agree!

Sarita Muley 🙂

Hank is in denial

Jordan Hickman: but, i like that he ultimately believed sarah and not his daughter. nice character development, and a nice way to show his growing relationship with sarah.

Sarita Muley: me too . glad it wasn’t extra drama. getting emotional watching crosby. never thought i would say that. usually i laugh around crosby

angry Crosby Braverman

Jordan Hickman: JOEL!!!!!

Sarita Muley: awww sexy man return!! looking good Joellll!

Jordan Hickman: That’s so sweet that Joel visited him

Sarita Muley: JOel misses the Bravermans ! He loves them as his own, aww 🙂


Sarita Muley: YUP!! I WANT TO HUG JOEL!!. Even though he made me mad last season. the blue color shirt – side note- looked great on Julia

Jordan Hickman: definitely. i think she’s worn that one before

Sarita Muley : aww the original family together

great memory

Jordan Hickman

Parenthood: 3


Sarita Muley

*sniff sniff

poor camille

Jordan Hickman

nvm 4

Sarita Muley: Yup. I’m not tearing up but I feel the physical fear the family must be feeling

Jordan Hickman: that’s the thing that makes this show so special: we all do. no matter what. we’ve all had those moments where we’re worried about the ones we love. the sad reality is that more often than not it doesn’t turn out like we expect.

Sarita Muley: You hit it on the nail. The storylines touch on reality even if the conclusions can vary My prediction – Zeek makes it through but has struggles adjusting to post-surgery life

Jordan Hickman: yes, the show relies on happier moments, but often they choose the messy way to get there

Sarita Muley: YES! You are so right. Also, they use messy story lines for teachable moements

Sarita Muley I wish they would show different sibling interactions sometimes. adam and crosby are always together. it would be nice to have seen him talking with julia instead

Jordan Hickman: yeah, like the scene between adam and julia last season. that was special. where she finally opened up to him about her marital problems and he didn’t talk down to her or make her feel guilty. so nice.

Sarita Muley: i was jumping up and down for that scene because it was so good and so needed to show Adam helping his sister

Jordan Hickman: RYAN!

Sarita Muley: Looking scruffy but cute

Jordan Hickman: Adam is so cynical

Sarita Muley: Adam the naysayer

Jordan Hickman: I do love Crosby’s child-like optimism

Sarita Muley: Count on the Crosb to make things light

Ha ha Adam’s look

Jordan Hickman: Okay, this is sweet

Sarita Muley: yeah true (i admit reluctantly lol)

Jordan Hickman: Joel’s still the one, though

Sarita Muley: Parenthood- the show that makes scruffy look good

Jordan Hickman

His face

his reaction

Sarita Muley:  Joel beats all

he looks so happy. awwwww

amber is surprised

Jordan Hickman: Camille is so scared

Sarita Muley: Which is unusual to see because usually we see her strong. by the way interesting choice to have camille and julia in same colors

Jordan Hickman: agree

classi adam and crosby fight

Sarita Muley: yup. Except not as funny as previous ones ;(

Jordan Hickman: yeah, that was a bad one

Sarita Muley: Someone needs to comfort Adam

Jordan Hickman: for sure. he’s had to deal with so much

Sarita Muley: Poor adam- being the oldest always hard to have the weight of the world

Jordan Hickman: i wish lauria was on this show full tine. instead he’s now an mma fighter

everybody is scared!

Ryber Parenthood

Sarita Muley: Scared and coping

stupid ex-wife. glad they didn’t make her better like they made it seem in the first episode

great scene with hank and ex wife

Jordan Hickman: way to make him feel like crap, marie from breaking bad! (i forgot her name!) stop slut-shaming sarah!

Sarita Muley: oh i haven’t seen breaking bad

oh no she didn’t!!!

She is a total awful woman

don’t say it Hank! Don’t!

Jordan Hickman: i think she needs another strong female influence

Sarita Muley: Yes! Even though Sarah isn’t always the best, she at least cares and tries

Drew is a great listener

Jordan Hickman: and, most importantly, she’s raised a teenage daughter on her own

Sarita Muley: agreed.

Go drew, go!

I like how the siblings check each other

Jordan Hickman: yeah, they are great together

Sarita Muley: best casting

I agree with Drew – Ryan won’t change

Jordan Hickman: finally drew speaking his mind. i love it so much

Sarita Muley: it is hard because Ryan does have to work through issues

Me too! Drew has come along way too from Season 1

Jordan Hickman: be smarter than this, amber

Sarita Muley: Yelling Crosby! The best! Yes, Amber is definitely smarter. if this were showtime, I could totally see Crosby cussing

Oh no! I’m scared

Jordan Hickman: is he going to new mexico?


Sarita Muley: I don’t know but I am really worried this is a matthew type situation.


Adam is going to be so mad at him now

Jordan Hickman: Adam’s guilt is about to boil over

Sarita Muley yup!

I always thought that Julia could be good person to help Adam in situations since they are very similar (both type A) but the show never explored that

Julia Camille Parenthood

Jordan Hickman: i understand they’re all scared and stressed but come on parenthood. this is too much!!!!

Sarita Muley: I was going to literally scream at my tv if his motorcycle had slammed into a car or something

Jordan Hickman: yeah, that’s a good point. sarah and crosby are the more aloof ones and julia and adam are more type a. i wish they would comfort and support each other more.

or, maybe they’re too much alike?

Sarita Muley: I was really thinking they were going to pull a downton abbey – they set it up like that.

Jordan Hickman: yeah, that would not have gone over well at all

Sarita Muley: Maybe they could help each other in some ways because of their similarity but the similarities could probably get them fighting in other areas

damn,even Joel’s voice is soothing

he misses her.

Jordan Hickman: he so misses her

he really does care, julia!

Sarita Muley: his worried face is so hot lol

Jordan Hickman: there it is….

oh man. HIS FACE

Sarita Muley: awww brokenhearted joel

good use of silence

devastated joel. awwww

glad that Julia was honest with him thought


Jordan Hickman: way to go, amber.

this is wonderful


Sarita Muley: yes, Drew got her in on the right track. Matt Lauria is doing a great job too. showing his emotional issue very well

Jordan Hickman: herewe go……

Sarita Muley: phewww

Jordan Hickman: THANK YOU LORD

Sarita Muley:  YES YES!

poor Adam has had to be in the hospital so much

Jordan Hickman: CROSBY’S FACE

Sarita Muley: The Crosb! We never see him emotional

Jordan Hickman: that was great

Sarita Muley: I liked the episode too but do miss the humor when it is very drama centric

Jordan Hickman: yeah, there was really none of that at all

which i think is fine

Sarita Muley: Yeah I guess humor wouldn’t have been appropriate. you know what’s so great about the show? that it takes one behavior and makes it either funny or sad. like adam and crosby fighting. usually it is funny but this time it wasn’t . how cool is it the show can do both. that’s great writing and acting

Jordan Hickman: definitely. all the fears are out too: the bravermans and zeek, hank and ruby, amber not knowing if ryan is ready to be a father, drew worried about amber….

so great

Sarita Muley: You bring up an excellent point that the show had more of a theme (fear) than usual

Jordan Hickman: usually it’s centered on one or two characters, but every character is experiencing fear. heck, even christina and the school, joel that julia will never want to be with him…


Sarita Muley : Jasmine is the only one that they haven’t fleshed out for that. I hope they bring her more into the spotlight because I feel like they have given her more of a background role

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