Parenthood “These Are The Times We Live In” Reactions

Sarita and I sat down and g-chatted throughout tonight’s surprisingly tearful Parenthood. Read our on-the-fly thoughts below in a slightly edited transcript.

Comment below your reactions to the episode and where you think the season is heading. We’ll be back next week as we’ve reached the halfway point of the final season.


Sarita Muley – 8:58 PM

Two more minutes! I’m excited/nervous to see what happens to Joelia.

Awww Nora!

Jordan Hickman – 9:01 PM

I’m here!

Nora is so cute

Sarita Muley – 9:01 PM

I agree. She looks very similar to Kristina.

Looks like this is Peter and Monica’s episode off. Weird not seeing them in this episode.

Jordan Hickman – 9:02 PM

that is weird!

Sarita Muley – 9:02 PM

Yeah. I don’t like this whole deal NBC negotiated where cast members have two episodes off.

Jordan Hickman – 9:03 PM

so they are all only doing 11 episodes?

Sarita Muley – 9:03 PM

Go Drew! Complete contrast to Crosby.

Yup, that is how they kept the costs go down

Jordan Hickman – 9:03 PM

worth it?

lol hank

i love him

Sarita Muley – 9:04 PM

Ha ha. His interactions with Max are awesome.

Here comes the drama queen daughter.

Jordan Hickman – 9:04 PM

he’s soooooo awkward

Sarita Muley – 9:04 PM

Yup but so sweet πŸ™‚

Jordan Hickman – 9:04 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:05 PM

Hank is so clueless but Sarah is perfect

Jordan Hickman – 9:05 PM

sarah is so sweet

Sarita Muley – 9:05 PM

she is. I am loving this storyline with her and Hank. For once, no romance drama.

awwww noooo Julia and joel!

Jordan Hickman – 9:05 PM

yeah, they seem happy and its working


i still hate this



Sarita Muley – 9:06 PM

awww I know. so sad.

I love the use of silence in this scene. more emotionally impactful

Jordan Hickman – 9:07 PM

i love elevator scenes. people forced to be in the same space when they otherwise wouldn’t be



Sarita Muley – 9:07 PM

Great point!

That scene was filled with so much sadness. The hands locking together show how much they love each other still.

Jordan Hickman – 9:08 PM

I guess I just dont understand why they are divorcing. Especially without really trying to stay together. I really don’t understand it.

Exactly! There’s still so much there between them.

Sarita Muley – 9:09 PM

They’re divorcing because Julia is probably still hurt from Joel hurting her last year and not trying. Now, she doesn’t want to open up to the vulnerability

I can understand her hurt though I agree that they should at least have tried a little bit more

Jordan Hickman – 9:10 PM

That doesn’t make sense to me — especially as someone who is married. The idea of marriage is to be completely open with your partner and to weather the rough times together.

I don’t know. It just makes me mad, and it’s also scary — especially as a married person

Sarita Muley – 9:11 PM

True- marriage is about compromising and sticking it out. I think ego got in the way for both of them, preventing them from trying. I think unfortunately, a lot of marriages destroy because of that. People’s prides are broken, preventing them from seeing how easy the problems can be fixed.

Jordan Hickman – 9:12 PM

Marriage is hard, very hard. This just makes me so sad. But also Joel had his chance and now it’s too late.

Sarita Muley – 9:12 PM

It is sad πŸ™ I’m glad that Parenthood showed that

Even if i don’t’ agree with it πŸ™‚

By the way, do you like Natalie? I hated that storyline with Drew last year.

Jordan Hickman – 9:13 PM

DREW and ZEEK!!!!!!

I feel like they don’t get enough to do together

I do like natalie. i like her characterization — especially when she was just used by drew to be slut-shamed to where she is now. she was treated really unfairly by everyone. glad drew finally sees that and really appreciates and listens to her.

Sarita Muley – 9:13 PM

Oh no- I am noticing a theme this season. Zeek is doing road trips with everyone. Is that a sign? no!!

Drew and Zeek are great.

I’m surprised Max hasn’t commented on Amber’s pregnancy lol

I love that we are seeing Nora more in this season

Jordan Hickman – 9:14 PM

My son has done this to me too many times to count!!!

Sarita Muley – 9:15 PM

Aww. So you really relate to this scene?

Jordan Hickman – 9:15 PM

I love how Amber is with Max.

Sarita Muley – 9:16 PM

She is the best. She has more patience than anyone else.

Jordan Hickman – 9:16 PM

lol that was top notch editing

Sarita Muley – 9:16 PM

ha ha ha yes.

Oh no, psycho ex wife is here.

Jordan Hickman – 9:17 PM

Ugh, i don’t understand her. why not be happy that your daughter is making friends with a good female role model

Sarita Muley – 9:17 PM

I love seeing Lauren Graham in Parenthood while watching Gilmore Girls in parallel. Such different characters.

Jordan Hickman – 9:17 PM

Ohhhhh Hank.

Sarita Muley – 9:18 PM

You hit it on the nail. No wonder Ruby doesn’t want anything to do with her mom.

Ooh surprise – Julia visiting Joel! Great apartment

Jordan Hickman – 9:19 PM





Sarita Muley – 9:19 PM


“It’s not an asset, it’s a home.” I love that line.

Jordan Hickman – 9:20 PM

“it’s the first safe place our son spent the night.”

COME ON JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!


But joel! too late!

Sarita Muley – 9:20 PM

YES! They should have gone to couple’s counseling and talked. both of them are so silly!

Aww poor Amber. Hank to save the day.

Jordan Hickman – 9:24 PM

Hank is also so good with Max, especially since they relate so well with each other

lololo i love this!

Sarita Muley – 9:24 PM

Hank and Max are the best duo, ha ha.

Why hasn’t the actor who plays Max gotten nominated for anything? He is awesome in this role.

Hank = greatest guest star addition to Parenthood.

Jordan Hickman – 9:25 PM

Romano was a surprisingly wonderful addition.

Sarita Muley – 9:26 PM

Yes indeed. He should have been added earlier :O)

The only benefit of having cast members rotate out is we get longer scenes with different story lines, so it doesn’t feel rushed.

Jordan Hickman – 9:27 PM

With a cast this large it’s hard to really have a scene marinate without sacrificing someone’s storyline.

Sarita Muley – 9:28 PM

true. so that is the only benefit this season (even though I love seeing all of them).

Jordan Hickman – 9:28 PM

These longer scenes are really great

Sarita Muley – 9:28 PM

yes- more please πŸ™‚


Jordan Hickman – 9:29 PMParenthood

oh, hank.

Sarita Muley – 9:29 PM

Lauren Graham is such a perfect perfect actress.

Hank messed up πŸ™


Jordan Hickman – 9:30 PM

To be fair, he did stay and help out Max. But normally when a person sees someone crying they’re going to ask why and if they’re okay

Sarita Muley – 9:31 PM

Yeah, poor Hank wasn’t able to think about it πŸ™

Jordan Hickman – 9:31 PM

TO be fair, there was A LOT going on

lolol “to be fair” is my saying tonight, apparently

Sarita Muley – 9:32 PM

HA HA I love it. I love your “to be fair.” :O)

Jordan Hickman – 9:32 PM

my defense of hank is getting out of hand

Sarita Muley – 9:33 PM

No it isn’t. I love it! I love Hank. I’m glad I’m not the only one that likes him. Everyone seems to be Team Mark all the time.

Jordan Hickman – 9:33 PM

No, I’ve always loved him.

Sarita Muley – 9:34 PM

Even though I like Drew being responsible, he was a little harsh on Zeek

Jordan Hickman – 9:34 PM

Drew’s really coming out of his shell and speaking up.

Sarita Muley – 9:34 PM

Thank god for Natalie for pointing that out

Yeah such a contrast from Season 1

Jordan Hickman – 9:34 PM

yeah, he was definitely too harsh

yay natalie!

Sarita Muley – 9:35 PM

Yes, yay Natalie! Never thought I would say that, ha ha.

Jordan Hickman – 9:35 PM

lolol he’s watching chucky

“your dog is eating ice cream, max.”

Sarita Muley – 9:35 PM

chucky- so scary! it is funny that Max would watch that.

Awwww nora sleeping by Amber! so sweet!

Jordan Hickman – 9:37 PM

sarah calming her daughter down is perfect

Sarita Muley – 9:37 PM

It is. “You work your way up to dealing with insanity.” Perfect line.

Jordan Hickman – 9:37 PM

this is a very well written episode. sarah watson is a really underrated writer

Sarita Muley – 9:38 PM

Oh, I didn’t know she wrote this. I agree, this is an awesome episode.

I am glad they didn’t make the boyfriend a jerk and make it a cliche – jerk boyfriend versus husband type storyline

Jordan Hickman – 9:39 PM

yeah, he’s a nice guy and really seems to care for her.

what’s his name?

Sarita Muley – 9:40 PM

Ha ha I don’t remember. I just call him “college boyfriend.”

They do seem to have a good relationship too.

It’s not just about Julia sleeping around but she has someone to have a good time with, something she wasn’t getting from Joel towards the end.

Jordan Hickman – 9:41 PM

the one thing i’ve noticed about this show that is missing from a lot of other ones is how everyone makes time to talk to each other. that scene with sarah and amber was great and most shows are too scared to have a moment that doesn’t advance the plot in some ways.

people talk to each other and not at them. very refreshing

Sarita Muley – 9:41 PM

Such a good observation! I didn’t think about that until you pointed it out.

You’re right- Parenthood does make more of effort for character development type scenes than just plot based ones.

Julia’s boyfriend looks like one of the Backstreet boys lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:43 PM

we have a name! chris!

Sarita Muley – 9:43 PM

ha ha yes!

He’s a good boyfriend for listening to her talking about her marriage.

Lot of people knocking on doors tonight lol

Go hank, standing up for Sarah!

Jordan Hickman – 9:45 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:45 PM

The ex-wife is awful.

Jordan Hickman – 9:45 PM

she really is

Sarita Muley – 9:46 PM

she’s so judgmental that i don’t know how she ever liked Hank

Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

she had no idea her husband had asbergers? seriously? she had to know there was at least something going on

Sarita Muley – 9:47 PM

I agree, although she seems too self involved though to connect the dots.

Zeek and joel time!!!

Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

awww, he still visits her parents

Sarita Muley – 9:48 PM

We needed more scenes with Joel hanging out with the Bravermans

I always loved the Joel and Crosby scenes

Jordan Hickman – 9:48 PM




Sarita Muley – 9:49 PM

I know ;( I’m getting emotional too

Great scene

Jordan Hickman – 9:49 PM

finally, zeek. FINALLY.

let him hear it

“you fight for her.”

zeek knows better than anyone

Sarita Muley – 9:53 PM

He does. He always cuts through the bull for everyone.

Jordan Hickman – 9:54 PM

it is a little late, though

Sarita Muley – 9:54 PM

yeah.. that should have happened a while back

Aww, I hate how they are leaving Sarah out

Jordan Hickman – 9:55 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:55 PM



Jordan Hickman – 9:57 PM

great song

Sarita Muley – 9:58 PM

perfect for all the scenes

Jordan Hickman – 9:59 PM


why end it that way?!

very good episode!

Sarita Muley – 9:59 PM

I know! So abrupt!

It was, although I hate that Sarah is always on the sidelines in this season’s scenes

More about hank in the storyline and less about her

even though I like parts of the interaction, I wish we saw more Sarah in some scenes

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