Parenthood “How Did We Get Here” Live-blog

Once again, Jordan and Sarita live blogged tonight’s outstanding Parenthood episode, “How Did We Get Here.” This was also the 100th episode. Can you believe our little show has been on this long yet is almost over? Sad days ahead. Hope you enjoy our chat!


Sarita M – 8:54 PM

Hi there!

Jordan Hickman – 8:56 PM


Sarita M – 8:56 PM

Yay, hi!

How are you doing?

Jordan Hickman – 8:58 PM

Great! just ate a power bar so the pre-game warm up is complete!

Sarita M – 8:59 PM

Ha ha awesome

What do you think is going to Happen to Zeek? The previews are always misleading.

I think he will survive the heart attack and be given a few weeks to live.

Jordan Hickman – 9:00 PM

I’ve actually only watched the one that ended the last episode and haven’t seen any more. So, of course he survives…..maybe????

Sarita M – 9:00 PM

So that’s how it ended in the last episode (his having to go to the ER), so we’re on the same page

Jordan Hickman – 9:00 PM

Ugh, that scene with Zeek in the bed. I hate it.

Sarita M – 9:01 PM

I’m getting sad already

Very Scary

Jordan Hickman – 9:01 PM


Sarita M – 9:01 PM

Poor Camile on her own for now

The music always does it!

Adam and Kristina!!! nooo!

Poor Crosby!

Jasmine is making me tear up! supportive wife she is!

Jordan Hickman – 9:03 PM

Heyyyyy Joel!

Sarita M – 9:03 PM

Joel and Julia lying like that is good way to transition from their last scene

Yeah, heyy Joel it is ;O)

The awkwardness of their being in bed was perfect way to capture their situation

Jordan Hickman – 9:04 PM

LOL as soon as the music stops it’s back to family craziness.

Camille and Adam. Brilliant. She’s just so good and she’s in so much pain and fears the worst.

And, the worst part is that she had to experience the entire thing. I never want to.

Sarita M – 9:05 PM

Ha ha you’re right. As soon as the music was gone, the tone shifted drastically

For some reason, I feel a hopeful vibe after the music is gone

That scene with Camille in Adam was good like you said. I love that Adam is always the rock


Jordan Hickman – 9:06 PM


Sarita M – 9:08 PM

That’s what they always do those suckers!!!

I’ve complained that Kristina has been more selfish this season but I do give her credit that when it comes to Zeek, she is involved in the right ways

So I anticipate a good Kristina/Adam scene in this episode

Adam is going to break

Jordan Hickman – 9:09 PM

Me too. I definitely agree about Kristina.

Maybe an Adam Crosby fight too!

Sarita M – 9:09 PM

ha ha, as usual. They always fight (which is comforting in a weird way)

Jordan Hickman – 9:09 PM

Drew’s got lots of guilt still I’m sure

Sarita M – 9:10 PM

Poor drew. Great scene

Jordan Hickman – 9:10 PM

But that’s what brothers do! They have to fight!

Sarita M – 9:10 PM

They fight in a funny but realistic way, I agree.

Jordan Hickman – 9:11 PM

Surprised she didn’t wake up Hank and let him know what was going on.

Sarita M – 9:11 PM

ha ha sister gossiping.

Jordan Hickman – 9:11 PM

Love it

Awww, I love Hank.

Sarita M – 9:11 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:12 PM


Sarita M – 9:12 PM

now the best is apparently joel

Damn Joel, you are looking good!

Awkward cuteness


Jordan Hickman – 9:12 PM

The awkwardness is ADORABLE

Sarita M – 9:13 PM

Yes, and it is making me all giggly lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:13 PM

“Are we back together? Are we not?”

Sarita M – 9:13 PM

ha ha, yes, that’s exactly it!

I love seeing Sarah and Amber snickering during their awkwardness

Have Hank and Drew really had scenes together before?

Jordan Hickman – 9:13 PM

Love Hank just rambling when he’s nervous.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is their first scene together.

Sarita M – 9:14 PM

He’s always consistent ha ha

where is Kristina?

Jordan Hickman – 9:15 PM

Probably with the kids at school? She’s the only one not there.

Sarita M – 9:15 PM


btw did they really need to put the Luncehonette drama in this ?

I find it manufactured drama

Jordan Hickman – 9:15 PM

Wow, this is devastasting.

Sarita M – 9:16 PM

That is a lot of stuff stolen. Agreed. Devastating

Jordan Hickman – 9:16 PM

Totally manufactured drama, sure, but still sad.

Sarita M – 9:17 PM

It is sad. I just feel like they should have started the season off with that to be less manufactured.

Jordan Hickman – 9:19 PM

I know, I don’t understand why Adam hates the Luncheonette all the sudden?

Sarita M – 9:19 PM

He’s mentally more into the school right now, that’s probably why the Luncehonette probably feels like an inconvenience

Aww did Hank feel left out since joel is there?

Jordan Hickman – 9:20 PM

Lol, Hank. He’s the best.

He totally did feel left out.

Sarita M – 9:20 PM

He’s really trying. so sweet.

Joel and Hank are in competition to be the sweetest lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:20 PM

And he introduced himself to Camille as if they haven’t met loads of time.

Sarita M – 9:20 PM

ha ha ha i know that was really funny

Ha ha there’s the Adam and Crosby mini fight

Jordan Hickman – 9:21 PM

Adam trying to keep the family together is typical Adam.

lol Hank just wants something to do.

Sarita M – 9:21 PM

That’s what I love about Adam

Aw hank is trying to fit into the family

Love that we are seeing the whole cast there. Been hard not seeing all of them together this season

Jordan Hickman – 9:22 PM

Yeah, I hate that’s it’s under these circumstances, but it’s good to see nonetheless.

Sarita M – 9:22 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:22 PM


Sarita M – 9:22 PM

Adam is reminding me of Steve Martin for some reason

I know the music always gets me

the same serious expressions as Steve had in his movies is how I see similarity

Jordan Hickman – 9:23 PM

I’ve never seen the movie 🙁

Sarita M – 9:23 PM

AWWW he’s my husband!!!

Jordan Hickman – 9:23 PM


Sarita M – 9:24 PM

The movie is different but good in it’s own rite

Jordan Hickman – 9:24 PM



Sarita M – 9:24 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:26 PM

Such a drastic tonal shift during commercials. Very disconcerting.


Sarita M – 9:26 PM

You’re right. It would be interesting to see it on Netflix and not through the commercials. It disrupts the flow

By the way, Bonnie (Camille)  acted the heck out of that scene.

She looked really scared.

Jordan Hickman – 9:27 PM

Yeah, she’s so underutilized

Sarita M – 9:28 PM


Joel to the rescue

Jordan Hickman – 9:29 PM

More frantic family-ness! Joel the always calm one.

Yeah, Drew’s going to be a mess if anything happens to Zeek.

Sarita M – 9:30 PM

That’s what made it hard not seeing Joel in the family scenes before- not seeing his normalcy amidst the craziness

Aww Drew is being really hard on himself

Jordan Hickman – 9:30 PM


Sarita M – 9:30 PM

oh no! He accidentally called Hank a loser

Or on purpose?

Jordan Hickman – 9:30 PM

Probably not on purpose.

Sarita M – 9:31 PM

Hank is always there for Sarah’s kids.  He is so much better than Seth

Jordan Hickman – 9:31 PM

Way to go, Hank. I loved Drew’s little smile when Hank took his drink.

Sarita M – 9:31 PM

I didn’t even notice that. I’ll have to rewatch it.

Okay why is Adam talking business right now?

Crosby’s expressions are perfect. Utterly devastated

Jordan Hickman – 9:32 PM

He does that. He’s scared and nervous and business is the only thing he can talk about. In Adam’s way, this is his way of normalizing the situation.

Why doesn’t Crosby just buy out Adam’s part of the business? Not enough money? Doesn’t want to do it without him?

Sarita M – 9:33 PM

I don’t think he has the money

Jordan Hickman – 9:33 PM


Sarita M – 9:34 PM

I like how Adam and Julia have the calmest facial reactions as they are usually like that in situations and are similar in that way. Crosby and Sarah are usually more volatile, so we see more of their fear

Jordan Hickman – 9:36 PM

They have their emotions on the surface way more than Adam and Julia do.

Sarita M – 9:37 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:37 PM

Which is completely fine

Sarita M – 9:37 PM

I like seeing the original Braverman family together in one scene

Jordan Hickman – 9:37 PM

Awww, I love these types of scene.

Sarita M – 9:37 PM

me too. We didn’t get enough of these scenes this season.

Jordan Hickman – 9:37 PM


Damn. No good option there

Sarita M – 9:39 PM

Jasmine is a great wife. She has been uber supportive of Crosby this season.

Jordan Hickman – 9:40 PM

I know. This is the first time in the series that I’ve really liked her.

Sarita M – 9:40 PM

Yeah she’s less naggy in last few seasons, so more likable

Aww emotional Crosby. Glad we’ve seen this part of him this season. We usually only see the funny side.

Jordan Hickman – 9:41 PM

For sure. This is a really sweet scene.

Sarita M – 9:41 PM

it really is. I like Jasmine’s comments:” Life is short..”

Jordan Hickman – 9:42 PM

That’s exactly what he wanted to hear. I love when partners actually discuss the future and tell each other things. So sweet.

Sarita M – 9:42 PM

Ha ha jealous Hank!

Jordan Hickman – 9:42 PM

I love jealous Hank!


Sarita M – 9:42 PM

I love that this episode is a lot about Braverman spouses supporting their significant others

Joel, Hank, Camille.. I’m sure we will see Kristina soon

and Jasmine, oops

“Favorite loser” ha ha

Jordan Hickman – 9:43 PM

Drew and Hank need more scenes together. This is great stuff.

Here’s the Adam Kristina scene!

Sarita M – 9:44 PM

Yes, finally!

Jordan Hickman – 9:44 PM

They’re usually the worst.

(I mean the people, not their scenes.)

Sarita M – 9:44 PM

Ha ha I know what you mean.

Jordan Hickman – 9:44 PM

He looks so tired

Sarita M – 9:44 PM

He does. I was thinking that the scruff was a good touch.

Jordan Hickman – 9:45 PM

Two entirely different conversations. Crazy.

Sarita M – 9:45 PM

Good point. Very different conversations but both with good wives supporting what husbands want.

awww Hank is acting as if Joel is Sarah’s other boyfriend lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM

Lol the “good Joel and the bad joel”

Sarita M – 9:46 PM

Ha ha ha

Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM


Sarita M – 9:46 PM


Lauren’s acting is awesome

Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM

Her face!!!!!!!!!

Sarita M – 9:46 PM

Confused but happy

Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

“We should get married” while guys drag a maybe dead body in a gurney right next to them. Perfect timing Hank!

Sarita M – 9:47 PM

And also like “what the hell” lol

Ha ha yes. Hank’s timing is off

Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

Aww, he almost smiled!

Sarita M – 9:47 PM

And it was so cute!

Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

He did smile!

Sarita M – 9:47 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

Romano is just soooo good

Sarita M – 9:48 PM

So much cute awkwardness in this episode that is supposed to be about being sad

I love Romano (something I didn’t think I would say, ha ha)

Jordan Hickman – 9:48 PM

Yeah, the awkwardness is really on fire tonight.

I’m really loving Hank’s growth. It’s been subtle all season.

Sarita M – 9:50 PM

Which was your favorite awareness? Because honestly, I can’t choose between the two -Joel and Julia awkwardness versus Hank and Sarah awkwarness versus Hank and Drew awkwardness lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:50 PM

Lol it was all great.

Sarita M – 9:51 PM

You’re right – Hank has really evolved all season. What I like about his growth is that he really wants to change. You don’t’ see that willingness in many characters (Sarah wasn’t even like that in earlier seasons)

Jordan Hickman – 9:51 PM

My favorite was probably the Joel Julia one because they’ve been married for over a decade and yet they still have that awkwardness.

Pretty cute.

Sarita M – 9:52 PM

Definitely. I liked their awkwardness because they are rediscovering their love. they were  acted like high schoolers talking to their crushes for the first time in that scene lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:52 PM

Lots of excellent moments of honesty and truth this episode.

Sarita M – 9:52 PM

I wish Haddie were here

Jordan Hickman – 9:52 PM

Very encouaging to see.

Sarita M – 9:52 PM

Haddie didn’t have enough scenes with Zeek

Zeek had really good scenes with Amber and Drew

Jordan Hickman – 9:53 PM

Me too.

Lol now Hank and Joel awkwardness. Fantastic

Sarita M – 9:53 PM

Yes, my two favs in one scene! Hank and Joel! Team Hoel! lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:54 PM

He’s so practical. So Adam

My uncle used to have a porsche cayenne

Sarita M – 9:54 PM

He wouldn’t be Adam if he weren’t practical

Really? did you get to ride in it?

Jordan Hickman – 9:55 PM

no, never did, 🙁

Sarita M – 9:55 PM

Aw Adam is just not into it but sticking it through for his brother


Jordan Hickman – 9:55 PM

Don’t you dare give birth right now, Amber!!!!!

Aww, so sweet.

Love big families!

Sarita M – 9:55 PM

Aw a makeshift shower

I love when the Braverman ladies get together! Remember when they went dancing?

Jordan Hickman – 9:56 PM

Sarah can’t keep it together. Goodness. Now I’m going to cry too!

Sarita M – 9:57 PM

me too! Such a sweet scene!

Jordan Hickman – 9:57 PM

Mae Whitman is such a stunning presence on screen

Sarita M – 9:57 PM

She looks like she has a pregnancy glow (even though she isn’t’ pregnant in real life, ha)

Jordan Hickman – 9:58 PM

Camille at one end staring at a life that may shortly end while Amber’s on the other end of the table about to bring new life into the world. Great dichotomy.

Sarita M – 9:58 PM

Grandma Sarah!!!

Very good point!

Jordan Hickman – 9:59 PM

Only 3 episodes left!!!!!

Sarita M – 10:00 PM

Okay, random last thought – why do the men always have one scene together and the women have their own scene together? I wish they had more mixed combinations when the bonding scenes occur

Doesn’t feel like three more left

Jordan Hickman – 10:00 PM

Yeah,, you’re right about that one. It’s nice to have ladies talking about something other than relationships, though. So that was a really great scene.

Lol, I did like that Hank and Joel were talking  about relationships though.


Sarita M – 10:01 PM

You bring up a good point – in both scenes (the ladies and the men scenes) one of the person giving advice was having the opposite experience as the person getting the advice

Jordan Hickman – 10:02 PM

But seriously — how often do you get a scene with a bunch of women supporting each other and giving advice? It’s so great and we really need more!

Sarita M – 10:03 PM

I’ll have to admit that even though the Zeek scenes were sad, overall I left the episode feeling hopeful. All the other scenes had more optimistic, “what is going to happen in the future.”  It was a great contrast to zeek’s scenario

You’re right – we didn’t see enough of those in Parenthood (except when the Braverman ladies went dancing and Kristina’s hair came out

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