“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “Let the Reigns go Loose” and “Truth, Bitter Truth”

One Tree Hill Let the Reigns go Loose Chris Keller Peyton Sawyer

Episode 7: “Let the Reigns go Loose”

After pitching her idea to Karen, trying to get bands, and even doing drugs to get “respect” from a band manager, Peyton’s dream of an all ages club for live music comes true. In this episode, it’s all about the opening night at TRIC. TRIC is a very historical landmark on this show, and it’s one we see throughout the entire series.

One of the best things about One Tree Hill is the music. It’s a huge part of the show and it’s what makes the show so great. Not only is each episode title named after a song or album title, but also the show brings in artists for an arc storyline and even play their songs on the show. One of those artists is Tyler Hilton who plays the infamous and obnoxious Chris Keller, whose storyline interferes with Naley’s marriage. Hilton portrays Keller very well, as I’m extremely annoyed with Chris Keller and actually even hate him in this season because he does ruin Naley’s marriage in the season despite his reasons for helping making Haley a better artist. However, I also love Hilton on the show because I love his music. I actually did not know who he was or never heard of his stuff until he got on this show, actually that happens to me with a lot of the artists that come on this show. The show introduces “new” artist and also help promote their music. 90% of the music from my iTunes are all songs that have been on or performed on One Tree Hill.

Nathan pushed aside his dreams by giving up High Flyers to let Haley get a chance in her dream of music. Nathan told Lucas in the previous episode, “You know what it’s like to hit a game-winning shot. The whole crowd loves you. Everybody treats you like you’re a star. I get to feel that every time I play. You know. You’ve felt it. Now it’s Haley’s turn.” Nathan knew Haley is meant to be on stage and behind the microphone since she first sang to him in season one, and so does Chris Keller. Chris Keller says on stage, “You guys aren’t ready for this,” because everyone is talking and not paying attention to him. So walks off stage, which is perfect because Haley steps up to the stage after backing out from nerves, and not only kills the performance but has her star moment.

One Tree Hill Truth, Bitter Truth Nathan Scott Lucas Scott

Episode 8: “Truth, Bitter Truth”

This episode is a fun episode and somewhat relatable. The Scott brothers are road tripping to Charlotte for an NBA game and the girls are having a slumber party. Between the two events, there are lies behind both. Nathan lied to both Haley and Lucas about the trip. The trip to Charlotte is actually to get a heart test down at a clinic that offers free screenings to high school kids once a month. Nathan finds out Dan’s heart condition is called HCM and it’s hereditary and the statistics aren’t good, it’s 50/50, 1 in 2. There’s a free screening test the day after the game, Nathan takes the test but Lucas refuses because he could not accept if he has it, basketball would be over for him. He refuses to live his life afraid, but wouldn’t not taking the test make you more scared questioning if you might die the next time you play basketball?

One Tree Hill Truth, Bitter Truth Peyton Sawyer Haley James Scott Anna Taggaro Brooke Davis

Meanwhile during the sleepover all the lies are out, except for Anna’s because she doesn’t have a lie to tell, well at least not yet. During a heated argument between Haley, Brooke and Peyton, the truth comes out. Haley lied to Nathan about hanging out with Chris Keller to record a song in the studio because she wanted to do something for herself for once and she believes Chris Keller can help her get what she wants. Brooke is lying to herself about not wanting to fall in love right now. She rather build up walls so high and so thick for any boy to tear down because she rather have meaningless fun instead of falling in love and risk getting hurt again. Lastly, Peyton’s drug secret comes out and everyone is upset with her, including herself. She’s a kid who didn’t know another way to get bands for Karen’s club, Tric, and thought this was the best solution.

After a truce and a heart to heart talk, the girls learn it’s important to talk to each other no matter how big the situation is, and Nathan gets his results saying he’s okay, leaving the impression Lucas might have it, which he does. It is after all a 1 in 2 statistics.

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