“One Tree Hill” Review: “I Will Dare” and “We Might as Well Be Strangers”

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Episode 5: “I Will Dare”

One Tree Hill I Will Dare Felix TaggaroWhat if you and your friends had one night filled with dares you must achieve around your hometown and go out of your comfort zone to just for fun, knowing you’re creating memories you’ll always look back on with a smile on your face years from now? “I Will Dare” is one of my favorite episodes of the series and certainly the bst episode in this season.

One Tree Hill I Will Dare Lucas ScottIn this episode the gang, along with new comers Felix and Anna, have a night filled with dares. Each team get envelopes that contain a two-part dare, each dare is worth certain amount of points and in order to get the points they must show proof by taking a photo or video from a cell phone and they have until midnight to complete as many as they can. The dares are a range of different varieties such as returning clothes Lucas is wearing back to the stores, Peyton eating pickled eggs (eww), Brooke dines and dash, Mouth and Peyton gets hit in the head with a baseball from a pitching fast ball machine, Tim getting a full body wax, Nathan and Tim selling Girl Scouts cookies in a Girl Scouts uniform, Mouth, Skills and Junk karaoke to “Baby Got One Tree Hill I Will Dare Marvin 'Mouth' McFaddenBack”, Lucas and Anna steal money from a water foundation and take photos in a photo booth where they make out. Some face their fears with the dares like Brooke getting in a dug grave in the cemetery, Skills stealing a reptile and Peyton makes a hard confession in a church.

One Tree Hill I Will Dare Tim Smith Nathan ScottWhat I like about this episode is old friends tie lose ends, enemies become not enemies but not exactly friends either, and some even make new friends. Tim explains how he’s been feeling left out since Nathan and Lucas have become BFFs, Peyton and Haley become a lot closer than before, Brooke doesn’t exactly hate Felix anymore, and Lucas new dare night friend, Anna, is actually Felix’s sister, and has a thing for her.

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Episode 6: “We Might as Well Be Strangers”

In this episode, Nathan weighs in on the decision whether to go or not to High Flyers, a three-month summer basketball camp in Florida without Haley, Lucas and Anna romance rises, Brooke makes a Friends with Benefits arrangement with Felix as a distraction from her feelings and struggle to being poor, Coach Whitey refuses to get the eye surgery he needs and Peyton looks for an opening music act for Karen’s Club opening soon, but for this episode I want to talk about the adults and their love life.

One Tree Hill We Might as Well Be Strangers Keith Scott Jules
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In the previous episode, Keith meets a woman name Jules at the dealership who’s interested in buying a car, one thing leads to another Keith lets Jules take a car out for a test drive and although they didn’t instantly hit it off, sparks were flying. In this episode the two finally go on a stay in date where Keith cooks for Jules in her apartment and instantly hit it off. Craig Sheffer and Maria Menounos have good chemistry, but it’s not as good as Sheffer and Moira Kelly who plays Karen. Meanwhile, Karen goes out on a date as well with her professor Andy (Kieren Hutchison). Kelly and Hutchison have better chemistry than Sheffer and Menounos, and maybe I’m saying it because I know how it all ends with the four of them, but I still prefer and ship Karen and Keith together.

I never liked Keith with Jules mainly because it was an arrangement from Dan that Keith doesn’t find out until later, and I’ll talk about it when the time comes, and I love Andy with Karen. In fact long after Keith died (yes he dies and if I spoiled it for you, I’m sorry) I was hoping the show would bring back Andy with Karen because they do have something unique despite their age difference. They do love each other, but they weren’t each other soul mates because I believe Karen and Keith were made for each other. They have years of history together, and they’re perfect for each other in every single way. They know each other like the back of their hands, their dreams, and more importantly they loved each other unconditionally.

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