One Tree Hill Review: “Life in a Glass House” and “The Search for Something More”

This week’s post, it’s all about relationships and friendships between the main characters. The characters are developing more between each other. As well, I talk about why I I dislike Brooke Davis in episode 7 but yet adore her in episode 8.

Episode 7: Life in a Glass House

One Tree Hill Brooke Davis
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I particularly remember hating Brooke in this episode because of the lying trashy bitch she was and was basically humiliating herself in front of high school friends. It’s the annual booster club party at the Scott house, and Brooke is going all out. She’s playing match maker with Peyton and Nathan who are clearly over each other and is only setting them up to get Lucas to herself. As well, she gets herself drunk and tries to sleep with anyone, and embarrasses Haley in front of Nathan. Not exactly someone I would want to know and/or be friends with.

During the party, Lucas and Peyton take their relationship to the next step, at least until Peyton runs away scared after Lucas admits he wants everything with her. It’s completely understandable why Peyton runs away. They are only juniors in high school, and he already knows she’s the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I’d probably walk away scared too, but I think it’s so sweet how Lucas already knew then. This is a huge highlight in their relationship, and foreshadows in the series why he’ll always love Peyton. As they say, when you know it’s right, you know.

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I felt absolutely terrible for Haley in this episode because she finally lets herself be vulnerable about her feelings towards Nathan, and ends up in tears in the end. The only great outcome of this situation is seeing how wonderful her relationship is with Lucas. The two clearly are the best of friends, and is truly captured when they have a heart to heart moment sitting on the floor in Karen’s café. I usually like to root for the best friends to end up together and I wanted that at first for Lucas and Haley, but throughout the series I realized their friendship is much better than what the two of them could have been together.

On a lighter storyline, Karen and Deb become friends, and Lucas’ only friend on the basketball team, Jake is a teenage single father. Not exactly big moments in the episode, but the storylines will develop throughout the series.

Episode 8: The Search for Something More


One Tree Hill Peyton Sawyer Brooke Davis
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The Brooke Davis we see in this episode is the Brooke I like, unlike the Brooke from the previous episode. In this episode, Brooke makes things right by apologizing to both Nathan and Haley and setting them up on a fun first date. Later on, she takes care of Peyton when someone slips a pill in her drink at a college party. This episode highlights Sophia Bush’s character’s best qualities. Not only is she fun, but also she cares about the people she hurts, and comes to the rescue when her best friend needs her the most. This version of Brooke I love to see because it shows her true self at her best.

This is another huge episode for Nathan and Haley’s life journey together, as they not only go on their first date and share their first kiss, both huge milestones in their relationship and very memorable. Their first date was unique, fun, something totally different, and suited perfectly for Nathan and Haley. Throughout the town, Brooke place cards indicating a certain task between finding the next card, or doing something when arriving to a destination. Doesn’t that sound like a fun first date? Nathan ruins the date when he shows he’s embarrassed to be seen by Haley in front of the guys on the team. Way to go Nathan. However, he totally makes up for it with their first kiss.

Lucas’ mom Karen is off to Italy for cooking school! This is a totally crazy storyline, as a single mother leaving her high school teenager with his uncle who happens to be in love with her, yet it’s fitting when in reality Moira Kelly was pregnant and was about to go on maternity leave. The interesting part is Deb offering to run Karen’s Café while she’s gone. Talk about the perfect heart attack to give Dan Scott. His ex-high school girlfriend and his wife are not only friends, but are now in business together. Buhaha, karma’s a bitch, Dan!

The episode ends with a foreshadowing of a love triangle that is about to get messy, crazy, filled with drama, and heartbreak between Lucas, and best friends Peyton and Brooke.

Tune in for next week’s post on episodes 9 and 10.

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