November: Off the Beaten Path for Year in Theater

November- the leaves have mostly fallen and although pumpkin is still in-season, the weather is getting chillier and we’re looking toward Thanksgiving. Here are my theater experiences from November!

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My official Playbill show for November was the play Love Love Love through the Roundabout. This was in their Off-Broadway theater, the Laura Pels Theater. It’s a smaller house, which lends itself to more intimacy. I saw The Robber Bridegroom at this theater back in April.

This was an interesting take on family and relationships. There are three acts, each showing the same family in a different time period. The first is in the mid-1960s, and shows a couple meeting. The second is in the 1980s and shows the same couple, now a family with kids, but there is a general sense of dysfunction. The final act takes place in more or less present day and shows just how far this family has spiraled. It was definitely a think piece. It was very well-done, and I’m glad I saw it, but I’m not sure if I enjoyed it.




The first weekend brought me back to Feinstein’s/54 Below for the “Newsboys Variety Show” starring the touring cast of my fave: Newsies. I had been at another event earlier that weekend and shot out of there just as it was ending, just in time to get home, park, and hop on a bus. This was the third show I’d seen at this venue and the third area of seating I was in. For the Hair concert in July, I was at a regular table in the main dining room. I splurged for the “Newsboys of New York Reunite” show and got a “ringside” (front row) seat. However, for this show, I was at the bar rail. I’m not sure there’s a bad seat in the whole place, and this was no exception. I loved being right by the bar (where all the talent hung out when not on stage). They all hung around for a while after and I grabbed selfies with many of them. If not inside, then outside after the show. I even met Jack Feldman (lyricist) and got him to sign my Newsies book! I was thrilled to meet him, even more than the actors.

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toursies1 toursies2

Coming up in December: More Adam, more Roundabout, and Sutton!

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