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Netflix is a hit or miss sometimes with content. However, I found some TV and movie picks that I enjoyed and recommend. Below are my four favorite finds from the last few months (These recommendations are as of what is live in April 2016; if Netflix removes these, I still encourage watching these somewhere else).

The Holiday

Some movies are great the first time you watch them, and lose their luster the second time around. Thankfully, The Holiday is not one of them. I enjoyed this movie even more the second time around because I could better empathize and understand the characters than the first time. The premise is two women, played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, who live in England, and California respectively, and are each experiencing romantic complications. Kate’s character –Iris- just found out her ex-boyfriend, with whom she is still in love, is engaged. The ex-boyfriend dumped her years before but still continues to keep her close by. Meanwhile, Amanda (Diaz) breaks up with a guy and need a break from relationships. Iris and Amanda meet online and end up switching houses

The Holiday Kate Winslet

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I enjoyed Kate Winslet’s storyline because it realistically delves into broken hearts and how hard it is to stop loving someone who you know is not good for you. In addition, how romance ends up playing out in her life is sweet and realistic to how relationships grow. While Winslet’s storyline is more appealing, I enjoyed Cameron Diaz’s on-screen personality.

The movie might not be award worth but is definitely one of the better romantic comedies out there.

A League of their Own

I watched this movie about twenty four years ago when it first came out. I was not even a teenager then, so couldn’t really understand the larger context of this movie. The main enjoyment I got from it was its heartwarming, feel good feel (that’s apparently a theme I like in my movies).   The movie is about an all woman’s baseball league that the baseball organization put together in absence while men in WWII. The league would continue to provide the general public this popular entertainment while allowing team owners to continue generating revenue.

A League of their Own

Image Source: 20th Century Fox 

While the movie isn’t as complex and emotionally gripping as I thought it could be, I liked that the movie shed light to a historical issue – how women were treated going into a traditionally men’s role and how they were treated after war was ending. Up until I re-watched movie, I didn’t know that there was a woman’s league in real life (All American Girl’s Baseball League); I had thought this was just a movie plot. It was an All American Girl’s Baseball League. Check out the movie for just a standard, feel good movie -the type of heartwarming movies made in 90s but don’t seem to make anymore (think Fried Green Tomatos, Forest Gump type feels).

Doc Martin

This British show takes place in a town call Port Wenn, which is a seaside village outside London. The show focuses on Dr. Martin Ellingham (played by Martin Clunes) grumpy, socially awkward doctor who is a surgeon in London but becomes a general practitioner (e.g. internal medicine doctor) after experiencing a sudden phobia towards blood.

Doc Martin

Image Source: ITV

Martin is blunt with everyone, not caring about others’ feelings, yet does a thorough job in treating his patients. The characters in the show- from the village people to Martin’s romantic interest- are all quirky & lively, serving as a good foil to Martin’s personality. Since the show is by the sea, the cinematography is particularly excellent. This show is just plain fun. If you like dry British humor, this is a good show to watch.


This show is another British pick. My friends got me into this BBC detective series and I am glad they did. When I first went into this show, I was a little skeptical of yet another detective show. While some of the storyline elements are typical in many detective shows- a grumpy male detective coming into a new police force /community and matched with a less grumpy,  practical female partner – the central case at the heart of the first season really grabs you in from the first scenes. The first season is dedicated to one case, which allows you to really get vested into the storyline and characters. The show gets the viewer so involved in the case that it can be intense (e.g. you feel like the case is real). I had tears in my eyes the first episode. I just started the second season and was having hard getting through the season premiere because of how real it felt. Any series that can do that is pretty damn good. Even though the show gets intense at times, you’ll be on the edge of your seat like I was trying to solve the case and wanting to see the resolution.


Image Source: BBC


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