Netflix Chat: “Last Tango in Halifax” Ep 2

New cars!  Blackmail! Mistresses! Slaps!  Last Tango’s second episode is packed with drama, yet executes it in a seamless and natural fit to larger story lines. The second episode begins where the first episode left off: Alan and Celia have announced their engagement, and their children are adjusting to the news.  Meanwhile, both Caroline and Gillian have romantic dilemmas of their own; a male teacher confronts Caroline about her clandestine kiss with a female teacher while Gillian is forced to continue an inappropriate relationship.  See Jordan and Sarita’s full thoughts as the storylines unfold.

Jordan Hickman – 9:04 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:04 PM

It’s a nice way to set the second episode

Do you think the engagement will last? I think they may change their mind and start to just date

Jordan Hickman – 9:05 PM

no, i think they actually get married!

i hope so anyway!

Sarita Muley – 9:06 PM

I hope they do too but wonder if their daughters will prevent them.

last tango recap

Jordan Hickman – 9:07 PM

Awww, I hate that Caroline is making them get apart. 🙁

Sarita Muley – 9:07 PM

It’s funny how when children and parents get older, the children end up more wound up and worried about their parents. I like how they are showing that in this scene

Jordan Hickman – 9:07 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:07 PM

Poor Caroline has a lot going on in her life.

Jordan Hickman – 9:08 PM

And alan is so cute the way he looks at celia.

They can’t take their eyes off each other!!!!

Sarita Muley – 9:08 PM

He is. Very sweet smile.

He has very nice blue eyes

Indeed! They were about to kiss!

Jordan Hickman – 9:08 PM

very nice

Sarita Muley – 9:08 PM

I like how the grandson is very supportive of his grandchild.

Jordan Hickman – 9:09 PM

I know. He’s so happy.

Sarita Muley – 9:09 PM

And the grandson is the reason he’s happy 🙂

Jordan Hickman – 9:09 PM

Hahahaha Caroline’s “w” with the hands when she said whatever

Sarita Muley – 9:09 PM

I missed that! I ‘ll have to rewind that later.

The daughters are so alike . Very condescending to their parents.

Jordan Hickman – 9:10 PM

I don’t know if they’re condescending. maybe just being protective?

i don’t know…

Sarita Muley – 9:11 PM

True. I guess they were condescending in terms of not respecting their parents’ feelings but you’re right that they were doing it out of love.

Caroline’s love interest is from Love Actually!

Jordan Hickman – 9:11 PM

haha, she is!

caroline’s life is so crazy!

Sarita Muley – 9:12 PM

That’s funny they communicated first over social media and then phone. Very untraditional for their age group.

Jordan Hickman – 9:12 PM

I know!

Sarita Muley – 9:12 PM

You’re right- her busy schedule is probably why she is uptight

Jordan Hickman – 9:13 PM

haha her sleezy son in law trying to get back in his wife’s good graces after he cheated on her. and celia doesn’t like him so she just wants her daughter happy.

because she was so unhappy during her marriage

Sarita Muley – 9:14 PM

Good for Celia for looking out for her daughter. Her experiences will hopefully benefit Caroline

I don’t really see what Caroline saw in her husband in the first place

Jordan Hickman – 9:15 PM

i know.

Sarita Muley – 9:15 PM

She’s a lot stronger person than he is

Jordan Hickman – 9:16 PM

For sure

The husband is way not remorseful enough for someone who threw his marriage away. He just expects things to go back to normal.

Sarita Muley – 9:17 PM

Yea you’re right. He’s acting as if he never made a mistake.

Like it can be overlooked.

Who is this dude in Caroline’s office?

Jordan Hickman – 9:17 PM

This is the co-worker who knows about Caroline’s affair

Sounds like he’s trying to blackmail her

Sarita Muley – 9:18 PM

Oh got it. He seems to want Caroline’s job.

Jordan Hickman – 9:18 PM

Way to go, Caroline!

Sarita Muley – 9:18 PM

Good for Caroline. “It will say more about you than about me.”

Jordan Hickman – 9:18 PM

This is excellent — she’s not embarrassed about it!

Sarita Muley – 9:19 PM

I like that she brought the year into it because she’s right .. it is 2012 and things are different

I’m glad she’s not embarrassed too

Jordan Hickman – 9:19 PM

Exactly. They’re both single so why not?

Sarita Muley – 9:19 PM

Yes, for sure. Very good point.

Ugh, the husband is scumbag.

oh.. she was hitting him? Different angle.

Jordan Hickman – 9:21 PM

Yeah, it said last episode that she was an alcoholic and abusive

Sarita Muley – 9:21 PM

“My life lurches from one embarrassing moment to next.” A statement I can sometimes relate to very well 🙂

Jordan Hickman – 9:21 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:21 PM

Oh I had gotten the alcoholic part but not the abuse part. I need to listen more about details!

Alan’s face is very youthful

Jordan Hickman – 9:22 PM

I know. Both of their faces are. That youthful glow

so cute

I love how they say “garaga”


i mean

Sarita Muley – 9:23 PM

It really is. I can almost feel their feelings through their looks, being reminded of the first feelings of being enamored with someone.

Ha ha, yes, their pronunciations are part of the show’s charm.

Jordan Hickman – 9:23 PM

Especially when the person you were in love with for 60 years turns out to be even better that you could imagine.

Sarita Muley – 9:23 PM

You hit it on the nail

I kind of wish Gillian slaps this guys

this guy

Jordan Hickman – 9:24 PM

Me too. What a creep


Sarita Muley – 9:25 PM

🙁 Poor Gillian doesn’t deserve it. What a wrong choice for a one night stand

Jordan Hickman – 9:25 PM

I know.

Yeah, Caroline’s husband really needs to leave for good.

Letting his mistress stay all day while his wife is out is really bad thinking

Sarita Muley – 9:26 PM

He does. I do like that they made the mistress flawed in this area.. usually the mistress is flawed by being superficial or a lot younger than the jilted wife, but the alcoholic angle is different

Jordan Hickman – 9:27 PM

And they look to be about the same age, too.

Sarita Muley – 9:27 PM

He’s so spineless he probably didn’t know how to get rid of her. Bad judgement like you said.

True, you never see mistresses be the same age.

They are both unhappy in the marriage.

Jordan Hickman – 9:27 PM

Yeah he thought getting her drunk would be the best and easiest way

Sarita Muley – 9:28 PM

Good observation!

Jordan Hickman – 9:28 PM

They are totally going to buy that lexus sportscar!!!!!

i love them so much! alan and celia for life!!!

Sarita Muley – 9:29 PM

Ha ha they are really great together!

The car is awesome. I hope they buy it.

Jordan Hickman – 9:29 PM

Damn. Gillian’s husband committed suicide. No wonder she’s so hesitant to talk to her son about his death

I don’t know. I think I might want to tell me son something about that, but i really pray i’m never in that scenario

Sarita Muley – 9:30 PM

Poor Gillian. She’s in a hard spot

Jordan Hickman – 9:30 PM

she really is

Sarita Muley – 9:30 PM

It’s hard because she wants to protect her son but should the son have the right to know full   details?

I feel dirty on Gillian’s behalf.

Jordan Hickman – 9:31 PM

He’s old enough I think

Sarita Muley – 9:31 PM

(re: that scene with the younger guy)

That’s true.

Jordan Hickman – 9:31 PM

i know what you mean 🙂

Sarita Muley – 9:31 PM


Such easy friendship between Alan and Celia. Why can’t all relationships start that way? 🙂

Take a risk Alan and Celia! You only live once!

Jordan Hickman – 9:32 PM

Robert and I started off friends first and it was the best thing

I really love Celia. she’s not afraid to get what she wants.

 Sarita Muley – 9:33 PM

Very cool! Friends first is the best foundation.

I agree, I like how Celia took the lead in negotiating

 Jordan Hickman – 9:33 PM

Dude, those are pretty sweet negotiation skills! $6,000 off? not bad!

celia alan car

Sarita Muley – 9:33 PM

Aw, glad that Gillian is apologizing. I hope she and Caroline can reconcile

Wish I got that deal with a car too!

Gillian is really pretty in this scene

They finally kiss!

Jordan Hickman – 9:34 PM

Gillian is really sweet. I’m glad she apologized and made things right

She’s so conflicted.

That would be my biggest fear. That my son found out his dad killed himself before I got the chance to tell him.

Sarita Muley – 9:35 PM

You’re right. Both she and Caroline are written as complex characters, which is so great to see. Glad they aren’t pigeonholed in particular roles.

That is definitely the biggest fear a mother could have. How do you break the news before others?

Jordan Hickman – 9:36 PM

I know. They’re complex and complicated and strong but also dealing with loads that they shouldn’t have to deal with

I know.

She’s got guilt because even she didn’t know her husband was hurting. so sad

Sarita Muley – 9:37 PM

“We all have demons…” Great statement.

That is sad. Sad to see her hurting and having to pick up the mess afterwards and then having her brother in law blame her.

I like how they switched the angle to show their backs. Shows the intimacy of the scene.

Jordan Hickman – 9:39 PM

I do like how she’s not giving her husband an out for killing himself, but rather understands how everyone is hurting no matter who they are. we need to take the time to listen to everyone and find out what pains them

Sarita Muley – 9:39 PM

I’m not sure if I understand Celia’s statement that she knows him more than she knows herself

they just met

Jordan Hickman – 9:41 PM

Yeah, I don’t necessarily agree with that. And he seemed a bit hesitant to pay for the portion of the car in cash.

Sarita Muley – 9:41 PM

True. I wonder if that may cause a conflict down the road?

Both having different likes but thinking they know the other person’s tastes

Jordan Hickman – 9:42 PM

I hope not. But, she could have noticed it and that’s why she negotiated it lower

Sarita Muley – 9:42 PM

Good point

Caroline did overreact about the parking lot

She should definitely apologize

Gillian at least did

Jordan Hickman – 9:42 PM

Definitely she did!

Sarita Muley – 9:43 PM

The husband definitely got nerve to tell Caroline to be more grown-up

Jordan Hickman – 9:43 PM

I know

Sarita Muley – 9:44 PM

Listen to your mom Caroline. GPS isn’t always right 🙂

“Mom can you drive properly.” HA HA HA HAH HA HA

“Why doesn’t Dad Drive?” LOL X 100

Jordan Hickman – 9:45 PM

Thiis car scene is so great

Sarita Muley – 9:45 PM

Ha ha this car conversation is so like a normal family dialogue

Why is the dad sitting in the middle? Ha ha.

Jordan Hickman – 9:45 PM

lol i know.

gillian’s son totally got into a fight

Sarita Muley – 9:46 PM

He did. I wonder if it’s with the guy that had the one night stand with Gillian?

Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM



Sarita Muley – 9:47 PM

Aww the daughters are talking and making up.

I hope they end up friends

Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

Awww, that’s how you apologize and not hold grudges. So great and mature

Sarita Muley – 9:47 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:47 PM

Lots of great women in this show so far

Sarita Muley – 9:47 PM

You’re right. They are more fleshed out then the male characters so far.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Alan

I feel like he probably hasn’t let on about his struggles as much as Celia has

Jordan Hickman – 9:49 PM

Yeah. I agree. He looks sad when talking about the past

Sarita Muley – 9:49 PM

He does.


I wonder if he has regrets about being with Gillian’s wife?

I mean Gillian’s mother?

Wow, way to go John for saying something meaningful- not!

The daughters have the same expressions, ha ha.

Jordan Hickman – 9:51 PM

Yeah, I don’t know know. I don’t think he was as happy with her as he let on. Like, they were great but could have been happier?

Sarita Muley – 9:52 PM

Yes, exactly! I hope they explore that topic in the series.

Is Paul the guy that hooked up with Gillian?

Jordan Hickman – 9:53 PM


He is

Sarita Muley – 9:53 PM


Whoa lots of family drama out in the open

This feels like a Braverman family scene 🙂

Jordan Hickman – 9:54 PM

lol best time for family drama is with everyone around

i know!

Sarita Muley – 9:54 PM

Ha ha yes. All in the open before the marriage

Caroline Celia Alan

Jordan Hickman – 9:54 PM

Yay! Caroline kicking him out for good!!!!

hahahahaahahaha celia!!!!! slapping her son in law!!!!!

Sarita Muley – 9:54 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:54 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:54 PM

“I wanted to do that for years.” lol

Jordan Hickman – 9:55 PM

So much has happened this episode!

Sarita Muley – 9:55 PM

Although I kind of feel bad for John because it wasn’t exactly his fault the mistress came

I know! It didn’t feel like the full hour.

Jordan Hickman – 9:55 PM

Right, but he didn’t have to get her drunk. He could have told her to leave a long time before

they also had a meal together so she was there for a long time

Sarita Muley – 9:56 PM

That’s true.

I kind of hope they humanize John in the next episodes

Sometimes there is this cliche storyline of cheating husbands and casting them as bad

and while I don’t agree with the cheating for sure (so wrong), sometimes I wish they would give them some sympathetic element

If that makes sense

Jordan Hickman – 9:58 PM

Right. It seems like caroline was always a bit uptight and stressed, so maybe the marriage crumbling was sort of mutual because neither party tried too hard

Sarita Muley – 9:58 PM

For example,  as good characters aren’t always completely good, I’d like to see the same same discrepancy shown in bad characters. Bad characters having one or two redeemable qualities. I think that’s how life is – everyone is gray and not in one area or other

Jordan Hickman – 9:58 PM

and when he cheated she was maybe relieved

Sarita Muley – 9:58 PM

You make a good point.

I wonder if she was attracted to women before and didn’t know until her husband left

Jordan Hickman – 9:59 PM

That’s what i like about the characters so far — each have flaws but underneath they’re good

Sarita Muley – 9:59 PM

Yes, you’re so right!

Jordan Hickman – 9:59 PM

Good question. maybe she was but didn’t act on it.

Maybe that’s why she wanted to get back with her husband to see

Sarita Muley – 9:59 PM

I hope they show that point too. So much I want to see in the upcoming episodes. It’s like we are getting to unravel a gift slowly but surely.

Fantastic point Jordan. She’s using him as much as he her.

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