NBC’s Will & Grace: Relationships are hard.

Everyone knows dating and love is never easy. It’s often hard and sometimes complicated. There’s a lot of high and lows, all while figuring out who you are and what you want. The latest two episodes of Will & Grace showed us love is hard.

Will & Grace Who's Your Daddy Will Truman Jack McFarland
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9×02: Who’s Your Daddy

Will meets a younger guy at a club and has a second date with him. Jack is jealous Will has someone younger. Jack, being Jack, does everything he can to score a younger hottie, including wearing a slim suit and lots make-up.

After his second date with Blake, Will decides it’s not as fun as he thought it would be. The huge age gap made him realize they have nothing in common. More importantly, Blake doesn’t understand how hard it was being gay and the struggles the LGBT community had before they got their rights. On the other hand, Jack’s date ran from Jack’s crazy make-up. Jack just wants something that’s less complicated and to still look young instead of old.

Will & Grace Who's Your Daddy Will Truman Jack McFarland
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Together, Will and Jack talk about wanting to be with the right person. They both prefer to be with someone who has something in common with. Also, it would be nice if they had a shared history. They end their conversation by performing their own dance routine to Madonna’s “Borderline”.

I absolutely love how the writers hinted a possible romantic storyline between Will and Jack. Who knows if their relationship would work, but to me, it makes sense. They’re best friends. No one knows them better than each other. They already have a shared history. They have been there for each other through every milestone, the highs and lows, and supported each other tremendously. I always love it when a pair of best friends become something more. I wouldn’t mind if that happens between Will and Jack.

Will & Grace Emergency Contact Grace Adler Leo Markus
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9×03: Emergency Contact

Grace has an appointment with her doctor and finds out she might have breast cancer. The nurse calls her emergency contact after getting a biopsy. However, her emergency contact isn’t Will. It’s her ex-husband, Leo.

Going through her potential breast cancer together brings back some unanswered questions and old feelings. Leo hints their marriage was over because, “you never shared anything with me. You always ran to Will. You could never be in a relationship with me, because you’re always gonna have this weird thing with Will.” Refusing to let that go, Grace goes back to Leo’s office to find out the truth.

During their heated argument, Grace reminds him he cheated. Leo finally admits that’s the real reason why their marriage didn’t work out. Grace always held it against him, even after the second chance she gave him. He did everything he could and tried his hardest to make his marriage work.

Will & Grace Emergency Contact Grace Adler Leo Markus
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I don’t condone cheating. That’s my personal preference. In some relationships, one will give the other a second chance after they cheated. If that’s what you want, then okay. However, if you decide to give them the second chance, fully give it to them without constantly reminding them of their mistakes. If you do that, then that’s not really giving them a second chance. That’s only going to make your relationship worse. That’s exactly what happened between Grace and Leo.

Leo was grateful Grace gave him a second chance. He was willing to go above and beyond to make it work. Except, Grace couldn’t give him a chance because his actions hurt her deeply. It was something she could not forgive and forget about. As heartbreaking as it is to see these two rehash their feelings, it’s nice to get some closure. Not just for them, but for the fans as well. The fans get a better understanding why they’re no longer together and can move on with Grace.

With just three episodes into the 9th season, I’m still enjoying the show, not that that’s surprising. The show is still at its best and hasn’t disappointed. However, after these two episodes, I’m more interested in seeing more of Will’s and Grace’s love life developing throughout the season. I have no clue who I want Grace to be with. Maybe Ben Doucette will come back into Grace’s life unexpectedly, but I’m sure of one thing: I want Will and Jack to least give it a try. After all, Psychic Sue did see Will spending the rest of his life with someone he already knew by the name of Jack.

Will & Grace airs Thursday nights on NBC at 9/8c.

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