NBC’s “This Is Us” Pilot Review

When Parenthood ended last year, I was absolutely devastated to lose such an amazing show with great writing, and the remarkable actors who brought those stories to life. I knew it would be impossible for any show to come even remotely close to filling in that void in my heart.

Except… One show did.

Last night, NBC’s highly anticipated show This Us Is premiered. I saw the promo shortly after it was released nearly four months ago. I had heard of the show, but honestly I thought nothing of it. Until one day, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw the trailer with the caption “This is the next Parenthood!” It caught my attention and I couldn’t help but pressed play. After watching the trailer, I knew I had to see it. I’m so glad I did because it was so good.

The show starts off stating a person shares his or her birthday with over 18 million other people. However, there’s no proof that sharing the same birthday means they have a connection between them. The only thing they have in common is having the same birthday. Until you meet these incredible people of This Is Us.

NBC's This Is Us Rebecca Jack

The show starts off showing four characters that all share the same birthday and celebrating their 36th birthday, Jack, Kate, Kevin, and Randall. However, they’re all celebrating their birthdays differently. Jack celebrates by having his traditional birthday gift with his wife, Rebecca, who’s pregnant with triplets, until she goes into labor in middle of giving his birthday gift. Rebecca goes into labor six weeks early, causing her delivery to be complicated and not at all smooth.

Kate is struggling with trying not to eat her birthday cake before the party. Right off that bat, the audience learns she’s struggles with weight issues. A few seconds later we see her getting ready to weigh herself, only to see her fall just before she decided she didn’t want to see how much she weighs. Kate goes to a support group and meets a man who’s interested in her. She holds back because she’s not comfortable with herself.

NBC's This Is Us Pilot Kate Kevin

Kevin realizes he hasn’t had his life changing moment where he has made an impact on someone just as someone has made an impression on him, which led him to become an actor. He wants to inspire others. He wants to feel like his life has meaning. He’s at that point in his life where he realizes he’s not happy with his job and wants to do something that’s matters.

Randall finds out who his birth father and where he lives. Randall’s father dropped him off at the fire department shortly after Randall was born and was adopted the same night. Randall doesn’t want to meet his father, he just wanted to know if he was still alive and where he was. Of course, Randall couldn’t hold back. Instead, he decided to confront his father and let him know how well he’s done without him. Except, that failed too when Randall decided to introduce his father to his family.

NBC's This Is Us Pilot William Randall

These five characters are the main characters and they’re all dealing with real issues. Although the show started off a little bit slow, I was immediately, drawn to their storylines. They’re realistic as people go through these issues at some point, or know someone who has experienced and struggled with the same issues. This is what makes the show so genuine and raw, and it’s all because of the actors, who bring their characters to life. The cast is a great ensemble. They have such great chemistry with one another and the connection they all share makes it more interesting to see. It’s something I can’t wait to see develop and where it leads as the season continues.

Without giving TOO much away or revealing any spoilers, the ending is was truly brought the waterworks for me. It’s reveals the connection these five characters have, which was something I wasn’t expecting at all. It brings the entire episode and all their stories to a full circle. This makes me excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the season.

Everyone was saying This Is Us is the next Parenthood. I was a little scared to believe that as This Is Us has big shoes to fill. However, I can honestly say, This Is Us definitely has the same aspects and elements as Parenthood, but This Is Us is unique in it’s own way and has its own story to tell. It’s about family who deal with real life issues, together. It’s safe to say I found my new favorite drama show.

This is Us airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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