“Nashville” Recap: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Hearts were certainly breaking in this week’s episode, and it was the perfect way to come back after a very long hiatus. Nashville isn’t always off to a juicy start, but this week’s episode foreshadowed how much heartache we were to expect within the first seven minutes. The show kicked off with Deacon struggling with his new “defective” puppy, Maddie calling Ranya a bitch, Gunnar telling Scarlett “it doesn’t have to mean anything” after leaving her in bed, Juliette getting told how to run things by her label owner, and Avery’s music taking a completely different turn.

Jonathan Jackson didn’t have a lot of screen time as the others did, but Avery’s storyline was my favorite part of the night. I’ve heard and read in interviews how some labels attempted to make an artist into someone they’re not or take their music in a different direction from what the artist had in mind, and the writers have showed us that. We saw Avery stand up for himself once he heard his music taking a 180 degree turn, but gets shut down when his producer Dominic tells him it’s his way and not Avery’s. So what does Avery do? He burns his already recorded and finalized tracks. I knew this was bound to happen to Avery the minute he traded his soul to Marilyn and signed his life away to Dominic. This storyline only made me hate Avery less, and hope he continues to impress me by going down the right path.

Ranya is one of the main characters in this show, and even though the writers also gave Connie Britton a realistic storyline, (Ranya struggling how her divorce with Teddy is affecting their daughter Maddie) I wasn’t too interested as I was more focused on the other characters and their drama.

Gunnar and Scarlett had the biggest drama storyline in this episode, between the aftermath of sleeping together, to Gunnar drinking and trying to find out who killed his brother, and Scarlett landing a solo artist record deal. Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio brought their A Game in their performance. Palladio showed how lost, hurt and the pain Gunnar had while grieving for the lost of his brother, while Bowen showed how scared and worried she was plus afraid what stupid decision Gunnar was going to do next. More importantly, their chemistry between the two sky rocketed. Their chemistry from the beginning was great, but now that Scarlett and Gunnar are now together, it’s better than ever, only making me wonder how great their relationship is bound to happen.

Deacon has a new love interest with the vet doctor Stacey (Susan Misner), I was more appealed to Deacon and his father instincts towards Maddie. Why? Because like Coleman said, “You ain’t just hooked on booze and pills. You strung out on Rayna Jaymes.” Although it might have knocked some sense into him and asked the vet to a proper date, Stacey is just another number in Deacon’s little black book and will eventually go right back to pining over Ranya. Meanwhile, Maddie gets injured during Juliette’s free show then Deacon rushes to help her out and takes her to the ER. Plus, he got her a cute stuffed animal as a get-well gift. I know that’s something a person would do if you know the person who got injured, but it’s the way Charles Esten portrayed it that made me wish Deacon and Maddie knew the truth. Although, Gunnar isn’t his son, Deacon sure did act father like when trying to pull Gunnar out of his darkness.

By the way, when Deacon said, “They are family” did anyone else yell out ‘You are family!’?

At last, Juliette gets a slap of reality from Ranya who called furious with tears in her eyes after leaving the ER possibility getting through her, and I liked it. Throughout the season Juliette has heard all about her wrongful actions from just about everyone, but she didn’t care and choose to ignore it. However, Juliette’s reaction was priceless as the last person she expected told her, “You don’t take responsibility for anything! I don’t know what you’re doin’ but you hurt the people around you all the time. Wake up!” Who would have thought the one person she couldn’t stand would get through to her? Yet, finally realizing the truth from her enemy change her ways?

In the end, Ranya gives Maddie her first guitar as a way to get through this hard time, Scarlett and Gunnar making up, Avery starting from the beginning again, and Juliette making a sincere apology to her mom. Still, I’m left with so many unanswered questions. How will Gunnar react to Scarlett’s solo record deal? Will Juliette finally break her bad habits? When will Ranya reveal the truth to Deacon and Maddie?

Tune in next week for a new episode Wednesday night on ABC at 10/9c.

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