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I’ve been prone to watching and reading too much heavy /dramatic stuff, so sometimes my brain just really needs a break. Luckily,  thanks to Netflix (and TBS reruns), I always have Friends reruns to help lighten the mood. I’ve been watching a lot of Friends reruns recently, and have discovered some new things about the show that I hadn’t thought about before (despite having watched episodes millions of times).

The show has remarkable staying power despite the technological and cultural shifts since the first air date.  

The show still remains funny in today’s age – the age of iPhone, texting, Twitter- because the situations/jokes aren’t necessarily tied to the outside world circumstances.   The situations are relatable – dating/marriage problems,  friendships and the jokes are pretty witty. Thus, I find it  still easy to watch, as opposed to Full House reruns, whose jokes seem completely outdated and cheesy decades later.

 Monica and Chandler’s path to marriage is what more shows/movies should depict 

Too many times, Hollywood  depicts a “great” relationship is one stemming from “love at first sight” and eyes meeting eyes, and sparks flying from physical attraction. This depiction, however, misses the reality of relationships, and how the best ones are built on strong friendships between partners. I love that Monica and Chandler highlight this reality by being really good friends first before becoming romantically involved.

chandler monica

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) never ages 

I have watched reruns from all ten seasons, and never witness any signs of age in Lisa Kudrow. She looks literally the same in Season 1 as she does in the final tenth season.  I watched Lisa Kudrow’s red carpet interviews at the recent Emmys, and I still thought she looked the same as her Friends days.

Jennifer Aniston is a great comedic actress 

I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s acting in the movies because she plays the same type of character all the time. However, if you completely erased her movie career and focused on her performance in Friends,  you would see how funny she is. Comedy requires a lot of skill- timing, pacing, tone- and she’s definitely nailed it in Friends. Often times, Rachel has some of the funniest lines in the show.   I don’t think Aniston gets enough recognition for this skill because of the publicity surrounding her personal life (especially her marriage to Brad Pitt during her time on the show).

jennifer aniston friends

Emily is really mean. 

I never gave much thought to Emily during the first few times I watched the show; I was just hoping that Ross and Rachel would get back together, so ignored her. However, after watching recent episodes where Emily is basically asking Ross to give up seeing Rachel and making him sell his stuff, I realized how unreasonable Emily really is.  I’m particularly annoyed by her behavior because she had a choice at the alter when Ross said another name. If she was that furious and hurt by that, she shouldn’t have married him! Most brides would have done that, especially if the name the groom said was of an ex-girfriend.

Chandler and Joey’s landlord should have fined them for having farm animals as pets 

I’m betting there has to be some type of rule in apartments against having farm animals as pets given how strict buildings are about pets. Given that we’ve seen the duck and the chicken wander in the hallway a couple of times (and the super visit the apartments), the building must have caught on about these “pets” at some point. I am surprised they never had to pay a fine.

joey chandler duck chick

Ross was funny but sometimes completely ridiculous 

The first few times I’ve watched reruns, I always felt bad for Ross.  He is a nerd (like me), had some bad luck in marriages, and  lost the girl of his dreams after some poor decision-making (I still don’t know where I stand on the whole “we were on the break” situation).  Nowadays, all though I still empathize with Ross, I have noticed the more ridiculous aspects of his personality. For example, what is he thinking when he asks Rachel to stay married to him and doesn’t tell her after pretending he got the annulment? I am surprised Rachel stayed friends with him after learning the truth.   Another example: Ross, who prides himself in his career, risks it to date one of his students. Again, what the heck Ross?

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