MTV’s ‘The Real World’ Seattle Bad Blood’ Review

If anyone knows me, they know how much I love TV shows. However, only very few know reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Two of my favorite reality shows I have been watching for as long as I can remember are MTV’s Real World and The Challenge. It’s very rare to find reviews and recaps on those two reality shows, and I’d thought I’d start covering these shows to talk about the all drama we love to watch.

MTV The Real World Seattle Bad Blood

MTV just finished airing Real World‘s 32nd season, Real World Seattle: Bad Blood and a lot has changed since the first season I watched, which was 2004’s The Real World: San Diego. The concept is still the same, seven strangers are picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. However, the show has recently started making some changes to add some spice to the show, like bringing in the exes, their “skeletons”, and had to complete a series of dares in order to say in the house.

MTV The Real World Seattle Bad Blood
Left to Right: Tyara, Mike, Robbie, Jordan, Katrina, Anika, and Theo.

This season seven strangers were picked to live in a house in Seattle. Those seven were Anika from New York, Jordan from Illinois, Katrina from Florida, Mike from New York, Robbie from New Jersey, Theo from Illinois, and Tyara from Georgia. Some of the housemates speculated there would be some sort of twist to the show or possibly bring in a new roommate. Their gut instinct wasn’t wrong. With the previous seasons, there was always a theme to bringing in the new set of roommates, the exes, and their bad skeletons. This season MTV brought in the roommates’ bad blood, someone they didn’t get along with.

The bad blood roommates were Anika’s ex-boyfriend, Will, Jordan’s ex-best friend, Orlana, Katrina’s older sister, Anna, Mike’s old roommate, Peter, Robbie’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer, Theo’s cousin and ex-roommate, Kassius, and Tyara’s high school bully, Kimberly. Adding the bad bloods in the house certainly caused all sorts of drama, from relationships, bullying, dealing with health and drug related issues.

MTV The Real World Seattle Bad Blood
Top Row (L-R): Orlana, Kimberly, Jennifer and Will. Bottom Row (L-R): Kassius, Anna, and Peter.

However, there was one change I immediately noticed and didn’t quite approve of. The roommates were allowed to use their cell phones while living in the Real World house. They were free to call, text, and use social media to post pictures. For the longest time, cell phones weren’t allowed on the show, amongst other things like a television, radio, or any other tech gadgets like iPods and tablets. The Real World had one house phone and a computer for the roommates. The roommates had to write down phone numbers and email addresses in a notebook. Restricting the roommates to one phone and computer made them live a life outside of using tech gadgets and scrolling through social media platforms.

MTV The Real World Seattle Bad Blood Peter JenniferHonestly, I wasn’t a fan of this season. If anything, it was better than the previous season, Real World: Go Big or Go Home. Four people went home. FOUR! That has to be a record of some sort. Michael chose to go home after making an inappropriate comment to Jordan. Theo was sent home after getting into a fight with his cousin, Kassius. Tyara decided to leave and figure things out after finding out she’s pregnant with her ex-boyfriend from back home. Lastly, just a few days before everyone’s journey with The Real World would come to an end, Romeo got sent home after being intense in a heat argument between his girlfriend, Jennifer, and roommate, Anna. You would think with four people going home, the drama this season was crazy! Sadly, it wasn’t. Granted, don’t get me wrong, some of the issues they dealt with are real, but it wasn’t “juicy” for the show.

I was disappointed with the season. I often told Miranda F. this season was sort of boring as the drama rarely came, and when it did, it didn’t exceed its’ expectations. I’m hoping the next season of The Real World will be better.

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