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Last Sunday, ABC premiered a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie called Remember Sunday and at first I was unsure about the movie as I thought it might be another horrible 50 First Dates kind of movie. However, I wasn’t going to judge a movie by its cover, so I decided to give the movie a chance, and liked it a lot better than I thought.

Remember Sunday is a romantic drama directed by Jeff Bleckner, written by Michael Kase (story) and Barry Morrow (teleplay) about two completely different people who fall in love while overcoming one of the hardest obstacles the couple faces. Molly (Alexis Bledel) is a sweet, caring, sensitive college student with a big heart who is trying to balance her life with the struggle of money complications, having no luck in the love department but still has a big dream of opening her flower shop someday. Gus (Zachary Levi) is kind, very smart, and works at a family business owned jewelry shop, who has to make notes on Post-Its and record everything he needs to remember. Like Molly, Gus is also struggling, but with a serious medical condition called Hippocampal Rupture meaning he has short lost memory, which causes him to forget everything the next morning.

Remember Sunday Molly

Alexis Bledel has no trouble showing her character’s emotions in her acting, as it’s similar to a few previous roles she’s taken on, but Molly has a different background from all the other roles. My favorite feature about Molly is her love for flowers. Flowers have different meanings — love, friendship, good luck, joy, etc, and it’s parallel to Molly’s characteristics as how she is as a person, which is probably why I enjoyed the character. I’ve seen Bledel’s work before on Gilmore Girls and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and a few more projects, and know what a great actress she is, but this was my first time seeing Zachary Levi’s work. I have heard his voice in his movie, Tangled, but I’m impressed with Levi’s work in this movie. Levi’s acting was amazing, as he portrayed Gus confused, lost, and trying to grasp what’s going on, hard to watch (in a good way) because you could feel the pain, and hurt Gus has to go through every morning or every time Molly says something he doesn’t remember as a reminder of his awful diagnose. Although, Bledel and Levi’s characters are completely different, their feelings towards each other is what makes Molly and Gus perfect for each other, and proves great chemistry between the two actors.

Like every movie, you need secondary characters besides the two main roles. Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie) plays Gus’ sister, Lucy who is great, patient, and looks out for her brother, and David Hoffman (Bridesmaids) plays Gus’ funny best friend Jerry, who helps Gus remind and gives advice on his relationship with Molly. This movie doesn’t have your evil villain character but there is a character you can’t help but dislike, Molly’s friend and roommate is played by Valerie Azlynn (Surrogates) who tries to ruin Molly’s relationship with Gus. Barry Shabaka Henley (Miami Vice) is Molly’s boss, Baptiste, unlike most bosses today, he cares and helps out Molly.

Remember Sunday Gus

After Molly and Gus’ first date, Gus records “try and find a way to keep her” as he realizes she is special, and even though he won’t remember her he realizes she’s worth remembering every morning. Molly and Gus begin to date without Molly knowing the truth about Gus, but between looking at the stars, rollerblading date, exchanging flowers, Gus believes he’s falling in love with her and has to explain the truth to Molly. However, things begin to change once Molly finds out about Gus’ health situation. I don’t want to ruin the rest of the movie, but I will tell you this, Remembering Sunday is a sweet and beautiful yet heartbreaking movie, which I haven’t seen in a long time. The writing, the casting, acting and dynamic was perfect. Plus, the ending was definitely a surprise and not how I was expecting things to unfold.

Remember Sunday will repeat on the Hallmark channel this Sunday, April 28th at 7/6c, with an encore followed at 9/8c.  Remember Sunday DVD will also be available to purchase at any Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and online at on May 1st.

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