Being Mary Jane Pilot Review

BET and Mara Brock Akil have a new hit on its hands with Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union stars in the series as the successful television anchor, Mary Jane Paul. She is smart, talented, sexy and lonely. In the pilot episode, Mary Jane opens her door to Andre Daniels (Omari Hardwick), sometime after midnight. She wants very much for him to be the one; however after a night of passion and a morning of his vomit Mary Jane steps on his wedding band.

being mary jane gabrielle union

Mary Jane also has the weight of her family on her shoulders. She has two brothers that are of no help and living with their parents. The older brother, Patrick, is not working; his daughter Neicy is pregnant again for the second time and has no ambition other than wanting to be a porn star, and his girlfriend of the moment Tracy is living in the house as well. The younger brother Paul Jr. works as a part time sign flipper and sells pot. He has recently moved back into the parent’s home as well. Mary Jane’s mom Helen (Margaret Avery) is very sick and needs around the clock care. She constantly calls Mary Jane to complain about the situations going on in the house. Paul Sr. (Richard Roundtree) is worn out physically and mentally and ready for his wife to die. He is tired of seeing her suffer. The family is constantly asking Mary Jane for money, and when she asks if anyone is working on a job to help out the household everyone is silent.

On a professional level Mary Jane is right on track. She has a beautiful home, awesome car and buys anything she wants except for love. She has the help of her friend and producer Kara (Lisa Vidal). Kara is dealing with her own issues trying to raise two boys and dealing with being newly divorced. Her other coworker Nate lives within walking distance from her house and he is a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. He seems to have a nice relationship with his partner.

One night Mary Jane is at a shoe boutique and sees Andre walking with his wife. The wife wants to shop for shoes but Andre tells her that they will come back in the morning. After taking Neicy to the doctor for a checkup and finding out that she is 32 weeks along, Mary Jane sees Andre’s wife and decides to tell her that she has been sleeping with her husband. The wife states that she is not going to leave her husband, they have two kids and she is madly in love with him.The wife ask if Mary Jane has any diseases that she should worry about. Mary Jane tells her no and that they always use protection. This is the point in the episode where my jaw dropped to the floor. I could not believe that this was playing out on television! Then I realized this probably happens more often than I thought. Women want to keep their families together even if the man is no longer in love.

Mary Jane gets a booty call from her ex boyfriend David (Stephen Bishop). In the beginning she denies him when he calls for dinner at midnight. Then he shows up at her door with chips and salsa. She lets him in and after they are done she tells him she has to leave. David asks about the condom and she says that she has taken care of it. In the background we hear the story of male sperm being stolen. Mary Jane packs a batch of David’s sperm in a box of baking soda and places it in the back of the freezer.

It has been 6 months since the pilot episode aired. I am very excited for January 7, 2014 to see how this series unfolds. It has a lot of potential. It’s smart, adult, funny, and true to life with some great fashion.

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