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We at Really Late Reviews are always trying to make this site fun and unique. Parenthood began its final season Thursday night so Jordan and Sarita decided to live blog the whole thing. Below is our slightly edited conversation. We will continue co-writing each episode until the finale, but we may or may not continue the live blogging process. Let us know your thoughts below!

Sarita Muley – 8:55 PM

Just to get my thoughts down before the premiere, here’s what I hope to happen – Joel and Julia are still separated but are slowly getting friendlier with one another. Their split was so well done last season, so realistically portrayed, that i would hate all that hard work building up that storyline to go to waste with a premature reconciliation.

Jordan Hickman – 8:57 PM

I also hope Sarah and Hank stay together and give her things to do besides have romance issues.

Sarita Muley – 8:58 PM

Agreed! Her romantic entanglements are getting old, and after six seasons, she shouldn’t be having the same plot lines as she did in the first few seasons. She’s the only Braverman that doesn’t seem to get diverse story lines.

Opening scene! Confirmation that she is pregnant!

Jordan Hickman – 9:00 PM


Ohm y goodness!!!!!!!!

Sarita Muley – 9:00 PM

How do you feel about the pregnancy?

Jordan Hickman – 9:00 PM

Ehh, I don’t know.

We’ll see maybe, but I’m torn

Sarita Muley – 9:01 PM

I think Mae will act the hell out of it but I was hoping that Amber’s storyline would go more down the career direction

Jordan Hickman – 9:01 PM

I do adore Amber though and I think she’s had the best character growth since of all the characters

Jordan Hickman – 9:02 PM

Well then,…

I guess Joel and Julia are over πŸ™


I feel so bad for Joel


Sarita Muley – 9:03 PM

I still have hope. They will naturally come back but will take some time.

Love seeing Hank and Sarah together!!!

Jordan Hickman – 9:03 PM

I love Hank!

He’s my favorite

Sarita Muley – 9:03 PM

I was always team Hank!

Jordan Hickman – 9:03 PM

Team Hank always!

Sarita Muley – 9:04 PM

By the way, did you think it was Joel at first during that love scene?

Jordan Hickman – 9:04 PM

I did! From the profile

Sarita Muley – 9:04 PM

They always trick us with the profile πŸ™‚

Sarita Muley – 9:05 PM

I am still not sure about this school storyline.

Jordan Hickman – 9:05 PM

I think it could be great, like everything, but i’m a little nervous

Which storyline are you most nerbous about? the pregnancy or the school?

Sarita Muley – 9:06 PM

The school. The pregnancy one – while i don’t like it as much- seems more realistic than the school one. How about you?

Jordan Hickman – 9:06 PM



Sarita Muley – 9:07 PM

By the way, doesn’t it already feel like the show has the “final season” tone about it?

Jordan Hickman – 9:08 PM

It sort of does? Very weird. But in general the premieres have always been weirdly optimistic.

Sarita Muley – 9:08 PM

The past premieres were very choppy but happy go lucky.

What else do you hope to see in this season?

Jordan Hickman – 9:10 PM

I hate to say it, but i think someone is going to have to die. Maybe Zeek or Camille.

I don’t want that to happen at all, but it might. I would like to see the school succeed, Max to stop being a brat, Hank and Sarah stay together forever, and Amber to have a kick ass career

Sarita Muley – 9:12 PM

I think it will be Zeek. They built it up in previous seasons with his illness. Plus this vegas trip makes it seems like it is last hooray.

I agree with you on the other areas too.

Yay, Adam Braverman! He’s my fav next to Hank.

zeek and sarah parenthood

Jordan Hickman – 9:12 PM

Okay, maybe I am glad Joel and Julia aren’t together right now. Will make their reunion that much sweeter, but it also will feel weird if they do get together. julia will have to be 100% honest with him.

Sarita Muley – 9:13 PM

Julia does need to let him know she “dated.” I hope Joel “dated” around too so he isn’t so lonely, lol. Although I don’t think him doing it..

okay, not liking this Ruby and Hank ex-wife drama. Though that does seem realistic way to move Sarah and Hank storyline- blending the families.

Jordan Hickman – 9:14 PM

Yeah, i hate this too.

And I hope that Sarah and Ruby bond and are able to develop a close relationship and also making Hank and Ruby closer

Sarita Muley – 9:15 PM

That’s a good point. I didn’t think of that angle.

By the way, how did the ex-wife go from being super evil in the last episode to being nice to Hank in this one?

Jordan Hickman – 9:15 PM

Lol who knows.

Sarita Muley – 9:15 PM

Ruby reminds me a little of Season 1 Amber. Show coming full circle with that.

Jordan Hickman – 9:16 PM

Oh, good point.

Sarita Muley – 9:16 PM

Yay, Haddie is back!

Jordan Hickman – 9:16 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:16 PM

I am going to count on Katims to give Sarah a better storyline.

Jordan Hickman – 9:16 PM

Here’s to hoping! *raising my glass of wine*

Sarita Muley – 9:17 PM

Here here! (clinking my glass with yours).

Sarita Muley – 9:17 PM

Love seeing Joel hugging Kristina. Very good acting from Erika to show her discomfort and awkwardness

Sarita Muley – 9:18 PM

You can see how happy Joel feels to feel needed and be with the Bravermans again

Jordan Hickman – 9:18 PM

The Bravermans are the best and he totally misses them


Sarita Muley – 9:18 PM


He does. You could see it in his smile

Jordan Hickman – 9:19 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:20 PM

Are Joel and Julia divorced or still just separated?

This is the worst.

Sarita Muley – 9:20 PM

It’s not clear. I think they are separated.

So scary.

I am getting emotional already.

Jordan Hickman – 9:22 PM

Now come the phone calls.

This will bring Joel and Julia closer together

Sarita Muley – 9:23 PM

I think my emotions with being at hospital too much recently makes it scary for me

Yeah I think so.

Sarita Muley – 9:23 PM

my heart is beating fast. I can feel the sadness Julia is feeling

Or anxiety

This show is so good at getting to our emotions.

Jordan Hickman – 9:24 PM

I’m too engrossed to type right now

I love young doctors working on older people

Jordan Hickman – 9:25 PM

the new braverman house still doesn’t feel right

Sarita Muley – 9:25 PM

Surprised we didn’t see Adam talking to his mom.

Sarita Muley – 9:26 PM

Yeah I forgot they moved there.

I was expecting the old house

Camille is so calm

Sarita Muley – 9:27 PM

And she is doing it so subtly. Perfect acting.

Hank is trying so hard. Poor guy.

Sarita Muley – 9:29 PM

Adam being Adam. Seeing his emotions in his eyes.

Jordan Hickman – 9:29 PM

classic parenthood scene with everyone screaming at each other

Sarita Muley – 9:29 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:30 PM

Which makes the inevitable about to happen since Adam isn’t there πŸ™

I love how perfectly Peter Krause plays Adam. He’s been so consistent throughout all six seasons.

Adam and Crosby – “my least qualified sibling.. my second least qualified sibling..” perfect banter.

Jordan Hickman – 9:34 PM

Road trip to Vegas!

Sarita Muley – 9:35 PM

Kristina always gives Max the real deal but in a nice way

Jordan Hickman – 9:36 PM

Kristina knows how much Max hates change and they didn’t tell him he was changing schools?

Sarita Muley – 9:36 PM

I didn’t realize that either.

Of course Amber would tell Haddie first. love it goes back to their Season 1 friendship.

I miss seeing them together.

Jordan Hickman – 9:37 PM

It’s great having them back together.

Sarita Muley – 9:38 PM

Love that they knocked at Sarah’s door.

Oh m god I am scared


Ha they are all lecturing him.

Jordan Hickman – 9:39 PM

Still have a bad feeling about something

Sarita Muley – 9:39 PM

They’re giving Zeek one last hoorah

Ugh the ex wife.

Sarita Muley – 9:45 PM

I kind of like this angle only if they stick to the Ruby part and not the ex wife being in hank’s life

Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM

like, keep hank and sarah together and let him become a dad once again.

Sarita Muley – 9:46 PM


Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM

he’s grown so much with his time with max so maybe now that can help with ruby

Sarita Muley – 9:46 PM

That’s great.

Jordan Hickman – 9:46 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:46 PM

OMG I was thinking the same thing!!!

Love the Amber and Haddie bonding.

you can see Joel really cares and sense their love.

Jordan Hickman – 9:48 PM

Joel πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Jordan Hickman – 9:48 PM



Sarita Muley – 9:49 PM


Damn it Julia! That kiss was so perfect!!!!

Such a perfect romantic set-up

Jordan Hickman – 9:50 PM

Ughhhhhh im going to be so mad if they never get back together

Sarita Muley – 9:51 PM

They will!

Jordan Hickman – 9:51 PM

it would also be true to life if they don’t get back together.

Sarita Muley – 9:52 PM

Excellent point.

Poor Camille.

I am so nervous about these last episodes

Sarita Muley – 9:53 PM


I hate this guy hitting on her.

Jordan Hickman – 9:53 PM

this guy is the worst.

he sort of looks like joel but he also looks like a huge douchebag

Sarita Muley – 9:53 PM

yeah I wish it were at least the teacher.

Sarita Muley – 9:54 PM

I am really missing the comedy in this episode

Aw Kristina is so pretty

Jordan Hickman – 9:57 PM


Sarita Muley – 9:57 PM

Ha ha I love it!

Uh oh. Wonder how Sarah is going to react.

Perfect Mae Perfect

max kristina parenthood

Jordan Hickman – 9:58 PM

Here it comes

Oh my gosh her face…


Sarita Muley – 9:59 PM


Jordan Hickman – 10:00 PM


Sarita Muley – 10:00 PM


My heart is still reeling from that episode.

Jordan Hickman – 10:00 PM

i’m going to miss this show so much

Sarita Muley – 10:01 PM

This is probably going to be sacrilegious to say but I think I am going to miss it more than FNL.

Love FNL so much but I think Parenthood has really gotten a hold of me more in some ways

Jordan Hickman – 10:01 PM

It’s just so real
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  1. I do not Julia’s new boy toy! No mi gusta!!! Even if he does look a little like Joel, he looks like the world’s biggest douche. I hope he goes away or fall off a cliff soon.

    Also, I think it’s Zeek who will be the death in the family this season. I read a while back about Katims saying about how the family will be challenged with something they never faced before, or at least that the viewers haven’t seen. We haven’t seen a death in the family and after seeing this episode, and the farewell promo, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be him. If I’m right, I won’t be ready. There won’t be enough tissues for that.

    Ladies, I love this post. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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