Killer Manhunt: SVU – Chicago P.D. Crossover

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There is just something about crossovers that are just so captivating. Maybe it is the way that fandoms come together to watch their favorite characters interact, or maybe it is how writers manage to write one epic story line with two (sometimes three) shows. Who knows? All I know is that I never fail to be on the edge of my seat when the writers of the Chicago trilogy and the writers of Law & Order: SVU come together to tell epic stories. It was no different this time with the crossover between SVU and Chicago P.D., which led us on a killer manhunt.

Since I don’t normally watch SVU, I am just going to do a mini-recap of how the story line started, which led directly into Chicago P.D.’s story line for the night.

The crossover starts off with the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD looking to get answers regarding a few missing person cases from convicted serial killer, Gregory Williams Yates, who claims to have information about the cases. Since Lieutenant Olivia Benson didn’t want fellow detective Rollins to question Yates, she calls into the Chicago Intelligence department for Voight to send in detectives Antonio Dawson and Erin Lindsay, who have somewhat of a history with Yates. (Side Note: Yates murdered Nadia, a friend and C.I. of Lindsay and the rest of CPD.) However, Yates refused to open up to Lindsay, and insisted that he would only talk to Rollins. While still reluctant, Benson eventually sends Rollins (and Carisi) for the interview, in which they got some information they needed, and in return got Yates a transfer to a different prison block where his former enemy, Dr. Rudnick, also resides. But when Lieutenant Benson, ADA Barba, and Dodds go to the prison for another interview with Yates, they were met with a new problem – a previously planned prison break from Rudnick with Yates tagging along. Lindsay and Dawson turned around to join the SVU in a manhunt for the convicted killers, which led to a number of bodies along the way, including their accomplice and Rudnick who were both left for dead by Yates, who was on a mission of his own. After being right on Yates’ tail, she discovered a note left in a victim’s mouth saying “See you back home, Erin.”

SVU joins CPD
Benson assures Lindsay that they will get Yates. GIF Credit:

Chicago P.D.,” The Song of Gregory Williams Yates,” picks up on the next day with Lindsay and Dawson back in Chicago with their Intelligence Unit… along with Yates murdering a slew of women in Chicago. It doesn’t take long for Olivia Benson and Fin to join the Chicago search squad.

Lindsay has pretty much made it her mission to be the one to bring Yates in. She has her own personal hatred towards him since he murdered one of her friends. She swears that that’s not where her head is at when Voight puts her on lock down in the district building in order to keep her safe after Yates continues to taunt her with notes, phone calls, and texts. But Yates takes the taunting a step further when he sends a package addressed to Lindsay to the district. After the package is declared not a threat, Lindsay opens it to find a severed hand with a note that says “(WHAT DOES NOTE SAY)”. It is then realized that Yates had been tracking Lindsay’s every move since tapping into her phone after her prison visit. It is also revealed that Yates’ motive behind his serial murders; he wanted revenge against his biological parents that “abandoned him” once they noticed his troubling tendencies.

The search led to Lindsay’s apartment, where they believed Yates would be after noticing a picture of Lindsay and Nadia in the background of a video chat that Lindsay had with him. However, Yates was not there, and while Lindsay is stuck in the office she gets another video chat from him in which Mouse pings Yates’ location: his childhood home. Yates tells Lindsay to meet him there… alone. So she heads out on her own, but not without phoning Voight, who tells her not to go in without him, on her way there. Lindsay, ever so stubborn with wanting to be the one to bring Yates in, goes against Voight’s wishes and goes into the house alone.

There, she comes face-to-face with Yates, who is about to hang his biological father. After putting her gun back in her holster and back and forth tense conversation, Lindsay is unable to save the victim. Yates then tries to attack Lindsay with an ice pick, but she manages to shoot him and kill him first.

cpd-svu: Benson & Lindsay have a drink
Benson & Lindsay talk over drinks after Yates is killed. GIF Credit:

The episode ends with Benson and Lindsay having drinks at Molly’s and talk about how to get over cases like these, how to cope with them. Benson tells Lindsay that you never really do, and comforts her by saying, “my phone is always on. Always.” In case Lindsay ever needed someone to talk to.

Overall, it was a pretty intense crossover (as most are). Lindsay seemed to get a little bit of closure in the area of Nadia’s death, and hopefully she won’t continue to blame herself for Nadia’s death.

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