Last Tango in Halifax – Episode 3

Sarita and Jordan return to live-blog Last Tango in Halifax’s third episode. This is the first episode where the show shows its true dramatic leanings. The fun, quippy stuff is good, but the drama in this episode really shows the depths the cast have, and it was something that really helped elevate its game.  Jordan and Sarita in particular enjoyed Nicola Walker’s performance; her ability to convey her emotional turmoil through her eyes and not words draws viewers into her sorrows and empathize with her struggles. The show is eager to tell stories using looks and lingering camera shots rather than a bunch of dialogue. Focusing on the actors’ reactions gives the show a warmer, intimate feeling, and Walker really showed Gillian’s hurt.

The third episode showed the fallout from the second episode’s ending drama, which left off with both Alan and Celia’s families meeting and unraveling at Gillian’s house. Even though this episode was a bit more dramatic than the first two, it really showed just how deeply invested we are to be in the lives of these families. Gillian tries to get back Raffie’s trust, but just as she does, Paul comes to her in seek of help. This was a strong Gillian episode and Walker was really up for the challenge. On the other hand, Caroline is about done with John’s philandering ways. Not ready to trust him, she decides to turn to Kate for support. Whether or not the two resume their romantic relationship, there a deeply rooted foundation of friendship there. Finally, to give the dramatic tone some levity, Alan and Celia spend time seeking out wedding venues and getting to know each other. Once again, they’re adorable. The two wind up getting locked in a church at episode’s end.

Below is a briefly edited transcript of our thoughts of this episode. Leave yours in the comments!

last tango in halifax

Sarita Muley – 9:57 PM

The music is very dramatic though peppy

Jordan Hickman – 9:58 PM

it is!

Sarita Muley – 9:59 PM

I love that Caroline just lets out her emotions, even though she almost gets them into an accident

I wonder if she actually still cares for her husband and is more frustrated at letting him back in than actually losing him

Sarita Muley – 10:02 PM

Gillian looks legitimately perplexed/potentially hurt that her mother didn’t give him the note

Must be very confusing to hear that news

Jordan Hickman – 10:02 PM

i know. she really does. plus, her son’s in this mess so everything is messed up.

Sarita Muley – 10:02 PM

I mean worried that her father regrets about the note

Jordan Hickman – 10:02 PM

right. i see what you mean.

Sarita Muley – 10:03 PM


Jordan Hickman – 10:03 PM

lololol john just stayed there.

Sarita Muley – 10:03 PM

Ha ha, yeah, he didn’t even bother trying to find another way home.

Jordan Hickman – 10:03 PM

i know. what a sleezebag.

Sarita Muley – 10:03 PM


Very awkward that their family drama is all in the open and they all barely know each other

“glorious, snotty, mad Caroline.” ha. Interesting way to describe his wife but he is kind of right about her snottiness

Jordan Hickman – 10:05 PM

indeed he is.

Sarita Muley – 10:05 PM

Uh oh.. super awkward conversation about to start…

Love it! No words needed. Just Gillian’s facial expression conveyed she knows what her son learned.

Jordan Hickman – 10:06 PM

i love gillian so much. she expresses so much with her eyes.

Sarita Muley – 10:07 PM

You’re right about the eyes.

Ha, that red car looks so bright against the dull settings of the air and the house

Jordan Hickman – 10:08 PM

it really does. i was just thinking the same thing.

awwwww, they are sooooo adorable.

Sarita Muley – 10:08 PM

They are! I love Alan’s cute, eager face. His childlike wonderment.

Jordan Hickman – 10:09 PM

john’s tearing up the kitchen to make some mediocre french toast. he’s the worst/best?

Sarita Muley – 10:09 PM

Ha ha agree. Is he still drunk?

Jordan Hickman – 10:09 PM

he has to be.

last tango in halifax

Sarita Muley – 10:09 PM

He must have drunk a lot over the night

Jordan Hickman – 10:10 PM

he and gillian opened a few more bottles or something!

Sarita Muley – 10:10 PM

Whoa! Makes sense. Probably since both had the worst night

So funny that Celia and Alan are laughing at the fight. Ha ha ha.

Jordan Hickman – 10:10 PM

i love alan and celia listening to the whole fight.

Sarita Muley – 10:10 PM

it’s funny.

Jordan Hickman – 10:10 PM

it really is.

Sarita Muley – 10:10 PM

“Oh damn, she shut the window.” ha ha ha ha.

Jordan Hickman – 10:11 PM


they are the best

Sarita Muley – 10:11 PM

They really are. It’s funny how alan and celia have a quaint tea set and that’s a sharp contrast to the scene at Caroline’s

Jordan Hickman – 10:12 PM

ugh, gillian’s little guy is so sleezy and creepy

i hate him

Sarita Muley – 10:12 PM

Me too. What was she thinking.

I mean I understand what she was thinking but wish it was someone else 🙁

Jordan Hickman – 10:13 PM


she doesn’t have any friends 🙁 🙁

so sad

Sarita Muley – 10:13 PM

awww. It is. I hope she and Caroline bond because both could really use a friend.

Uh oh – John?!?

I love that they show Caroline without makeup in the morning. That’s how real women are in the morning .Most shows act as if women wake up with makeup on.

Jordan Hickman – 10:15 PM

i know, i love shows like that. FNL did it a lot with Tami when she and coach would talk in bed at night.

so refreshing

Sarita Muley – 10:15 PM

Yes, good example! I forget about FNL.

Lot of red in this episode. Judith’s glove. John’s sweater when he returned. The car.

Oops Kate, not Judith.

Jordan Hickman – 10:16 PM


and you’re so right about the red

Sarita Muley – 10:17 PM

ha ha ha ha ha. the water.

“I do not want you here.” That tone was so shrill but funny

Jordan Hickman – 10:17 PM

caroline is so dramatic yet it works

Sarita Muley – 10:17 PM


Aww I feel bad for their sons

I kind of think that Celia should stop talking about her past husband to her upcoming husband

I feel bad for her but hope she can move on with her future happiness instead of stuck in past

Jordan Hickman – 10:19 PM

yeah, she seemed so unhappy and maybe she’s scared about the future with alan

Sarita Muley – 10:20 PM

That’s true.

Alan is a great listener.

Jordan Hickman – 10:20 PM

he really is.

Sarita Muley – 10:20 PM

“oh I don’t mean anything untoward.” aww so proper, lol.

Jordan Hickman – 10:21 PM

gillian’s face is just the best. so much goes on behind her eyes and expressions.

Sarita Muley – 10:21 PM

Exactly. I was thinking that she “eye acts” the same way that Lauren Graham did as Sarah Braverman.

Jordan Hickman – 10:22 PM

yeah, nicola walker is one of my favorite actresses.

Sarita Muley – 10:23 PM

I’ll have to watch more shows with her

Ugh, Robbie is the worst.

I hope John and Gillian do not have an affair. Friendship would be far better

Jordan Hickman – 10:24 PM

Yeah, please no affairs. I want Gillian and Caroline to be friends and not be the stereotypical catty women

Sarita Muley – 10:24 PM

Me too. I hope they show something different by showing Gillian and John as friends. We don’t see friendships like that

Jordan Hickman – 10:25 PM

me too

Sarita Muley – 10:25 PM

Good thing for Kate standing up for herself

Jordan Hickman – 10:26 PM

Yeah, Caroline is so self absorbed so i’ts nice to see Caroline getting this lecture

Sarita Muley – 10:26 PM

Exactly. Caroline doesn’t realize how her behavior impacts others

She’s clueless in how she’s impacted both Kate and John

Jordan Hickman – 10:27 PM

But this scene, Caroline apologizing, is really well done. She’s making excuses but she’s able to stand by them and help Kate understand why she is the way she is

Sarita Muley – 10:28 PM

Very true. She acknowledges she is selfish.

You’re right about Gillian. Watching her eyes and expressions make me feel her panic through the tv screen

Whoa, John is giving sensible advice.

Jordan Hickman – 10:29 PM

i know!

last tango

Sarita Muley – 10:29 PM

I love the piano music accompanying Alan and Celia.

Such different characters. Gillian makes you feel her emotions versus Caroline’s uptightness prevents you from getting into her emotional turmoil. Very good acting

Jordan Hickman – 10:31 PM

great observation!

Sarita Muley – 10:31 PM


Jordan Hickman – 10:31 PM


Sarita Muley – 10:31 PM

Okay, why isn’t Paul at the hospital?

Jordan Hickman – 10:32 PM

Yeah, i don’t  know….

Sarita Muley – 10:32 PM

I just missed who he named as the people who banged him up. Was it Robbie?

Jordan Hickman – 10:33 PM

it was his fiance’s…family? brothers?

Sarita Muley – 10:33 PM

Oh, he was engaged! I didn’t know that.

Jordan Hickman – 10:34 PM

hahahahahaha such an awkward conversation

Sarita Muley – 10:34 PM

Ha ha ha yes

TMI from Celia, lol

Funny that Celia thinks her daughter would want to know full extent of visit with Alan

I feel a little bad for Paul but not really. He brought it on by telling Raffie.

Sarita Muley – 10:38 PM

This religion/politics discussion with Alan and Celia is funny. They are disagreeing but in a very cute and diplomatic way 😉

Jordan Hickman – 10:40 PM

Yeah, they don’t have to agree on everything and it’s sweet that they are okay with that

Sarita Muley – 10:40 PM

Yeah I like their acceptance of their differences

Jordan Hickman – 10:41 PM

me too!!

Sarita Muley – 10:43 PM

I think it a good reflection of life that the older couple are carefree. With old age, less bother. Whereas the younger folks on the show are more involved with drama

Jordan Hickman – 10:44 PM

Yeah, this show is incredibly refreshing in their roles

Sarita Muley – 10:44 PM


Poor Gillian.

She’s helping the guy that caused her so much pain with her son

Jordan Hickman – 10:44 PM


Sarita Muley – 10:45 PM

Definitely. I could never do that.

Jordan Hickman – 10:45 PM

yeah it would be tough

ughhhh gillian just take him to hospital and go get your son.

Sarita Muley – 10:46 PM


She’s feeling guilty, so probably that’s why she isn’t going after her son.

Okay, this is kind of random with Alan and Celia in the haunted museum…

Jordan Hickman – 10:47 PM

For sure

A lot of drama this episode and light on the comedy

Sarita Muley – 10:49 PM

Definitely. I sort of started feeling bad for John a little more in this episode, even though he is a sleezebag

Jordan Hickman – 10:49 PM

for sure.

for me this was my least favorite episode, but i like that’s its starting to set the tone and pace for things to come.

Sarita Muley – 10:51 PM

Yeah, I agree that the other two episodes felt more fleshed out. I didn’t like the randomness of Alan and Celia.

Randomness meaning the random place they visited

Jordan Hickman – 10:51 PM


Sarita Muley – 10:52 PM

I’m interested to see how Gillian will get out of this pickle. Seems like a hard one to get out of

Jordan Hickman – 10:52 PM

me too

i think her son will for sure come back

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