Joseph Eid’s “Watch It Fall” Review

Watch It Fall Joseph Eid

Here at Really Late Reviews, we’re always interested in listening to new music and sharing it with y’all. Last week, I had the opportunity to listen to Joseph Eid’s new single “Watch It Fall”, which releases today!

Who is this Joseph Eid you might ask? He is an Americana-singer/songwriter who dropped out after his first year of med-school to pursue his dream in music. After picking up the guitar and joining a band in New York, writing songs came easy to Joseph. Eventually that led him to playing at open mic nights and showcases in Los Angles. After writing over 30 new songs, Joseph recorded his debut EP, Cardiac Output, followed by a full-length LP, Human.

Watch It Fall Joseph Eid

I’ve never heard of Joseph’s music before, but I was impressed. Granted, this isn’t the type of music I listen to, but I’m glad I came across it. It’s different, and I mean that in a good way. His voice is soft and smooth, which makes it easy to enjoy the song. The sound is sort of indie-like mixed with an acoustic vibe to it. It’s something I would hear on an episode of a TV show, like NBC’s This Is Us. My favorite part of the song is the lyrics. They tell a story, which makes it more relatable and realistic.

What inspired Joseph to write this song? “I wrote this song at a low point when I was questioning the choices and sacrifices I was making to continue the vigorous quest of chasing my dreams and living as an artist,” he said. “The building is a metaphor for his life. I thought that the idea of using vivid characters and their stories in this setting would be an entertaining and effective way to communicate the emotions of sadness, disappointment, despair.”

Joseph’s new single is available on iTunes, which you can buy here. You can also listen to “Watch It Fall” on Spotify and SoundCloud. His new EP, Watch It Fall will be released this Spring. For more, visit his website


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