JIMMY’S BACK – You’re the Worst: 04×03 recap

Gretchen is finally getting angry and I for one am thrilled about it. Over the first two episodes of this season we watched her become manic and unhinged following her separation from Jimmy – after he proposed and then abandoned her on that mountain. But now, we finally get to see some rage from her. At first she continues to play off that everything’s fine now and for all intents and purposes it might seem that way. She’s gone back to Ty (she’s a return “Ty girl” now) and even hooks up with his friend to try to get her mind off of Jimmy. But even after all of that she still ends up watching those three little dots that indicate that he is typing a message to her after his “delightfully neutral” text in episode 2: “Hey…” But it’s when nothing comes from it that she really breaks. Running to his place to confront him face to face – positioning herself on a higher level of the living room so that she might look down on him as she yells, “HEY! DOT! DOT! DOT!” before storming out once again.

On the other side of things, Jimmy’s return has rocked the lives of more than just Gretchen. In the first scene of the episode he returns home to find that Edgar has moved into his room and that he and Lindsay are having sex in his bed. He feels righteous enough to be horrified by this situation, to which Edgar and Lindsay seem unfazed, making sure to correct him and use their proper title of “friends with benefits”. When he goes on to ask about Gretchen, Lindsay lies, explaining that he shouldn’t go over to her apartment where Gretchen has been staying, because it will hurt him too much to see how well she’s been doing. This leads Jimmy to continue making the rounds to get information on what she’s been up to, including being advised by her clients who still believe that she’s been in Europe for the past three months.

When Jimmy (against the advice of Lindsay and Edgar) shows up to the apartment unannounced, he does not find Gretchen, but instead once again Lindsay and Edgar having sex (they are clearly not safe anywhere from Jimmy). Exasperated by him, Lindsay finally admits that Gretchen has not been doing as well as she has led him to believe before threatening him: “Stay away from her or I will murder you. I will. I’ve done it before.” But of course, in the final scene of the episode Jimmy has completely disobeyed Lindsay, and followed Gretchen home after she confronts him at his house. He makes a somewhat sincere attempt to apologize to her about what happened. And cites the fact that she referred to him as her “family” as the reason why he got scared and ran away. For characters as screwed up as Jimmy and Gretchen this almost seems plausible, so when she seems to be coming around to his moment of introspection we almost believe it (even though I spent the scene screaming at her not to forgive him). However, as soon as she seems to have us and Jimmy convinced, she proves us all wrong (and made me giddy) as she seems to happily offer to see the galley of Jimmy’s new book. But when he tosses it to her, she makes no move to grab it. Letting her arms stay stagnant as the book falls to the ground between them, her gaze never breaking with his until she turns to walk away. And in the final and best moment of the episode Jimmy tries to console himself by saying “this is fine” just as a garbage fire explodes in a trashcan behind him.


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