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beautiful sacrifice and burn“When a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever…” – Beautiful Burn

Last year, I read and reviewed the first five books of Jamie McGuire’s Maddox Brothers series. You can check out those reviews here: Travis and Abby, Beautiful Oblivion and Beautiful Redemption.

It took me a while, but I finally got around to reading the next two in the series, Beautiful Sacrifice and Beautiful Burn. Let me tell y’all, they’re just as good as the first five books. Now, all of the books tie in together, so I suggest reading them in order before just jumping into one. You can find the order of the books, along with where to purchase them on Jamie McGuire’s website.

The above quote has been the recurring theme of the Maddox brothers series. When they love, they fight for it, they love hard and they love forever. The lucky ladies can probably thank the boys’ late mother for that trait. Travis fought for Abby (quite literally), Trent fought for Cami, Thomas fought for Liss, and now twins, Taylor and Tyler, are fighting for their own love with Falyn and Ellison. Just like with every other Maddox brother story, they both have quite bumpy rides before things are finally able to work out in their favor.

*Spoiler Warning: Review contains possible spoilers*

Beautiful Sacrifice

“Taylor’s truth was just out of reach – just like mine – so I knew where to look and how to find it. The only way to see into someone’s soul is with your own.” – Beautiful Sacrifice

We all make sacrifices in some form or another. Some put their lives at risk every day to protect others, while some give up something that changes their lives forever. Falyn Fairchild and Taylor Maddox come from two completely different backgrounds. Falyn is from a wealthy, political family, and Taylor is a hotshot firefighter from Eakins, Illinois. However, they have more in common than either of them would have guessed.

Falyn has no problem walking away from things that weigh her down. She’s already walked away from her rich and controlling political family, a prestige education, and even a cell phone and her car. She’s a woman of little means, waiting tables at the Bucksaw Café and living in the rundown apartment above the popular restaurant. There’s one thing that she was forced to walk away from that still weighs her down, though. She saves up any extra money she can in hopes to buy a plane ticket to Eakins, Illinois to find some sort of resolve.

Taylor is your typical Maddox brother, and the moment he sits down in the Bucksaw Café, Falyn knows he’s no good. He’s a hotshot firefighter, leaving her to believe he’s just like the rest of the other hotshots… the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. So, she has no interest in getting mixed with that, especially since she already has a pretty tarnished reputation. When she learns that he’s from Eakins, though, she sees that as a surefire way to get to where she needs

We all know how Maddox love stories go, though. Those brothers love a girl who challenges them. It only makes them fight harder, which is exactly what Taylor does. They go through a wild rollercoaster of ups and downs full of secrets and sacrifices that bring them closer together, but also throw them apart. Taylor doesn’t give up the fight though, and they get more than they ever could have dreamed.

Beautiful Burn

“I was stuck between being too selfish to let him go and too contrite to let it go too far.” – Beautiful Burn

What do you do when you don’t have your life completely together, but there’s someone who is willing to be there for you through all the bad? It can be easy to push them away, claiming that you’re no good for them, but most of the time, that’s not always the greatest idea. When you’re feeling lost in the darkness, it’s important to let someone in to encourage and help lead you out of that darkness. That’s exactly what Tyler Maddox was for Ellison Edson. Like his twin, Taylor, Tyler instantly fell for a girl from a wealthy family. The only difference is that Ellison (Ellie) didn’t choose to walk away from her family like Falyn did.

Ellie Edson is your typical trust fund daughter fresh out of college. She enjoys the finer things in life, but she enjoys the party lifestyle even more. After a rager at her parents’ vacation chateau in Colorado, she’s pushed her parents to their wits end. They cut her off completely, even kicking her out of the house after a period of time. Unhappy with her parents’ decision, she chooses to continue to find comfort in alcohol, leading to a mistake that encourages her to turn her life around… at least for a little while.

Tyler Maddox is an Alpine Hotshot, like his twin brother. He’s used to sticking to one night stands due to his crazy work schedule, but when he hooks up with Ellie at one of her epic parties, he’s quickly drawn to her extreme and flippant attitude. She pushes him away as much as one can, but Tyler doesn’t back down so easily. He wants to be the one to walk through hell with her, but she insists that he not be another one of her victims.

The pair get involved in a “friends with benefits – minus the friends” relationship – although it seemed to me like they were friends – even though Tyler wanted more. He tries to be the one to save her from her demons, but her demons became something she had to take charge of on her own before she can commit to a serious relationship with him.

Overall Thoughts

“You have said from the beginning that this was all happening exactly the way it was supposed to. You can’t pick and choose. It’s either fate, or it’s not.” – Beautiful Sacrifice

I’m honestly really surprised by how much I continue to love these books. Not for any other reason than sequels (and others that follow) tend not to live up to the expectations of the ones before it. That’s not the case with these books, though. Each brother has their own love story, but still manage to tie into one another. Like the others, I didn’t want to put Taylor and Falyn’s or Tyler and Ellie’s story down. They left me feeling all the feels. 😉 Taylor and Falyn remind us that some sacrifices are for the best no matter how much they hurt, and that it’s okay to let someone heal that hurt. While Tyler and Ellie teach us that it is okay to let someone in that can encourage us to become better people even after a rocky past, and that it’s never too late to turn your life around.

You can also add Taylor and Tyler to the list of Maddox brothers that I wouldn’t mind having. 😉

“Love made people hate in a way they never would have before” – Beautiful Burn

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