Jake Miller’s “2:00am in LA” Album Review

Jake Miller 2:00am in LA

There’s new music on a weekly basis, like DJ Khaled’s single or Lorde’s album. Music is a huge part of everyone’s lives. Something amazing could be happening in your life and whatever music is playing in that moment will be a song that takes you back to that specific memory every time you hear that song. Sometimes you can relate to the lyrics on a personal level. Like no one will truly understand what you’re going through, feeling or thinking in a certain situation; yet, you’ll find a song with lyrics that completely understands you. You form a connection with the lyrics to the song. These songs tend to be the soundtrack of our lives. Also, the best kind of music is when the artist puts all their hard work into it, emotionally, physically, and artistically. That’s exactly what Jake Miller did with his new album, 2:00am in LA.

Jake Miller 2:00am in LAI joined the party late. I didn’t know who Jake Miller was until I saw him in Amber Frank’s Snapchat, where she attended his album release show for his EP album, Overnight. I thought to myself, ‘who’s this handsome stud and why haven’t I heard of him before?’ I looked up all his music on Spotify and fell in love, which led to buying all his music on iTunes and listening to it repeatedly for months! I’m not kidding.

Jake Miller started rapping and posting his music on YouTube. His career launched as he signed a record deal with E1. He released his first EP album titled The Road Less Traveled and a full-length album, Us Against Them. Shortly after, Miller signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records in which he released three EP albums, First Flight Home, Dazed and Confused, and Rumors. Almost a year ago, Overnight was released, Miller’s last EP album with Warner Bros Records.

At midnight, Miller’s new album 2:00am in LA was released and it’s already number one on iTunes. He worked on this entire album by himself. He bought some music equipment and learned how to use it, produced his own music, and wrote down his own lyrics and melodies in his bedroom. What made him decide to do this instead of working with a record label, songwriters, and music producers? “I want to be a one man show,” Miller said on Elvis Duran’s show. (You can see Miller’s interview with Duran below.) I’m glad Jake decided to do his own thing, because he created an amazing album.

Like every artist, Jake’s music has changed over the years since his first EP. He started rapping, something he excels at. Then, he started rapping and singing, the combination of both made him original and unique. Not a lot of artists can pull it off like he can. When he released Overnight, a lot of fans were surprised there wasn’t a rap song on the album. For me, I loved it. It was different from what we’re used to. If anything, I saw the maturity growth in Jake’s music. Also, it was nice to hear the smooth transition from rapping to singing full time. It was almost as if it was effortless and natural for Jake.

Jake Miller 2:00am in LA

So what’s different about 2:00am in LA? The songs are more raw and deep. On Elvis Duran’s show, Miller expressed he’s had a rough year and poured what he was feeling into his album. I sensed that as I’ve been listening to the album on repeat since midnight. Songs like “Can’t Help Myself”, “Sleeping with Strangers” and “Lost Time” are songs about relationships, whether it’s trying so get over someone, being in love with someone you’re no longer with, and going back to what you knew, missed, and felt comfortable. Although most of his album is about the emotional roller coaster one goes through in a relationship or break up, Jake also has a touching song about going back home, “Palm Blvd”, and he gave the fans what they’ve been waiting for, a rap song titled “Back to the Start”. (I see what you did there Jake, ha!)

The lyrics to most of these songs are some things you would think about at 2am when you’re wide awake in bed and can’t sleep because of what’s going on in your life. I’m guessing that’s where the album title came from as Jake worked on his album late at night in his bedroom in LA. Jake’s album couldn’t be anymore real, raw, and genuine. Overall, I think this is Jake’s best work as an artist, writer, and producer.

You can buy Jake Miller’s new album on iTunes or listen to 2:00am in LA on Apple Music and Spotify.

Photo Credit: Mark Singerman

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