HTGAWM 4×02 Recap: I’m Not Her

HTGAWM, How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis
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Episode two of season four of How to Get Away with Murder was titled “I’m Not Her,” but I’m going to call it “Annalise Gets Her Groove Back.” We’ve had time from the season premier to accept that Annalise, the Keating Four, and Bonnie have broken up. It’s only a matter of time before the gang is back together, whether it’s due to a new murder or and old one comes creeping back into the picture.

For Annalise, this episode is all about winning her first case since she’s gotten to keep her attorney license.  Annalise goes back to the women’s prison to tell her old cell mate, Jasmine Bromeele (L. Scott Caldwell), she’s her new attorney. Jasmine says she can’t afford a real lawyer and will keep her state-appointed public defender. Since Jasmine helped Annalise get through her brief prison stent last season, Annalise says she will defend her pro bono.

Meanwhile, the Keating Four are getting ready to interview for internships. Naturally, they are worried they won’t get selected for anything due to their horrible GPAs. While I do agree that their GPAs are horrible, they have more real world experience verses some of their fellow students. But what do you expect to happen to your GPA when you’re working on real cases and covering up murders? Michaela is still Michaela during this whole process. Her go-getter attitude is something everyone should have when it comes to their careers. She’s also prepared for the questions she knows that will come: What was it like working for Annalise Keating?

The interview scene made me upset. Michaela was right and every interviewer asked about working with Annalise. There’s a thin line between actually being interested and being just plane nosy. Connor got the sharp end of the stick with his two male interviewers. Connors no angel, but my boy didn’t deserve the harassing questions he was getting. Laurel would say otherwise, since she’s still mad that Connor left Wes in the house to die.

How to Get Away with Murder, HTGAWM

One of my favorite scenes was Michaela defending Asher. Simon, an annoying tool and fellow student from Annalise’s class, brings up Asher’s father during the second phase of the interview process. Asher creates a bit of a scene and Michaela swoops in to rescue her man. She helps him calm down, then threatens Simon telling him “I’ll cut off your balls and feed them to you. Trust me. I’ve done worse.” This is why Michaela has always been my favorite out of the Keating Four.

Meanwhile, Annalise is having a little trouble with her case. Jasmine has been arrested multiple times before for prostitution since she was a teen. Jasmine starts to think Annalise doesn’t have it and states “should have known you can’t get nothing good for free.” This only makes Annalise work harder on her case. She digs for more info, asking Bonnie to unseal some of Jasmine’s files since she’s an A.D.A. now. Bonnie, who is still hurt from being let go, doesn’t help. Eventually, Frank saves the day bringing Annalise the files she needs, and she finds a way to win the case. She completely demolishes Jasmine’s case in court. Annalise’s confidence and strong presences in the court room is what makes HTGAWM so great. Watching her rip everyone a new one is why I always think Viola Davis deserves all the Emmy’s.

HTGAWM, How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis

During the whole episode, you see Annalise at her mandatory therapy session with Isaac Roa (Jimmy Smits). During most of the session, Annalise is discussing her case. Isaac tells her she needs to talk about herself, but Annalise is hesitant. She reveals she wants to discuss her case because it’s her first case back after the fire and Wes’ death. Isaac decides to open up to Annalise and confesses that he was a heroin addict. In turn, Annalise shares that her first time opening up in therapy lead to her marrying her husband, the therapist, Sam.

We’re still trying to solve Wes’ murder and so is Laurel. Laurel reveals to Michaela that her father had Wes killed. She wants Michaela to take the internship at her father’s firm so she can dig for more information. I’m all for finding out more about Wes’ murder. My sweet baby didn’t deserve that. But Michaela has her future to worry about and should do whichever internship is best for her career.

Now we can’t have an episode of HTGAWM without a confusing, question inducing flash forward. Laurel is still in the hospital screaming about her baby, but this time we see Isaac making a phone call. He calls Annalise but has to leave a voicemail telling her Laurel is awake. Then, we see Bonnie at the hotel Annalise has been living at. Police are crawling everywhere in the hall and Annalise’s room collecting evidence. Bonnie keeps walking until we see a blood covered elevator. This adds two more questions to our questions that need answers list this season:

  • Why is Laurel in the hospital to deliver her baby so early and where is her baby?
  • Why is Annalise’s therapist Isaac at the hospital with Laurel?
  • How does Laurel know her father had Wes killed?
  • Whose blood is on the elevator and who did it?

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