Holly Elle “Lifeline” Review

When it comes to writing, I like a challenge and when it comes to music, I’m willing to give anything and everything a shot. 

Lifeline by Holly Elle
Truthfully, I’ve never heard of Holly Elle, or seen her anywhere, but she made an immense first impression with her newest single, “Lifeline.” This pop single is about that moment in a first kiss where everything changes where you feel a thrill from the adrenaline, making you feel more alive than ever.  As Elle explained, “We have moments in life when we’re just going through the motions, but when you meet someone that gets your heart pumping, there’s nothing like it. It’s electrifying.” Elle captures what she was trying to say in her song with the lyrics and the beats in the music.

I played “lifeline” once, then five times more, and somewhere after the tenth repeat I was singing along. Her voice starts off rich a few seconds after the song starts, and then she’s in full force by the chorus with a very powerful and in perfect pitch. The music has the kind of beat where you can’t just sit still while listening to it. It makes you move. Whether it’s in a club, in your room jamming out, or in the gym, this song is fantastic. She can’t be compared to other artists because she makes her voice her own. It’s unique, rich, and powerful.

Elle is currently unsigned to a label but judging with this single and her other music I checked out (you can check out on iTunes) she won’t be unsigned for long.

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