Heroes Review: “Genesis” and “Don’t Look Back”

As much as I hate when my shows end their season in May and won’t return till the fall, I look forward spending the summer with my best friend Netflix. A time where I get to rewatch some of my old favorite shows and discover new shows I’ve never seen and wish I had before. Heroes is a show I’ve heard about, but never got around to seeing. There are a couple of reasons why I selected Heroes as a candidate on our summer poll. One: It stars Gilmore Girls’ Milo Ventimiglia and Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere.  Two: I enjoy a show that involves supernatural powers, making me wish I were invincible. I’m glad the readers voted for this show as I’m excited to spend the next few weeks watching Heroes for the first time.

 Heroes Clare Bennett

Episode 1: Genesis

Genesis is a beginning, an origin of a creation, and the start of it all. The title of the first episode is the perfect title as we learn who the characters are, their backgrounds, and their supernatural powers. We meet five different ordinary people from around the world, each of them having something in common. They were born with something unique in the DNAs making each of them extraordinary from others. In New York, there’s Peter Petrelli (Ventimiglia) a nurse who has visions and dreams of him flying, only to find out he can’t but his brother Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) can, and Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera) a drug addict who can paint the future. Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) doesn’t have a superpower gift but he’s originally from India and moves to New York after believing his father has been murdered for his advance and top-secret research. Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Niki Sanders (Ali Larter) is a struggling single mother who owes the mob a lot of money, and sees a different image of herself in the mirror. Down south in Odessa, Texas is a high school cheerleader named Clare Bennett (Panettiere) who’s invincible. Last is Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) from Tokyo, Japan who can bend space and time.

It’s too early to judge the characters and their abilities but I like them already but have a shady feeling about Nathan. The writers did an excellent job explaining each character, and their emotions towards their power. Each of them know there is something wrong with them, something different and when they confide to someone about it, they give them the “you’re crazy” expression, as well not everyone is happy with their gifts just yet and believe it’s a curse.

Heroes Niki Sanders

Episode 2: Don’t Look Back

I thought since the first episode ended with a cliffhanger the second episode would make more sense from the confusion I had, but it did not; if anything it got me more puzzled, yet interested enough to stick around and find out all the mystery. The second episode picks up right where if left off and ending with more questions in mind. Peter can fly after all? What exactly is Niki’s power? Other than her mirror image can kill and clean up the mess it made, plus help hide the dead bodies. Meanwhile, Clare’s father Noah (Jack Coleman) seems cryptic and sensing he’s the bad guy as he seems to lie about contacting Clare’s real birth parents. Especially since he’s the one who stole her tape of footage experimenting her abilities. Meanwhile, Hiro can teleport anywhere, but can’t control the dates he would like to? That seems weird considering I always thought when a supernatural can teleport somewhere he/she can control the date and time as well. I guess not.

Two characters were also introduced that caught my attention, Eden Mcain (Nora Zehetner) the sweet neighbor who was friends with Mohinder’s father and knew about his recent research project. She seems nice, sweet, and helpful, but my TV gut says something might be shady like. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on her. In Los Angles, we meet perhaps another hero with special abilities, Max Parkman (Greg Grunberg) who can hear whispers and read minds.

After only two episodes, I’m somewhat hooked and very curious to see how this show will unfold. Who will survive? When they’ll meet, if they do meet, and will they form a Justice League like team and save the world together? Needless to say, I’m very excited y’all voted for this show, as I can’t wait to see what will happen the rest of the season. Tune in next Monday for episodes 3 and 4.

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