Hear Singer Carrie Lane’s New Single “Found You”

Singer-songwriter Carrie Lane’s freshman album doesn’t come out until later in the year but you can hear her debut single now.

Carrie Lane
Photographer Credit: Mark Fischgrund, Fiona Medler and Germán Saez

If you’ve never heard of Lane, or seen a picture of her, you would think she was anyone. Her vocals are reminiscent of Taylor Swift, her looks reminds me of Amanda Seyfried, and her lyrics are on par with any reigning pop queen of today. Lane’s got the looks and voice to match, and I think she will be a household name in a year.

The beginning of the song starts off a bit shaky and unsure, but soon Lane finds her groove and finishes up confident and strong. It’s insanely catchy. I’ve never been much of a fan of the “ooohhhh ohhh” type songs, especially since it’s in every pop song ever, but Lane manages to use it in a way that sounds unique.

It’s a fun summery tune and the video is adorable (especially since the barista has a bit of an Adam Scott vibe going on). “Found You” could easily be the next song of the summer.

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