The Good Wife “Hitting The Fan” – WOW. That was phenomenal.

That’s how an episode of television is done, everybody. What a truly wonderful, phenomenal hour. The Good Wife could have never pulled “Hitting The Fan” off in its first season, nor even its fourth, probably. It’s been working up to this level of excitement and storytelling  for five years now. It earned this episode by growing and maturing and playing off its strengths. It knew when it was feeling stale and began the motions to change everything. Sunday’s episode was not only a great episode of The Good Wife, it will probably go down as one of the strongest episodes of television in the entire 2013 television year. And yes, that also includes cable programs as well.

will and alicia the good wife hitting the fan
Oh hai angry Will!

Picking up right where we left off last week, Diane tells Will Alicia is leaving with the Car(e)ys and taking Lockhart,Gardner clients with her. After a few seconds of disbelief, Will marches to Alicia’s office and #deskgate happens. You know what I’m talking about, the internet. “I hired you! I pushed for you! Nobody else wanted you! You are poison!” Will cleans Alicia’s desk in a very mad, manly fashion as he fires her and has security escort her off the premises. Oh, it’s game on, y’all.

Elevator Scene! Drink! 

For those playing along at home, we had one very memorable elevator scene, reminiscent of season two’s scene with Kalinda. As the elevator doors close, Alicia tells Will that she never meant to hurt him and it wasn’t personal. And it’s not. She has to get away from him because she’s in love with him and it hurts to be around. She’s never be more than Alicia Florrick First Lady of lllinois to Lockhart, Gardner and she’s worth so much more. Will knows it. Diane knows it. David Lee doesn’t care. Getting away from Will will allow Alicia to grow as a person and become Saint Alicia; under Will she will always be questioning her ethics and wondering just how high she has to go to not cross that line. That 15 second scene slayed me. As the doors close Alicia breaks down and it’s so incredibly heartbreaking to watch Alicia’s exterior shatter. Five years of her life now gone. All those years she’s worked so hard for and this is how she gets treated. How Will sees her. How she sees Will. Because she always had on Will blinders and they were hindering her judgment. He’s not a nice guy, but he is a nice guy with Alicia. I think he’s only genuine around Alicia, and without her there, does he know who he is? Can Will still be Will without Alicia in his life? Can they come back from this? There’s so much passion in this scene. Betrayal hurts the most.

Alicia and Will then spend the rest of the episode trying to get ChumHum as their client, because whoever gets him gets his $35 million a year retainer. So basically: whoever gets ChumHum gets to stay in business. (Spoiler: Florrick, Agos and Associates get him!)

Alicia and the other fourth years work out of Alicia’s living room since the beautiful, wonderful, evil snake David Lee kicked them out of their new offices. No worries! There’s a bunch of angry words exchanged and restraining orders filed, and in court Alicia does this awesome thing towards David and Will:

the good wife hitting the fan
i luv u alicia bby!

Angry Phone Calls! 

Peter and Will have an amazing phone call, and there’s threats and Peter tells Will he knows he’s slept with his wife and they both are in love with the same woman but at the moment only one hates her. Peter’s never been prouder as he heads to her apartment and the two have a little quickie in the bedroom. I didn’t find it romantic, just an I-need-you-now urge they both get, especially Peter when he sees his wife kicking ass. I mean, Alicia kept looking at the clock the whole time, so take that as you will. But they are super cute together, even though I don’t like Peter and don’t know why Alicia is still with him. Peter’s all about running a clean, ethical campaign, but he’s not even governor yet and he’s already broken that promise. And he’s now officially dead to me since he’s taking away Diane’s Supreme Court Justice nomination. Dead to me! Don’t you dare do that to my Diane! Ughhhhh, Peter.

Finally, Kalinda is staying with Will for now, and also seems hurt that Alicia never asked her to go with her to the new firm. I think all of this is setting up a show down between Alicia and Kalinda because those two are due. They haven’t had a scene together for like 15 episodes or something. I so cannot wait.

As heartbreaking as this episode was, there were some nice little moments of humor. Howard Lyman without pants. The courtroom scenes. Peter and Alicia. And Will and Alicia’s phone call. Will calls Alicia and basically tells her how horrible of a human she is and tells her to go to hell and right as he’s about to hang up he relays a message to her from her daughter. Such a great scene between Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies. Decency still exists, and it came from Will! Yay!

Additional notes:
Other Cary, Carey with an E, is super creepy and gross. I do not like him, and want him gone. Him leaning all up on that counter with Grace was so sleazy. I’m so glad Alicia shut that down.

David Lee calling Alicia Judas and her laying into him is something I want to watch on repeat for the rest of my life.

ALICIA FLORRICK. That is all. You own it, girl. I love her so much. She had her moment to cry and that was it. She’s not dwelling on Will or Diane, but rather focusing on her future. FINALLY.


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2 comments on “The Good Wife “Hitting The Fan” – WOW. That was phenomenal.

  1. I feel the exact opposite way you do about Alicia having blinders. I think Will is the one who has always had blinders on when it comes to Alicia. Alicia knows who Will is and knows he can be ruthless, but that he can also be kind. She knew he was never going to take her betrayal well, and it was a betrayal because everything he said was true. He went above and beyond for her so many times and he was her friend. The least he deserved was her honesty. I don’t blame her for leaving, but the way she left? That’s all on her. Will always thought Alicia was a saint and when he said that she was ‘awful and didn’t even know it’ I fist pumped the air. Because what she did was awful and she was pretending it wasn’t. I do love Alicia, but she isn’t a great person and someone needed to say it finally. She’s already a better character now that she’s coming to terms with how terrible she can be and how truly awful and corrupt her husband is. Saint Alicia never existed and never will, thankfully.

    1. I totally understand where you’re coming from, Nathan. I saw that scene through Alicia’s POV and not Will’s. Yes to the Will blinders, however. I too loved the “you’re awful and don’t even know it” line because that could be said for any of the characters, really. I’m excited to see Alicia wrestle with her awfulness and coming to terms with it as well. She thinks she’s a good person but she’s really not. This season has been amazing. Thanks for your comment!

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