The Good Doctor Pilot Review: A New Show Worth Watching

the-good-doctorthe good doctor 2Synopsis: Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates from a quiet country life to join a prestigious hospital’s surgical unit. Alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, Shaun uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues. (

Grab the tissues, ladies and gents, because The Good Doctor will pull at your heartstrings and just might make you cry. It’s not your typical medical drama that you see with Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Med. In my opinion, at least based on The Pilot, it has a bit more heart. We have this young surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy, with autism who was dealt a pretty rough childhood. He survived it, but he can’t say that for those he cared about most. He just wants to save lives… and buy himself a television.

Of course, there are the skeptics of higher rank that don’t think he can cut it, but there’s also one man, Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), who has the upmost faith in Murphy. Once Murphy proves he’s just as capable of saving lives as any other doctor (if not more), he also convinces the board to give him a chance. Even when his surgical superior tries to lessen Murphy’s confidence and abilities, Murphy fires back with sass and positivity.the good doctor 3Shaun Murphy may have autism and savant syndrome, but he saved a boy’s life when other doctors couldn’t see or think of what he did. Is the risk a little bit greater? Sure. But who’s to say he won’t beat the odds? I have no doubt, Shaun Murphy will face obstacles, criticism, and mistakes, but I also believe he’ll prove all those skeptics wrong.

The Good Doctor is refreshing and heartwarming. It really makes you think about why people with disabilities aren’t really given a fighting chance. If they have the ability, intelligence, and the heart, don’t they have just as much right to go after dreams? I know this is a dramatized television show, but I also believe there’s some truth behind this story.

the good doctorI give The Good Doctor pilot episode a B+. It only had a few downfalls, in my opinion. Some of the medical graphics were a bit distracting, but I know they’re just to show us how Murphy thinks. There was also a side story or two that didn’t quite fit with the episode, in my opinion. I get that those stories will be explained as the season progresses, but I feel they were oddly placed.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC!


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  1. OMG, yes! I used a whole pack of Hello Kitty tissues!!! They were the closest that I had to me. From the opening scenes to the end of the pilot episode I cried big ugly tears! I can ID w/this kid on so many Levels. Plus, it’s by the creators of House, MD, what’s not to love?

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