Gilmore Girls Revival Gets Official Title!

Gilmore Girls Revival’s official title is here!

Gilmore girls cast

Forget about wearing your shoes! Look who is visiting Ellen!

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Lauren Graham dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show (which is across the Gilmore Girls sound stage) to share with us the official title of the Gilmore Girls revival. You ready for this?

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Gilmore Girls Revival A Year in the Life
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Graham told Ellen, “It’s been the most incredible experience; I cry trying to talk about it.”  The episode will air this Monday (5/23/2016) where she will talk more about the revival and her second book, I’m Talking As Fast As I Can!  Check your located listing for time! Until then, watch this clip here!

As officially announced on January 29, 2016, our beloved girls and zany Stars Hollow residents are back (some new ones too!) Netflix with have four new 90-minute episodes! Each episode will be titled one of four seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

We are still anxiously waiting for a release date for the limited series.

Lorelai eye roll

and waiting….

Rory weird face

But until then…

Live more.

LDB jump

Laugh more.

GG Laugh

Eat more.

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Talk More.




What are your thoughts on the revival title? When do you think Netflix will release the episodes? Do you want all four at once, or one episode one season at a time? Share your thoughts below!


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