Gilmore Girls Revival Announced! UPDATED!!


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Gilmore Girls Season 7
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UPDATE: On January 29 2016, Netflix officially announced the Gilmore Girls Revival!

Returning cast members include of Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena, Sean Gunn, and many other original series members! All four scripts have been written. Lauren Graham has read 3/4 and yes, she knows what those last four words are! Friday Night Dinners have officially been reinstated!

Check out this adorable tweet Lauren Graham tweeted!


TVLine broke the news that Warner Bros and Netflix have signed a deal for a Gilmore Girls Revival! That’s right? Are you over the shock yet? Amy Sherman- Palladino, series creator, along with executive producer Daniel Palladino have agreed to a limited series revival which will consist of four 90 minute episode. That’s SIX new hours of Gilmore Girls! I’ll take whatever extra Gilmore Girls I can get! There have been no negotiations with cast yet, but Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson are expected to return (RIP ED HERRMANN). However, there will be a time jump to meet up with the Gilmore’s in the present day.


What do you want to see and most excited for? I’ve made a list!

Here are 15 things (one for each year we’ve loved Gilmore Girls) we can hopefully see! (Narrowing in it down to 15 was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do!)

(Disclaimer: Yes, TVLine posted a similar thing, but I already had more than half of this written before I saw it. I guess great minds think alike.) 

  1. Luke and Lorelai Happily Ever After

Gilmore Girls Raincoats and Recipes

We were heartbroken when Luke and Lorelai broke up and then Lorelai went off with Christopher only to come back to Luke in the finale. Fans definitely want to see these two crazy kids married with some jam hands running around.

Gilmore Girls 4x21

2. Richard Gilmore’s Absences addressed

We were all sadden to hear about the passing of Ed Herrmann on Dec 31, 2014. Go grab a tissue. I’ll wait…. You ready now? I can count on ASP for giving him a nice tribute.

Gilmore Girls Edward-Herrmann

3. Friday Night Dinner

Even with Richard’s absence, I would love to see Lorelai and Rory heading over to Emily’s for their weekly dinner. Maybe Luke joins them now. Better yet, maybe Emily and Luke get along really well.

Gilmore Girls FND

4. Current Pop Culture references

Gilmore Girls 1x07I know I am not alone in re-watching/binging Gilmore Girls for the millionth time and feeling nostalgic with the old pop culture references. I wonder what the Gilmores think of the Kardashians.

5.  Junk Food and Movie Night

What is Gilmore Girls without there favorite past time? We watched these two eat Chinese food, pizza, burgers and fries, with carrots sticks (because Lorelai is a good mother) in one sitting.



6. Kirk and LuluGilmore Girls: Kirk and Lulu

Everyone was happy that Kirk and Lulu found each other. So what are they up to now? What is Kirk’s current job and did he actually reproduce?





7. Luke’s Diner

As a staple in the Gilmore lifestyle, scenes at the diner are must along with our favorite flannel wearing Diner man. Maybe Caesar got his frozen bananas on the menu.

Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai

8.  Townspeople of Stars Hollow (Including the Gazebo)Gilmore Girls Town

From war reenactments to Firelight Festivals to town meetings, what is Stars Hollow up to? Are there any cool new town festivals? Is Taylor still taking over the town? Miss Patty still teaching dance and gossiping with Babette? How is Babette and Morey’s cat? Did it eat any Clam’s from Al’s Pancake World? So many questions!



9. Babies all Grown up

Last we left them, Sookie and Jackson had Davy and Maratha with a third on the way. Liz had just had Doula (I still cringe at the name) and Zach and Lane had twins!
Gilmore Girls Babies!

10. Rory’s guy situation

So neither, Dean, Jess, or Gilmore Girls Ah Mah GahLogan were the one for Rory, so did she ever fine another guy? Better yet, can Marty make an appearance again and NOT get rejected (pretending that whole ugliness with Rory’s two random friends in season 7 didn’t happen) or is Jason Street going to be all of Lauren Graham’s TV daughters’ significant other? (I would not be opposed to this)






11. How Successful is Jess?

Speaking of which, (how is that a speaking of which– High Five if you get this) at the end of season 6, Jess was finally getting his life together. He had wjess-rory-hug-gilmore-girls-6515rote a book and was working in a bookstore/publishing house in Philly. I can only hope he is happy.





12. Hep Alien Reunion

Even though we just saw a reunion at ATXFestival in June, who wouldn’t want to see them again? Maybe someone could get Adam Brody on board.

Gilmore Girls: Hep Alien
Photo by Alexa Gonzalez Wagner

13. Michel

What is our favorite French concierge up to? Still counting how many blueberries he eats?

Gilmore Girls Michel


14. Dragonfly Inn

It was beautiful seeing the Dragonfly Inn restored. Definitely would love to see it thriving.

Gilmore Girls Dragonflyinn

15. Paris and Doyle

WhParis and Doyleile Liza Weil is lawyer-ing it up on How to Get Away With Murder and Danny Strong is heading up his Empire, Paris and Doyle really sure found each other. I wonder if Paris is lawyer doctor hybrid. Plus, gotta love Paris’ low tolerance for crap.


Now we must patiently wait for more news and a date to mark our calendars! THIS IS HAPPENING!

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All Photos courtesy of The WB/CW.

Source: TVLine (Love you, Michael Ausiello)

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