Gilmore Girls 1×05 Cinnamon’s Wake Recap

RIP Cinnamon

Gilmore Girls 1×05 Cinnamon’s Wake

Aha! Finally, some development in the love lives of our favorite girls.  In this episode of Gilmore Girls, Babette and Maury’s (the girls’ neighbors) cat, Cinnamon, dies and the whole town comes together to show their support. We observe first hand some of the town’s quirkiness and charm such as the first mention of Al’s Pancake World, which apparently sells more than just pancakes, and the personalities of selected townspeople. This is also the episode that contains many of our favorite Gilmore quotes!

The episode opens with our Gilmore women at the dining table at Friday Night Dinner discussing Richard’s absence. He is in Germany on business this week. Naturally, Lorelai asks if her father is insuring Nazis, because when else would she get the opportunity to bring up Nazis, much to Emily’s chagrin. Emily announces that a distant cousin (father’s grandmother’s sister’s girl) Claudia died, who Lorelai has no recollection of, and her funeral is on Thursday. As I would do, Lorelai comes up with a sensible excuse that she won’t be able to get out of work to attend the funeral of the cousin’s whose house she visited to see the first moon landing.

The next MEmily Jokeonday? (Do we know what day it is?) Rory reminds Lorelai that Chilton’s bake sale is this afternoon and is wondering why Lorelai isn’t baking. Lorelai assures her daughter she has the bake sale covered. I find it unusual that Rory expected her mom to actually bake when she knows her mother can’t cook/bake. This is probably due to establishing characters in the young series. Up until now, we have not been told that Lorelai can’t cook and we are left to our own assumptions.  Fun fact: In the unaired pilot episode of the series, Lorelai did cook! Perhaps this is remnant of that. I would also like to point out Lorelai’s hair is up again! I am clearly in love with Lorelai’s hair all the time!

Back to the episode. On her way to school, Dean follows Rory on the bus, startling her. Aww, Stalker Dean strikes again. The whole interaction is pretty cute as he flirts witDean on Bush her. Rory freaks out that he is going to miss school and needs to get off the bus. Dean reminds her that buses make stops as the bus comes to a halt and he gets saying “Goodbye, Lorelai Gilmore.”

At Chilton, Lorelai has enlisted Sookie’s expertise and she has gone all out with their table at the bake sale. Along comes our tall, dark, and handsome English teacher, Mr. Max Medina. Max takes Lorelai aside to discuss a proposition for her. He suggested her icy shield thaw and they should see each other outside of Chilton and get some coffee. Reluctant at first, but then convinced by his charm and smile, Lorelai indirectly sets up a time and place where she would be and wouldn’t ignore him if he showed up. I absolutely loved her response to the question. It goes to show just how quick and witty Lorelai is.Max and Lorelai Bake Sale

Coffee with my Oygen
I love her hair!

Back in the hollow, Rory and Lane are walking through town when they run into Babette, Maury, and a no-so- good sounding Cinnamon. Babette explains how their cat is dyspeptic after eating some calms at Al’s Pancake world. (They had a coupon!) This is the first time the beloved establishment of Al’s Pancake world is mentioned. Obviously, the restaurant sells anything but pancakes. Rory and Lane are near Doose’s market when Rory finds an excuse to go get something from the market AKA stalk Dean, leaving her friend alone (totally hate when friends do this for a guy!) Rory scans the market for Dean, picking up a head of lettuce and a mouse trap to purchase. Miss Patty catches Rory admiring Dean from afar. Kirk who is apparently the assistant manager at the market, confronts Miss Patty for sampling food in the market and seems to have never met Miss Patty before. Kirk’s character identity crisis is another quirk for the young show. Rory brings her must needed items to the counter for check out. Dean quickly rushes for the other counter to be the bag boy at the register she is at. Embarrassingly, Rory doesn’t have enough money. Good ole Dean offers to loan the money to her (Oh, how sweet!). She declines and does her “idiot run” out of the market. These two are crushing pretty hard.Kirk Dooses

At the coffee shop she had told him she would be at, our perfect Chilton educator was already waiting for Lorelai when she arrived after her business class. He feeds her some lame sad story about his uncle and a girl he liked to convince her that they should date. Like any good mother, Lorelai is concern about how dating her daughter’s teacher would impact Rory.  Again, Max’s irresistible charm convinces her to go on a real date. Don’t worry guys, he checked the Chilton book of ethics!


At the diner, while enjoying some burgers (which Sookie took upon herself to go behind Luke’s sacred counter to not only add some onions to her burger, but garnish the plates of few other customers before Luke barks at her) Lorelai discusses dating Max. She blatantly makes it clear that she would like some sex which Sookie is really really slow to pick up on. (Hello! Yoo hoo! Luke! MAKE A MOVE!) Their discussion is interrupted by Rory rushing into to tell her mother that she needed to come.

Behind the counter

Turns out Cinnamon wasn’t just dyspeptic. Babette and Maury’s beloved cat passed away and it’s actually kind of a funny story (No, not that movie Lauren Graham was in.) Babette thought she was a sleep so she nudged the cat only to have Cinnamon go shooting across the since she had just waxed the floor. Lorelai and Rory contain their amusement with the story and comfort Babette and Maury. Apparently the cat was 260 years old in human years which makes no sense at all, but whatever. To show their support, the town gets together to at the Dell’s for a wake.  Luke and Sookie both bring food and naturally Sookie wants it arranged in a certain way and Luke can careless. Michel comes looking for Lorelai and scoffs at the idea of a wake for a cat (But in the future he will have Celine Dion playing for his dog’s funeral). Dean runs into Rory as he is dropping off some beverages for the Wake (Pepsi Twist!). Lorelai see the two interact and asks Rory if she knows him. She explains in a fluster that he used to go to her old school and that she goes to Chilton now. (Thanks for the update!) Dean asks Rory if she had a second to talk but she brushes him off saying she has gum instead.

Rory watches Dean leave through  window when she spots a familiar face on her porch, her English teacher. Rory doesn’t even have to finish asking her mom what he was doing on the porch when Lorelai says, “oh no” and realized that tonight was her date. Rory wonders if she is in trouble and that’s why he was there which always makes me chuckle. Lorelai explains that Max is here to pick her up and Rory is less than thrilled to hear that. Lorelai quickly runs over to Max next door to apologize for forgetting about their date. Max claims to be heartbroken. How could he not be? A Gilmore girl forgot about him! Lorelai assures him that she truly did forget only because of the neighbor’s cat died and that he should call her again to reschedule. (I think this was fate saying Max and Lorelai shouldn’t date, but that is just my opinion).

Max and Lorelai

Back at the wake, Sookie is harping on Luke about his recipes and arranging the food her way. He, of course, let’s her have her way. What a gentleman, but why is he touching the food with his hands? In the meantime, Lorelai helps Babette do the dishes. We see just how small the Dell’s home is as Lorelai has to not only bend under doorways, but also has to sit on a stool to be at the level of the sink. Babette worries now that Cinnamon is gone, Maury is going to leave her because she saw on Oprah couples who lost a child have marriages fall apart. Lorelai does her best to comfort her grieving neighbor. Lorelai admits that she never think a man will want her. Babette tells her “with that ass” she’ll find someone (Hello, haaave you met, Luke?) and it could have been that stud with the mustang that was on her porch early tonight. Can’t put thing past Babette.

Babette and Lorelai

Outside, Dean finds Rory and tells her that he’ll leave her alone now that he knows she is not interested. As he is leaving, Rory tells him that she is interested, runs off, and leaves Dean with dopey grin on his face.

The wake ends and Lorelai and Rory finally get a chance to talk about Max before they head back home.  Rory is concerned about the weird factor of her mom dating her teacher. Lorelai explains that it has been a long time since she has felt this way about a guy and promises not to keeping anything from Rory again.  After a shout out to Billy Bob Thornton (who would be future Santa Claus to Lauren’s dirty I don’t even know what to call her) and a good night to Babette and Maury, the girls return home to the phone ringing. Lorelai answers it and it is Emily who right away gets annoyed that she hasn’t been able to reach her all day. Lorelai for once decides to tell her mother the truth about how she was at a wake for a cat. Emily can’t understand how she was able to get away for cat funeral rather than her own cousin’s funeral. I love Emily’s parting comment about attending a raccoon’s wedding. After the phone call, Lorelai points out they never settled the whole dating Max thing. Rory comes around to the idea of her mother dating her teaching by joking about keeping him out late Wednesday so he can sleep through her presentation on Thursday.Emily Raccoon

More recaps on the way! Stay tuned for more possible Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life scoop!

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