Ghost Adventures: Tuolumne Hospital with Non-Stop Paranormal Activity!

Tuolumne Hospital

Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the abandoned Tuolumne Hospital in Sonora, CA, hoping to encounter spirits of the miners who passed through its doors during the California Gold Rush of 1849 (

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)


The boys venture off to an abandoned hospital in California as the very first paranormal investigators to determine whether this location is really haunted, or not. And as it quickly turns out, it most definitely is! This place opened its doors to assist many miners in the early 1900’s and closed it’s doors in December 2011. However, though these doors may have shut, many patients, remain locked inside.

The Interviews

The guys first interview a man named Ed who claims something is still lurking around the hospital. He refused to refer to it as, “the spirit,” and named him “George” instead. The funny thing about this interview was that Ed called “George” a “butthead!” Zak, Nick, and Aaron began chuckling because this was the first time an interviewee referred to a spirit as being a butthead.

Kristy Moore shares an event where she felt something behind her and till this day, she refuses to go back to that area because she feels extreme discomfort.

The interview that shocked me the most was with a named called Sean McIntire. He stated he was making a movie with a few people and a phone began to ring within the hospital. He searched the entire premises and finally located the ringing phone, but strangely, it was disconnected. There was NO possible way for this phone to ring! Crazy!

During the episode, they go back to the interview with Ed and while in the interview, they all begin to hear voices, doors squeaking, and Zak gets a sharp pain in his right temple! Zak looked like he was in so much pain! And this was just the beginning!

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)

The Evidence – Non Stop Activity!

Paranormal activity began PRIOR to lockdown! Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley were setting up their nerve center (the area they hold all the monitors to watch over Zak, Nick, and Aaron) when suddenly the Kinect Cam shows what looks like a figure assisting the dummy patient. You can see this nurse or doctor moving their left arm to and from the patient to the IV stand. I was completely blown away! Zak states that this camera is fail proof; meaning there’s no way it could map out a human figure without something being there. Extremely spooky!

There was so much happening in this episode I’m not even sure I blinked! From Nick getting on the operating table and feeling emotionally unstable, to the SB7 (Spirit Box 7) receiving a female voice staying, “help…patient,” to white mists here an there, a loud crash in the patient room, the light in the basement, and Aaron beginning to go crazy in the padded room capturing voices in there with him!

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)

This was definitely an action-packed episode! I don’t think the guys even had a chance to take a break with all the activity happening around them! I felt so bad for Aaron sitting in the padded room! They always make him go into the worst areas!

This hospital is DEFINITELY haunted. No. Doubt. About. That. Tuolumne Hospital is officially on the top ten list of the Most Creepiest Places GAC Has Investigated. Hands down.

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2 comments on “Ghost Adventures: Tuolumne Hospital with Non-Stop Paranormal Activity!

  1. I have lived in the Groveland/Sonora area for almost 20 years, when was this episode made? I have been wanting to put a paranormal group or join one for years, however, there is not much interest for such groups. I missed this episode, can I watch it on line?
    I have been plagued by the paranormal since the age of 12 and it has followed me since and still continues to do so. I live in Groveland CA in a chalet home that has had many paranormal events happen since I have lived in the home with my husband and two daughters for almost 20 years now.

    1. This episode was released last Friday. You may watch it in YouTube. There are several users who post the episodes. I think you should start your own paranormal investigation group. The Ghost Adventures crew is made up of only 3 guys, Zak, Nick, and Aaron. 🙂

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