Ghost Adventures: Transylvania…with Vlad Dracula!

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) The guys scoping out the castle.
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) The guys scoping out the castle.


“The ancient Celts believed that Halloween was the time when the veil between the world of the living and world of the dead was at its thinnest. And for Zak, Nick and Aaron, it means it’s a time for spirits to run free. Ghost Adventures spends this Halloween in Transylvania, a region in central Romania, on a quest to contact Dracula and the spirits associated with him. This 2-hour special features the guys’ once-in-a-lifetime journey into the heart of Romania and the birthplace of Vlad Dracula.” – Travel Channel

Prior Thoughts

I was super stoked for this episode for several reasons:

  • It was the Halloween special; which meant two hours with these sexy men
  • They traveled to Romania; a place I wish to visit one day
  • It was about Dracula
  • We got half the day off of work

Not only was this two-hour special interesting, it was also very educational. I learned so much about Vlad Dracula that I didn’t know before.

What I learned from this episode

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) Vlad Dracul
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) Vlad Dracul
  • Vlad Tepes (pronounced vu-lad te-pesh) was very powerful during the 1400’s.
  • He murdered hundreds of people defending God…and possibly the Devil.
  • He would impale his enemies in front of his castle as statement to those CONSIDERING an invasion. Impaling is when someone puts a stick in the ground and then either your head, or your body through the stick. Because of this, he was then known as Vlad the Impaler.
  • His father was known as Vlad II Dracul.
  • His father was a member of the Order of the Dragon; this group or society was created to protect Christianity…ironically, they killed many people.
  • Dracul was known as “son of the devil.”
  • When in battle, he was ruthless.
  • He was eventually referred to as Vlad Dracul. Not dracula.
  • Vlad Dracul was imprisoned for treason in a cell completely isolated from society.
  • The vampire Dracula was altered from Vlad Dracul. There was NO blood sucking involved.
  • Vlad Dracul has a few descendents living today in Romania; Princess something and her two daughters. Princess something looks so much like him in the picture. I didn’t know what to expect when they interviewed her. It was so cool! I would LOVE to be like, “oh yea, my great great grandfather was Dracula. Mmhhmm. I’m awesome.” haha

Learning all this stuff was awesome. I had no idea. Prior to seeing this episode, I would only think of Dracula: The Blood-Sucking Vampire! But not anymore! I think he’s even more vicious than the vampire. =/

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) Zak ventures into the very cell Vlad Tepes stayed in.
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) Zak ventures into the very cell Vlad Tepes stayed in.

Hoia-Baciu Forest

This place tripped me out. There’s a forest in Romania known for just about every strange thing; UFO sightings, apparitions, glowing balls of light (Great balls of fire!), strange feelings, you name it!

Evidently, Zak goes in the wee hours of the night with Billy to do an investigation. If you’ve seen the episode on Poveglia, you’ve seen Zak get emotional. But he just lost it at this forest! I wanted to just hug him! It was like he was a kid again scared beyond his imagination. He states that that was the most afraid he had ever been, in any episode. That says something. This dude doesn’t get scared and emotional like the way he did at this forest. Zak just froze and states the trees were gray and slightly fuzzy. That it was almost as if he were dead, but he was alive. I don’t know but aye pobresito! Poor guy! Billy was just trying to calm him down. Poor Billy.

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) It is said Vlad Tepes' tomb was found next to this church.
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) It is said Vlad Tepes’ tomb was found next to this church.


It was a two-hour NONSTOP episode with tons of evidence! From the glowing ball of light in the forest to the words that possibly came from Vlad himself on the Ovulus! So much happened during this episode it was hard to keep track of! This is DEFINITELY one of my top favorite episodes. Hands. Down. When you watch this episode, make sure you’re comfortable. You’re in for a ride!


(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) Zak Bagans adjusting a camera.
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel) Zak Bagans adjusting a camera.

My Favorite Parts from this Special

  • Definitely learning the history was amazing. I was glued (as well as my sister who lives ten hours away from me…we were texting the entire time).
  • When they showed the baby picture of Zak as Dracula for Halloween
  • Zak losing it; I mean this in a good way from being so emotional.

There was SO much that happened within the two-hours it was hard to keep up! On a different note, I think Zak is so sexy with his glasses. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but I just had to say it again. lol!

Behind the Scenes

Check out some of Aaron’s vlogs from Romania!

Dracula’s Grave

Dracula’s Jail Cell

Top of Dracula’s Castle

Dinner Dance in Transylvania


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  1. I just watched this episode and when you interviewed the granddaughter about her great grandfather dracula did you noticed her necklace she was wearing that had the devils symbol. she is satanic

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