Ghost Adventures: A Very Haunted Victorian Mansion – “Good vs Evil”

Synopsis: “Zak, Nick and Aaron answer the call to help homeowners understand the horrors that have plagued them inside their haunted, century-old, Victorian mansion. Lillian Otero and Edwin Gonzalez bought their “dream house” in 2009, but the paranormal events were so overwhelming that they eventually had to move out. The guys are determined to communicate with these relentless spirits to better understand why they keep haunting Edwin and Lillian” (Travel Channel).

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel - The Haunted Victorian Mansion)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel – The Haunted Victorian Mansion)

Boston, MA

This episode begins very somber, with the guys paying their respects to those who were affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. This is also the very place where investigator. Nick Groff, grew up. I thought it was nice of them to pay their respects before the investigation.

The Interviews

Edwin and Lillian Gonzalez are the current owners of this luxurious Victorian mansion. However, due to extreme paranormal events occurring around the home, they refuse to live in their own home.

So imagine, elated because you’re finally purchasing the home of your dreams, a freaking mansion, with the love of your life, and then experiencing, witnessing, and hearing paranormal activity causing you to flee your own home, refusing to go back in there. That’s terrible.

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)

Edwin speaks of his very first, and shocking encounter, inside the home. He mentions fixing up his office when suddenly he saw a shadow figure in his peripheral vision. He let it go, not thinking too much about it, called his wife Lillian, and headed out to go eat when outside, an ambulance was heading across the street. He approaches a friend across the street to learn that a man just died from a heart attack. Gonzalez believes that right when he saw the shadow figure, this man had a heart attack an died. This is the the beginning to what this couple has experienced. Could this have been an omen? Did the man see this shadow figure and fall to his death? There are also kids running around the home, a levitating woman crying,

John Brightman IV, a member of the New England Paranormal Research, is a big dude! 6’7″ to be exact! During an investigation, Brightman captures evidence of the Ovilus with something, or something, saying, “squeeze…every…throat…” I don’t care how big you are, if I had heard this, I would’ve ran. Period. The scary part about his investigation was that right BEFORE he captured this, he got scratched on his ribs in the form of the roman numeral four (IV). A picture is shown to prove this and it really does look like the roman numeral IV.

Ghost Adventures Researcher, Jeff Belanger, shares with the guys shocking information about seven deaths that take place in the home. IN THE HOME. Probably the most shocking piece of information was about a tenant who was severely burned and died of smoke inhalation. The irony about that? There was no evidence in the home that a fire took place. Nothing. He was the only thing inflamed. How do you explain that?!

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel)

Lillian Gonzalez, Edwin’s wife, shares a frightening event that took place in her bedroom. She was sleeping one night, face down, and suddenly, she couldn’t move. She was pinned down. No one around her. She began screaming for Edwin and he attempted to help her but couldn’t. This event is what caused them to flee. This concerned me only because an event like this happened to my sister. When she was younger, she was sleeping and from what I recall (because she hasn’t mentioned it since), she woke up because she felt something pinning her down. She tried screaming but something was preventing her to yell. She said she began praying, and after a few seconds, she was free.

(Photo Credit: Travel Channel - Nick and Zak outside the Victorian Mansion)
(Photo Credit: Travel Channel – Nick and Zak outside the Victorian Mansion)

The Evidence

Zak and Aaron hadn’t even started recording anything in the home when noises from upstairs catches them off guard. Lots of loud banging is recorded upstairs, white mists and anomalies appear, cameras turning off, and Edwin receiving spirits talking to him more than anyone else.  I found it amazing how these spirits were ONLY responding to Edwin and no one else. That shows how intelligent these spirits are to know who is talking and who isn’t. It’s crazy! What’s scarier is to think that they could see us, but we can’t see them.

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