How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Premier Review

If the show wasn’t called How to Get Away with Murder, it would be called, “The ungrateful Keating 5 and the woman who has done nothing but try to protect them.” Excuse me, its Keating 4 now. I’m still having a hard time accepting Wes Gibbins unnecessary death.

On the season 4 premier of How to Get Away with Murder entitled “I’m Going Away,” Annalise is dealing with the aftermath of the house fire and Wes’ death. Our favorite bad ass attorney travels back home to visit her mother, Ophelia (Cicely Tyson). My favorite episodes always include a scene between Annalise and her mother.

How to Get Away With Murder
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Why Cicely Tyson hasn’t won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series yet, baffles me. Both Ophelia and Annalise have been through so much, but now they have to deal with Ophelia’s dementia. I almost teared up during the scene when Ophelia talks to Annalise about her condition. Naturally, Ophelia doesn’t want to be placed in a home for the elderly where she can be monitored. Ophelia has already walked out of the house in the middle of the night and woken Annalise up panicking because of a fire that wasn’t happening. Tyson’s portrayal makes you think about what you would do in that situation. No one wants to think of the day where they have to become the caretaker of their parents.

Post house fire, the Keating 4 have been living pretty decent lives considering all the horrible things that have been happening to them since law school started. Connor is still with Oliver, after rejecting his marriage proposal. Michaela and Asher are still going strong despite their completely different upbringings. Laurel tells her father she has had an abortion, leaving out the little detail of it being Wes’ baby. At the end of the episode, Laurel tells everyone she has decided to keep her baby and she is due in 5 months. It is also revealed that Laurel knows her father had Wes killed.

I am so ecstatic Laurel decided to keep her baby. At first, I understood why she wouldn’t want to keep the baby. Wes is dead and she’s been surrounded with so much murder, it probably isn’t the best environment to bring a baby into. After it’s revealed she knows her father killed Wes, it makes complete and total sense that she wouldn’t want him to know she’s pregnant with Wes’ child.

How to Get Away With Murder
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Annalise asked the Keating 4 and Bonnie out for dinner. Things started to go well when Annalise told everyone she won her case and was able to keep her license to be an attorney. Then, the dinner took a 180 and went sour when Annalise announced she was letting her interns go. After all the murders and lies the Keating 4 have had to do while interning for Annalise, you would think they would be happy to be let go. They were being given a fresh start. Nothing was tying them to down to Annalise anymore. But of course, those ungrateful children become angry. Michaela says all she wanted was to be like Annalise. Laurel basically blames Annalise for everything bad in her life. Asher was in disbelief and told Annalise you don’t take someone out to dinner to breakup with them.

These kids talk about how Annalise Keating has no soul and she’s ruined their lives. Then, she gives them an out from her and they are suddenly so hurt like a bad breakup. Annalise has gone above and beyond trying to protect them. The show is called How to Get Away with Murder and the only one who hasn’t murdered is Annalise. All her top students have either murdered or been an accomplice to murder. They should be rotting in jail. Yet, they continue to blame Annalise for their misfortune.

How to Get Away Wither Murder Annalise Keating
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Like the Keating 4, Bonnie was let go as well. Bonnie is shown going on an interview looking elsewhere for work. She runs into Nate at District Attorney Todd Denver’s office. Denver was one of the many antagonist in season 3, who sought out to get Annalise arrested. Hopefully, Bonnie has an ulterior motive for attempting to find work with the enemy. Denver only left Annalise alone because she brought him the recording of Wes admitting he killed Sam and said she would come for him unless he stopped.

Last but not least, Frank still is trying to get in Annalise’s good graces. He has found an office space for Annalise to use since her house burned down. In a flash forward scene, Frank is next to Laurel after she has delivered her baby early. Laurel is panicking because she doesn’t know what’s going on due to her being unconscious, and Frank won’t tell her where her baby is.

This is the first season of How to Get Away with Murder where the season didn’t flash forward to a murder. That doesn’t mean the flash forward scenes still don’t have us confused and questioning everything. Right now there are only two questions I need answers too:

  • Why is Laurel in the hospital to deliver her baby so early and where is her baby?
  • How does Laurel know her father had Wes killed?

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays 10/9 central on ABC

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