Game of Thrones: “Eastwatch” Best Moments


Best Moments

That Big Secret!

One of the biggest secrets was finally revealed in Eastwatch. As Gilly and Sam were reading through the books Gilly comes across a bit about Rhaegar Targaryen. Gilly reads that Prince Rhaegar had his marriage to wife Elia Martell annulled and remarried in a secret ceremony. The passage leaves out who the marriage was to but no guessing who it was. Lyanna Stark.

So this can only mean one thing, Jon Snow is not a bastard after-all. He is in fact the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark and the nephew of Daenerys. All that is left to confirm now is whether Lyanna married willingly or if she was kidnapped. I really hope she loved Rhaegar and chose to be with him over Robert.

Sam grew grumpy with Gilly and completely missed her reading out the passage and instead picked up all the books and took of saying he was sick of reading the great things other men have done. Really Sam? I hope you take a moment and realise what Gilly said.

Sam and Gilly: Vulture

Jon Meets Drogon

Jon came face to face with a dragon for the first time. Upon arriving back from burning Lannister soldiers, Drogon lands in front of Jon. Drogon roars at Jon but slowly starts to calm down, Jon removes his glove and reaches out to him and Drogon let’s him touch him. Now, Drogon would never do this, he would never let anyone other than Dany touch him. Dany looks astonished and suspicious as she witnesses the meeting. Does Drogon sense the Targaryen in Jon? It sure seems like it.

Jon Meeting Drogon: GrumpyFish

Cersei Is What Now?

Not that we needed another Lannister but looks like we are getting one. When Jamie arrives back from the epic battle he informs Cersei that they will lose to Dany and her dragons. She insists they will fight whatever comes, they have to, she is with child!

This was definitely the last thing I expected to come so close to the end, but there you go! Cersei is pregnant.

As you probably know, Jamie and Cersei are twins but also lovers and Jamie is the father to all three children Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. This has always been kept a secret. Jamie asks who Cersei will say is the father. She tell’s him that everyone will know its him this time. So they are going to finally come out as lovers. Ew!

Cersei Had A Big Suprise For Jamie: Sydney Herald


Dany addresses the remaining Lannister soldiers and gives them a choice, you either bend the knee and swear allegiance to House Targaryen or you die. Pretty easy decision if you ask me. Most of the soldiers choose to bend the knee apart from a few who refuse, in those few is Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon. Tyrion begs her not to kill them and to lock them up instead but Dany of course refuses. Tyrion still insists to not behead them, she says she will not behead them as she turns and looks up at Drogon. Dothraki soldiers move the men towards Drogon as Daenerys orders Dracarys to Drogon, and he burns them where they stand. Upon witnessing this all soldiers that had refused at first now bend the knee.

I guess a lot of people probably hated Dany for this decision but not me. Still love her!

With the death of Randyll and Dickon Tarly this now means that Samwell is the head of House Tarly, unfortunately he has yet to be given the news of this.

Tyrion is visibly shaken by what he see’s and talks with Varys. Varys tells Tyrion he has to find a way to make Dany listen. She cannot continue to act the way she is. We know how stubborn Dany is so I hope he finds a way before she turns into her father, the mad king.

Drogon Burns Randyll and Dickon Tarly: The Wrap

Jorah Returns

Dany is talking with Jon, she asks him what Davos meant when he said that Jon had been stabbed in the heart by his men. Jon tell’s her that Davos sometimes gets carried away and that it was just a figure of speech. I am not sure why exactly this is such a big secret?

As they are talking the Dothraki soldiers bring a man to Dany and tell her this man says he is her friend. The man is revealed to be Jorah! he has finally returned to Dany after Sam helped heal his greyscale. Dany is of course very happy to have her friend back. He asks if he may return to serve her side, she tell’s him it would be her honor.

This was such a sweet reunion, I am glad that Jorah is well and back to helping Dany.

Dany and Jorah: Watcher on the wall

What Next?

As everyone tries to think of what to do next Jon decides he will head back to the North and Jorah volunteers to go with him. Dany tell’s Jon she has not given permission for him to leave. Jon replies “with respect your grace, I don’t need your permission, I am a king.” Looks like Dany can get burned after-all!

Tyrion decides he will go to King’s Landing and meet with Jamie. He can’t go in the normal way as he will be killed, so Davos agrees to smuggle him in. Dany agrees to let this happen as they have heard from Bran that the Night King marches slowly to Eastwatch so they all think of plan of what to do now.

Now this plan is probably not the smartest plan I’ve ever heard. It will of course make for some excellent TV viewing but it’s dangerous and could possibly mean we may see the deaths of some characters. We can always hope that everyone will make it through but this is Game of Thrones we are talking about so we better prepare ourselves.


So What’s The Plan?

What they want to do is go out and capture a wight so they can convince Cersei the army of the dead is real and the war between herself and Dany is nothing compared to what’s coming.

Somehow Tyrion thinks this will convince Cersei to not do whatever she plans on doing if Dany takes her armies North for a little while. Tyrion thinks Cersei will take the army of the dead seriously and not view it as just a gift from the god’s to keep her enemies busy while she takes Dragonstone and whatever else she has planned.

The plan could possibly work but then again Cersei isn’t stupid, she isn’t just going to let them all walk into King’s Landing freely. I feel she will possibly set a trap or do something while she has them all there.

We can only sit back and watch this all unfold and hope our favourites makes it out alive.


As Tyrion is off chatting to Jamie, Davos goes on a walk and finds Gendry making Lannister weapons. Welcome back Gendry, you have been missed. I guess we can all stop with the Gendry forever rowing memes now!

Gendry also displayed some epic skills when he kills two Gold Cloaks. Davos tries to charm them and feed them lies and it seems to have worked until they spot Tyrion and it all goes to crap town. Luckily Gendry took care of that problem and smacked both the guards in the face with his hammer in a very Thor like manner.

Davos tells Gendry to keep the fact that he is Robert Baratheon’s bastard son to himself but as soon as Gendry meets Jon he let’s it all out. So much for keeping that a secret hey Gendry?

Oh well, It’s good to have you back Gendry!

Gendry and his hammer: Watchers on the wall

Suicide Squad

You can keep your DC Comics Jared Leto Suicide Squad because Game of Thrones have the real MVP’s! Introducing the magnificent seven:

  • Beric Dondarrion, a man who has died and come back to life many countless times
  • Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane; the red priest and unabashed drunk
  • Thoros of Myr
  • Jon Snow, the King in the North and rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms
  • Jorah Mormont, son of the Old Bear himself
  • Tormund Giantsbane, the last great chieftan of the Wildlings
  • Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s only living bastard.

That is a pretty spectacular and brave lineup to go forth and capture a wight. We know these men are excellent fighters, they know how to kick a butt or two. This is also quite scary as we have some fan favourites and important main characters in that list and as we know, anyone can die at anytime. Hopefully they can complete the task at hand but we haven’t really seen much of the Night King or his army so we have no idea what he truly is capable of. There is a big battle and a war and a half coming. Best of luck boys!

7 Brave Men: nerdproblems


Meanwhile, at Winterfell. Everyone is still grumpy that Jon has left and they complain to Sansa suggesting that she become queen and take his place. She brushes this off of course. Arya get’s angry at her as to why she did not defend Jon to the men. Sansa just grows on my nerves every time I see her and I really so wish she would die, or maybe just go away.

Arya accuses Sansa of wanting to become queen in the North. She denies it but it’s been clear as day since she got back to Winterfell that she want’s it. What makes this strange is that Jon gave her the chance but she said no. so what exactly is happening with Sansa? It all is very confusing and makes no sense.

Lord Baelish is still at Winterfell and it looks like he is going to try pin the sisters against each other. He starts by digging up the scroll the Lannister’s made Sansa write asking Robb to bend the knee. Arya finds this as she is snooping around Baelish’s room as he secretly watches from a distance. Hopefully Arya isn’t stupid enough to believe this. It would be nice if Arya would take out both Baelish and Sansa but of course we have to have this boring build up to what exactly? who know’s!

Arya finds the note: nerd problems

Final Thoughts

Where is Ghost? He has always remained close to Jon but he seem’s to have disappeared. Although this is actually sort of a good thing because if we don’t see him then he can’t die! right? My heart couldn’t take it if we lost him.

Jon Snow’s Direwolf Ghost: TV Guide

Overall I think it was an amazing episode and now that we only have 2 episodes left until the end of season 7 it’s only going to get better. I am scared for the last 2 episodes as we will most probably lose some characters but I am also excited as I love the Night King and can’t wait to see what he does. Bring on episode 6!

Check out the preview to episode 6 “Beyond the Wall” below!



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