Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall” Best Moments



Beyond the Wall

Best Moments

The Magnificent Seven 

Jon and the rest of the boys set off to capture a wight. It was quite cute to see all the boys who probably would have never got a long in normal circumstances but did for this. They all had a laugh and joke together and some had a catch up. Tormund of course stole the show when he argued with The Hound about gingers. Tormund said “Gingers are beautiful, kissed by fire” he is just an absolute legend!

Unfortunately they were ambushed by some undead bears before coming face to face with the army of the dead. Jon ordered Gendry to head back to Eastwatch and get a raven sent to Dany for help. The army of the dead surrounded the boys. I knew they all wouldn’t make it out alive, we only lost Thoros of Myr, which was suprising considering how many near death experiences the others had. 

Tormund, Jon, Jorah, Gendry and Thoros in the back: Watcher on the wall


Finally, after the boys were surrounded in flies Dany on Drogon as he breathed fire a long with his brothers Viserion and Rhaegal. The Night King watches from afar but is then handed a spear from another walker. He aims and hits Viserion, he falls from the sky and dies before disappearing into the water. Dany watches on in utter heartbreak, her dragons are her children and it was devastating to see her pain. Definitely shed some tears on this one. I wanted the dragons to make it to the end.

The wights magically find some chains and pull Viserion out as the Night King approaches him. He places his hand on Viserion’s head and Viserion awakens but this time with blue eyes. The Night king is known to bring the dead back to serve him and now that he has a dragon on his team who knows what he’s capable of now. This war has just become much bigger than once thought. 

The Night King taking aim at Viserion: TVLine

Jon Snow

Drogon lands and everyone left standing climbs aboard him except Jon who gets stuck fighting off wights. He gets ambushed by a group of them and he falls into the water. Dany has no choice but to leave him behind as she takes off with the others on Drogon. 

Jon finally emerges and tries to escape but the wights notice him and start heading towards him. Then out of nowhere Benjen Stark, Jon’s uncle comes in for the rescue. I definitely was not expecting him to just randomly show up. He gives Jon his horse and tell’s him to go. Benjen stays back to fight the army but is obviously outnumbered and is killed. So that was a very short lived family reunion.

Dany and the others are back at Eastwatch getting ready to leave but Dany refuses hoping she will see Jon return. As she turns to leave Jon emerges much to Dany’s delight. It’s pretty obvious these two are in love and yes its weird, I mean that is his aunt but I kind of want to see them together.

As they set sail, Jon is recovering in bed shirtless, thank the lord of light for that one. Dany see’s him and see’s the wounds left over by when he was stabbed to death. I guess his secret is out now. She sits with him and they chat, eventually they both swear allegiance to each other as they hold hands. They look lovingly at each other and Jon doesn’t let go of Dany’s hand. I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen next, we are definitely going to see some Jon and Dany sexy time in the season finale.

Dany and Jon: HBO


Arya questions Sansa about the note and Sansa says she was forced to write it. Arya does not look like she believes her sister and pretty much accuses her of turning against the family and helping to kill their father. Sansa is of course upset at this and also scared for what everyone will think if they knew she wrote that letter. At the moment she is loved by the men as Lady Stark but how would they feel knowing about the note. 

She speaks with Baelish and asks how Arya got her hands on it. He tell’s her he does not know, but of course he lied because it was him that planted it for Arya to find. His plan of turning the sister’s against each other seem’s to be working.

Sansa begins to look through Arya’s room looking for the note. She comes across a bag that has the many  faces Arya uses as the faceless assassin. Arya catches her and explains what she does. She tell’s Sansa she would love to know what it would be like to wear the pretty dresses and to be Lady Stark and that all she would need is Sansa’s face as she holds a blade to her. She hands the blade to Sansa and walks away. 

A raven is sent to Sansa from Cersei inviting her to go the King’s Landing. I can only assume this is because of the meeting that is going to take place between Cersei, Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Jamie and the captured wight. Sansa refuses to go and decides to send Brienne off instead, why? I have no idea. Why would Sansa send off her only real protection in Winterfell? It makes no sense and I don’t get it but there you go. 

Arya and Sansa: NDTV

Final Thoughts

Thoros and Beric with their awesome fire swords. Seeing them light up as they fought the bears and wights was pretty awesome.

Beric and his flame sword: IndieWire

Dany and her beautiful outfit when she goes off to rescue Jon. One thing I have always loved is her outfits. They are always beautiful and her hair is always so pretty and well done, Dany is pretty much goals.

Dany next to Drogon: Vulture

Seeing all three of the dragons fighting together. We haven’t seen this since Dany burnt the slavers and Viserion and Rhaegal broke out of the pyramids to help their mumma. One thing that Game of Thrones has aced this season has been those dragons. They are absolutely incredible.

Viserion and Rhaegal burning wights: Vanity Fair

I would have loved to have seen Benjen a bit more he had probably not even 5 minutes screen time and bam, he’s dead. I would have liked to have seen him possibly fight along side Jon for a bit before dieing.

Benjen Stark: Ebuzz

Now that the Night King has a dragon will he fly over wall or will he break the wall? 

The Night King: The Wrap

It was a pretty good episode, I cried and I laughed and Jon was shirtless. So overall it was pretty good. Episode 7 we will see this big meeting happen and Cersei will finally come face to face with Jon and Dany. But as this is the last episode of the season I feel some big things will happen. I am definitely excited for it but still of course hoping no one I love will die!



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