Game of Thrones: “The Spoils of War” Best Moments

“The Spoils of War”

Best Moments

The Stark Kids Are Alright

Lord Baelish sits with Bran and gives him a dagger, the same dagger used to try and kill Bran when he was in a coma in season one.


Arya finally returned home to Winterfell but upon looking around realized it is no longer the home she remembers. She runs away from the guards down to the crypt where her father lies. The guards let Sansa know that she ran off and Sansa knew exactly where she was. They had quite the nice reunion, it was good to see the sisters back together. Arya tells Sansa of the list of names she has to kill and just like the Lannister guards in a previous episode. Sansa laughs it off as a joke. 

Sansa informs Arya that Bran has also come home. Bran of course displayed more of his creepy three eyed raven skills by saying he saw Arya at the crossroads and asked why she returned to Winterfell instead of Kings Landing to kill Cersei. This comment prompts Sansa to know believe Arya when it comes to her list. Bran gives the dagger to Arya as he feels it is wasted on a cripple like him.

Sansa, Bran and Arya Stark Reunited: Moviepilot

Arya Proves Her Skill

In Winterfell, Brienne is still training Poderick in sword fighting. Arya asks if she can train with her given her victory over The Hound. Arya proves to be more than a match for Brienne, she has come a long way since her lessons with Syrio. Brienne has finally met her match in Arya and is taken aback by her abilities.

Arya and Brienne Fight: YouTube

Jon Takes Dany Into A Cave (but not for what you think)

Jon takes Dany to a cave to show her all the dragonglass before they start hacking it to pieces. He takes Dany deeper to show her the drawings the Children of the Forest drew depicting them fighting with the First Men against the White Walkers. Now Dany finally believes Jon about the incoming war but stubborn Dany still refuses to help Jon unless he of course bends the knee. 

When leaving the cave they are Greeted by Tyrion and Varys who bring Dany the good news of The Unsullied taking Casterly Rock but the bad news of the attack on Highgarden and the death of Olenna Tyrell.

Dany is furious and questions Tyrion’s strategy against his family. She insists that she will fly her dragons to King’s Landing and burn Cersei out. Tyrion protests, and she instead asks Jon for advice. He tells her that she will lose the love of the people if she uses her dragons to kill innocent people. 

Jon shows Dany the cave while looking at her quite lovingly ;): YouTube

Cersei Needs Gold

In King’s Landing, Cersei meets with Tycho Nestoris from the Iron Bank, who offers to help her financially once her debts are repaid with Tyrell gold.

Cersei says she has sent Jamie to collect it but unfortunately he run’s into a bit of trouble.

Cersei discusses gold with Tycho: Youtube

Daenerys Makes Her First Attack

This was pretty much the greatest battle I think in Game of Thrones history.

From the moment the Dothraki rode over the hill you knew this was going to be a spectacular battle. The mother of dragons arrived riding on Drogon as he burned men left right and center. Daenerys looked amazing as she angrily took her revenge. 

Bronn used the huge crossbow to try and take down Drogon, he missed the first shot but got Drogon on his second shot. Drogon landed wounded but seemed to be okay as he destroyed the crossbow with his wing. 

As Daenerys tries to take the arrow out of Drogon, Jamie sees his chance to possibly kill her. He charges at her with Tyrion watching in the distance begging his brother not to do it. As he approaches Dany, Drogon turns his head an breathes fire to protect his mother. Bronn tackles Jamie out of the way just in time but they fall underwater and Jamie looks like he is in trouble. Will Jamie survive?

I reckon Jamie most probably will survive but either way this will not make Cersei happy. She has lost the gold she needed and could possibly lose her brother/lover. I am curious what her next move will be.

I found it hard to write about this battle as I believe you have to see it to believe it. Luckily YouTube came through so you can check it out in all its glory down below.


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