Game Of Thrones: Season 1’s Best Bits

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Hey guys, today we are going to do a quick fire recap of season 1 of Game of Thrones. I’ll go through my favorite and saddest bits of the season. Just a heads up before we get started, this post will contain SPOILERS! So,please, if you have not seen the show and don’t want spoilers, do not read on, but instead go and check it out and when you come back we can talk about it!!

Best Bits

  • Getting our very first look at the White Walkers! I was so excited to see them, and wanted to see more but unfortunately they are not in the show much from this point on until season 6!!
  • Meeting the Starks, and being introduced to someone who became, and still is a crazy obsession of mine, Jon Snow! He is just so darn good-looking! Not only that, he is caring, sweet, and a skilled fighter. This man is destined for great things.
  • The Stark men find a deceased direwolf and her direwolf puppies. This was awesome as the direwolves are not seen often. Since they are the house Stark sigil, it was so cool the Stark’s found them. There are 6 altogether, one for each Stark child.
  • Jon Snow gets the runt of the litter, a direwolf who is pure white with red eyes whom he calls Ghost. I just love him!!
  • Meeting Daenerys Targaryen and her crazy brother Viserys, who, despite all,I actually quite liked!
  • Our awesome introduction to Tyrion Lannister. He is a bad ass character!  My favorite scne is when he first meets his best buddy Bronn at his trial by combat, which Bronn wins and Tyrion is free!
  • Jon Snow joins his uncle Benjen by joining the Night’s Watch.  He looks good in all that black 😉
  • Lord Mormont gives Jon a sword with a direwolf handle. The sword is made of valerian steel and is named Longclaw. Just like Ghost, it never leaves Jon’s side.
  • Jon meeting Samwell Tarly, another member of the Night’s Watch. He takes him under his wing and they become best friends.
  • The relationship between Cersei Lannister and twin brother Jamie. I guess you could say they are close…so close, that they are lovers!!!
  • Ned Stark discovers that King Robert’s children do not belong to him and are the result of Cersei having an affair with Jamie
  • Daenerys marrying Khal Drogo. It starts off being a horrible thing to happen to her, but she grows to love him and he makes her a strong woman. They are one of the best couples of the show.
  • All through the season, Viserys complains constantly that he wants a crown, so when Dany starts to get a back bone, she allows Drogo to give him one. Drogo melts some gold over fire and pours in on him, obviously killing him! So brutal!!
  • Daenerys finding out she is pregnant.
  • Daenerys is given 3 dragon eggs
  • Daenerys walking into flames. When they go out, she is alive, unburnt,and unhurt. Also, while she was in the flames, her dragon eggs hatched. This has to be my favourite scene from season one, because we get to meet her beautiful dragons and Dany is now the mother of dragons!
  • Arya’s direwolf Nymeria attacking Joffrey.  That little @$%* deserved it!
  • Robb building an army to take with him to Kings Landing to help free his father and get his sisters back.
  • Robb tricking the Lannisters with his army.
  • Robb is named King in the North.

Jon Snow and baby Ghost

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Jon Snow and Longclaw

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Saddest Bits

  • Ned confronts Joffrey after he becomes king after his father Roberts death, claiming he has no right to sit on the throne, Joffrey labels him a traitor and orders his execution. Ned is a beloved character, and I thought he would have a long life but Joffrey tells his people that treason will not go unpunished  and Ned is then beheaded in front of his daughters Sansa and Arya.
  • Khal Drogo dying from his cut. What was hardest was watching Dany suffer with the possibility of losing the love of her life. When she asks for a witch’s help, she wants to use black magic to help heal Drogo but it comes with a cost: she must sacrifice her unborn baby to save her husband. It does not work. The black magic saves Drogo, but he is not the same. He is virtually not there anymore, and Dany is forced to stop her husband’s pain. As much as it pains her, she ends his life. It is his funeral pyre that Dany walks into the flames.
  • Bran Stark ending up in a coma after accidentally witnesses Jamie and Cersei having relations, Jamie pushes him out a window. The coma however is what helps Bran discover he has the ability to warg into animals and have visions, so in some way it was a blessing in disguise.
  • Seeing the way Catelyn, Ned’s wife, treat Jon Snow. He does not belong to her and is known as Ned’s bastard son, so she treats him like crap. I think it helped him to become strong though, as he has had to fight for most of his life. I never liked her, not just because of how she treated him…wait what am I saying, it was totally because of that! I hated her!!
  • Arya send her direwolf away after she attacks Joffrey because if Nymeria is captured, she will be killed for what happened. When the adults learn of the incident, Cersei wants the wolf killed, but Nymeria can’t be found so Cersei says that they will kill Lady (who is Sansa’s direwolf) in Nymeria’s place. This is the first direwolf we lose and it is so hard!! They are some of my favorites of the show and it sucked 🙁
  • The death of Viserys. Yes, he was horrible to his sister and whiny, but I had a soft spot for him.
  • The death of Robert Baratheon. Ned lost his best friend. They were like brothers.
  • Catelyn and Robb finding out about the death of Ned

Daenerys and Drogo

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Daenerys after she walks into the flames and one of her dragons. This one is Drogon, who she named after her husband.

Credit: Vanity Fair

Now if you are sitting there thinking “how come she isn’t writing the worst bits?” well, there just aren’t any. Believe me I tried, but I loved every minute. This season gets a big thumbs up from me; there were white walkers, direwolves and dragons, what more could you ask for!

I really hope you guys enjoyed my recap. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to send them my way!  Stay tuned for the best bits of season 2 coming really soon!


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