Fuller House: Season 2 Review

I absolutely loved the first season of Fuller House. Did I initially have reservations about the remake being made in the first place? Yes. I didn’t really think it was necessary. I still think that even though I got great laughter out of it. Does the show lack some of the qualities that made the original great (more seamless and realistic storylines and more emotional depth)?   Of course.

Despite the flaws, I can’t stop watching the show. It is mindless entertainment at it’s best. While others shows have failed to relieve me of some of my recent stresses, Fuller House has somehow succeeded.  My take on why it has succeeded is a combination of the witty dialogues, well cast actors, and excitement from nostalgia.

Fuller House Season 2
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Overall, in terms of quality, not much changed from the first to second season. Some people thought the second season was an improvement.  I didn’t notice either way; the storylines continued to be bad while the dialogue was the strength in both seasons. However, I did enjoy certain parts of the show more than other parts. Below is a run down though of things this season I liked and some things that left my head scratching. Please note that the below contain spoilers.

What I liked 

Matt and DJ dating: I loved DJ and Steve together in the original series. However, in Fuller House, I’m not rooting for them so much. Because of how the characters are written for Fuller House versus Full House and the 20 year gap between the show both actors were teenagers when the original series ended-the original chemistry isn’t there. In Fuller House, Steve is a little bit creepier than in the original series. In addition, I think  Candace Cameron’s acting was a bit better and more natural when she was younger (Part of it may be that I have a hard time separating her from her public persona).  The past Steve/DJ relationship doesn’t match who they are now. However, given what DJ is now and how Candace acts in 2016, DJ’s chemistry is so much better with Matt.  He is great as a guy as Steve and funnier. The banter between DJ and Matt is more natural than with DJ and Steve. Also, they share more similar interests than DJ and Steve ever did. For these reasons, I’m glad DJ ultimately starts dating Matt.

DJ Matt Steve
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Guest appearances of old characters: Aside from the original series’ main cast members making appearances, we got to see a lot of minor characters as well.  From DJ’s scandalous classmate Kathy Santoni to her ex-boyfriends Nelson and Viper, it was fun seeing where these characters ended up.  While much of the attention was focused on Gia’s (particularly about the band reunion with her, Stefanie, Kimmy) and the recast of Nelson (why the producers didn’t go with the original actor beats me), my favorite appearance by far was by Dwayne, Kimmy’s ex-boyfriend. His  dialogue was so witty that I’m not going to spoil it. You just have to watch. It was a really funny and clever way to flesh out this one note character.

Max : He continues to be one of the stronger characters in the show. The eight year old kid’s comic timing and delivery is remarkable for his age. I will go there and say he is twenty times cuter and funnier than the Olsen Twins were.  Every scene he is in makes me laugh. I’m glad we continued to see him get a lot of scenes.

Max Fuller
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Max and Fernando scenes : Fernando (Kimmy’s ex-husband) had a bigger role in the second season than the first (he became officially part of the cast this season).  Fernando was definitely funnier in the second season but especially whenever he bantered with Max.  Max’s comic delivery as well as Fernando’s retorts had me laughing really hard.  I hope we continue to see more them together in the third scenes.

Jimmy Gibbler: We finally meet a Gibbler family member! We heard so much about them during the show (although, depending on the season, the number and gender of Kimmy’s siblings varied) but we never got to see any member.  Jimmy Gibbler was the perfect addition to the Fuller House humor. He had just as funny one-liners as the other characters. While the writers showed Kimmy and Jimmy were related through their shared, weird quirks, they also gave him his own personality and interests to make him not just another Kimmy 2.0. He was sweet and loveable and became a surprisingly good match for Stefanie.

Jimmy Gibbler
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Joey’s family: I am glad that Joey finally got married and had kids.  The original series never gave him a chance in his dating life.  His family in Fuller House is true to how I would have expected to have seen him end up; he met someone as wacky as he is (a magician!) and his kids lack discipline.  While the kids were annoying at times,  the original series set them up; Joey was never the disciplinarian in the house, so I could see him having hard time being mean to his own kids.

Stefanie’s song: Stefanie wrote a song (“The Boy Next Door”) for Jimmy that was really catchy (this isn’t a big surprise because the original series always had catchy, original songs written for Uncle Jesse).  The show even released the song on iTunes.

What I didn’t like

No appearance by Danny’s wife:  Similar to my criticism for Season 1, we barely see Danny’s wife. Why introduce her in the first place if the show isn’t going to have her there for important family moments? I found it odd that the reason she wasn’t at Thanksgiving dinner was she was with her family and not with her own husband’s family. Then, when Danny came to San Francisco for New Year’s, she wasn’t there either. I get that they have to explain away Michelle’s lack of appearance given that Mary Kate and Ashley  don’t want to appear. However, why explain away a new character’s presence when the writers didn’t have to introduce her in the first place?  Why not re-cast the wife if the original actress from first season wasn’t available?

Danny Teri Fuller House
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Becky, Jesse, and Danny storylines:  Danny Tanner lacked the same geekiness and heart from the original show. Again, like Candace Cameron, I may be viewing Bob Saget differently than during the orignal run now that I know more about his real-life personality (the opposite of Danny). So I didn’t see Danny Tanner on-screen while watching but Bob Saget playing himself. Regarding Becky and Jesse, I am not completely on-board with the adoption storyline. On the one hand, they had discussed having more kids during the original show. On the other hand, the storyline felt contrived (just like all their kissing scenes, which were done mostly to ham it up for the audiences).

Too much over the top Kimmy wackiness: In the first season, I appreciated how the writers wrote Kimmy. They retained her original weirdness and added some more heart and depth. How they envisioned Kimmy is how I could see her if I imagined on my own. In the second season though, they went overboard with her craziness. Practically every episode had her in overdone craziness (particularly the Nutcracker scenes)  when one big scene would have sufficed. I think in the third season, they can let Kimmy be weird but still tone it down and give her some scenes with heart.

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